Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Good Morning Dear Blogging Friends.

My, what a glorious morning

we are having in our

neck of the woods (desert).

 I went out early and picked

greens from the garden.



Then added some pea picking

to my little basket.


As well as some fresh basil.



On to the salad spinner

and then into the frig

waiting for supper :)



This is some leftover

salad from our church potluck 

picnic on Sunday.

I'll just add some of that 

to my mix and dinner is ready :)



It was also a perfect morning

for washing sheets 

and hanging them 

on the line to dry. 


The day is starting off

in such a delightful way.



After I get my laundry done

I'm off to the Senior Center

with a load to donate

to their Thrift Store.

How marvelous to be blessed 

with surplus.



I do pray that my garden

will be abundantly fruitful

this summer and that I will have

much to share there as well.


God is Good All The Time

Have a wonderful day.


Your blogging sister, Connie :)  



Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Enjoying The Month Of May



Welcome Dear Friends 

Like the sign says,

Ring The Bell 

if there is no answer

Pull Weeds. 



It's May and we have 

plenty of weeds to pull.  



Good Weeds & Bad Weeds

but it's all a matter of your


Do you know how many beneficial

vitamins are in dandelions?

I've been researching on YouTube

and this "weed" is amazing.

 So; I made my first batch of

dandelion tea.

They said it was bitter so I added

a mint tea bag to the mix.



 I planned on drinking it

like ice tea, but didn't 

like the taste.

I'm going to try again with 

only the yellow of the flowers

and make it hot with honey.

They also said that it doesn't

mix with all medications,

so do your own research,

before trying



The next few photos are 

of an old shepherd's wagon.

I have a dear friend that

restored it.

It was a mess when he got it.

I wish that I would have 

taken a before photo.



Here you can see the place where

the mattress would go.

Under it is a pull out table,

drawers and cabinets. 

Notice the wood band that makes

an "upside-down U shape" 

that forms the top.

He had to boil that wood in long

pots of water in order to

shape them into the bands.

This man and his sweet wife are amazing.

I'm blessed with such sweet friends.



It even has an old wood stove for cooking.



At the back there is more storage.

The wheels had to be 

replaced so that they were

highway safe.

Wouldn't you just love to

pull into a campground

with this as your camper 😊



Here are the original wheels.


Beulah and I are spending a lot 

of time outside enjoying the 

lovely Spring weather.



Suzie Scarecrow got 

a new bonnet this year.

The garden is all planted

and now we get to watch

it sprout and start growing.



I did pick rhubarb

and put enough for two pies 

in the freezer :)



 Life is good,

we have so much 

to be thankful for.

Spring brings with it a lot

of hard work, but after 

being inside most of 

the winter, it feels so 

good to get outside and get 

our hands dirty.

Beulah's feet dirty

(as you can tell by the photo, LOL)



Until our next post . . . 

we pray that you will be well

and that you take a little time 

to be still, relax, look around you


enjoy all your blessings.

 God bless you,

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Checking Off Some Spring Chores

Spring brings with it many chores

but the joy of being outside

in the fresh air after being 

cooped up all winter

is glorious :)


Here are just a few 

of the things I've done 

in the last couple of weeks.



I had this table in the things

that I was going to yard sale,

but decided to paint it and keep

it a bit longer.

The chairs I bought at 

a secondhand store and painted.

They were $5 each . . .

the spray paint and yellow cushions

 cost more than the chairs, LOL.



So, now my front porch is

ready to enjoy . . .

if the weather would get

a little warmer.

We are still having frosty mornings.




 I've been staining the fences 

around our property.

It's going to take a while 

to complete, but I'm

doing a little each day the

weather permits.






I've even given the gate a fresh coat

of green paint.


I moved the freezer,

not hard because it's on wheels,

but the old frig was another story.

I scooted it inch by inch to 

it's new home in another part 

of Steve's shop and in between 

defrosted and gave it a fresh

paint job. 



Oh, and the back door.

Remember my color-book pages.

Well, this blue railing looked

good on paper, but not so much

in reality, so today I'm painting

it white.  



I like the door color 

and still have the trim

to sand down and  repaint

it's staying white. 


Needs one more coat.

Oh . . . will the chores never end,

but I love doing jobs that have

instant gratification.

They give me a good feeling 

of accomplishment.  



Well, I better get off 

this computer . . .

and get to work.


Have a wonderful day


thanks for stopping by.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)