Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Beulah Is Home And Recuperating

Here's the culprit.

It ended up being a needle 

and not a straight pin.

I am so grateful for all

your prayers

and for a surgeon that

prayed before she did the surgery.



Beulah is not happy about

wearing a cone,

but she has to wear it for two weeks.

Until the stitches come out.



I have tears, but they are

tears of joy.




Well, again thank you all 

for your prayers.

Now, I have some serious 

spoiling to do :) 


God bless you all,

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


A Special Warning To All Quilters and Stitcher


Today is a long day and a day filled with prayer 

for my Sweet Beulah.



We go along our daily routines

without much thought of the

dangers that are right 

under our noses.



Or the sweet noses of those we love.


I was out in the barn sewing

on a quilt, while Beulah

was laying on the floor 

keeping me company.

When she began to choke.

She is always putting things in

her mouth.

I looked in her throat and 

couldn't see anything 

and she soon seemed alright

accept for an occasional


This is her new haircut,she got it because we were planning a camping trip this week and thought it would be cleaner and easier to check her for ticks from hiking.

I called the vet and they said

to watch her overnight.



So the next day because she still

hacked occasional I took her

in and they did x-rays.


She had swallowed a straight pin 

and they couldn't retrieve it 

without surgery, but didn't want

to do it.

They set her x-rays to WSU

a veterinarian college, but they

were booked out and couldn't

take her. So, I've been keeping her 

calm and waiting for a special

surgeon that comes to town 

every Tuesday to do difficult



Now, I wait for the phone call

that tells me how it went. 

It's been a very long morning.




Monday, August 16, 2021

Tweaking My Pick-Up Camper

 Tweaking the camper, come on in!


 LED light over the bed.



Electric Fan



Portable DVD Player

(Steve won this at a company

Christmas party one year and

we never really used it)




All powered by this baby.

(it can be charged at home, in the 

truck while driving, or 

by a solar panel)



Then a dear friend gifted me 

with a Walmart gift card,

and I bought this with it.



I built this over the wheel well.

You can't see it very well,

but I added a slot above it . . .


 Where I can slide this shelf in when needed.

The box is great for the lantern, paper plates,

cups and bowls and a roll of paper towels.



I can also turn it the other way,

and create a table that comes 

nearly to the bed, good for

eating or playing cards.



The porta-potty is tucked under 

this little desk

and inside is . . .


Toiletries and first aid. 



I'll fill the cupboard with

dry goods just before a trip,

and the little drawer is a great place . . .



 for eating utensils.


Hanging on the outside by the

tailgate are my cooking utensils.

Beside the bed is the tackle box 

with a tissue box handy on top

and under the bed are two bids, 

dish pads, fishing poles

and my wiener fork.



There are two stacked runner rugs inside 

for comfortable sleeping for the dogs

and easy shake out cleaning. 


Come on, let's go camping! 

 Thanks for visiting . . .

and please leave a comment.


Your blogging sister,