Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, July 26, 2021

Camping We Will Go

I have been looking for a jig 

that was in my budget 

and that would give me a little more 

(a lot more) independence.

I was about to give up . . .

When driving to my sister-in-law's

a little over a week ago I spied

this with a "For Sale" sign in the window.

I almost didn't stop because I 

thought it would be over

what I wanted to spend.



But instead it was a very well

maintained 2009 with . . . get this,

brand new tires and brakes.

Steve would like that :)

Yes, on my test drive I took it to our

friend, who is a mechanic and he

drove it, put it on the racks 

and gave it a good look over.

  This will give me a way

to run errands that I was depending 

on others to do for me . . .

Sometimes you just need something bigger

than your car to haul things.



 Well, after having it for a week,

and a bit of plywood from Steve's stash.


a bit of fabric from my stash


some small pieces of furniture,

that I had intended on putting

in a yard sale


and some camping gear we already had . . .

Hey, if a girl has to use a port-a-potty

she wants it cute, right?



This is the way the back looks now. 

under the bed I have two storage bins

and room for our fishing poles. 



I screwed that wooden box to the 

top of this little school desk

so that I could store small easy 

to get to items,

but I can still lift the lid 

for more storage. 

 This little cabinet has a glass door,

so I thought it would be a great

place for snacks that don't need to be on ice

and safely tucked where the dogs can't get them :)

I fastened it down with wire on the back side.

Hopefully nothing will be flying around 

while driving. 


That's it . . .

now when a friend says

"let's go camping"

I'm ready to roll. 

Well, that's my post.

I hope you enjoyed it.


Remember to put God first . . .

the Lord is always there waiting 

for you to say "hello"

He wants to be in your life . . .

protecting and guiding you each 

and every day :)


God bless you,

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


Monday, July 12, 2021

Coffee Table Make Over & Making Jam



I do hope you've all had a 

lovely weekend . . .

I'm sitting around today

not doing much at all,

but the weekend and the few day

leading up to it were full of projects.



One of the things that I had to do

was get the A/C unit recharged.

We had temperatures as high as 116 

and I was three days without A/C.


The air intake is under the sofa.

I got to thinking that having that

storage chest in front of the 

sofa probably wasn't the best idea.


So, I went out to Steve's shop

where I have a lot of things 

put aside for a yard sale.

One of them being our old coffee table.



It seemed having a table in front 

of the sofa to allow air flow

would be more efficient.

So, I decided to give this table a make-over.




Of course I can't do anything 

without making a mess.

I used leftover paint from

painting the front door for this project.



Here it is finished.

I did a little distressing . . .

Then if it does get bumped or scratched,

it's never noticed.

Not by me or anyone else, LOL. 


And here it is back in the house.

I'm so glad that I haven't had

my yard sale, yet.

You have no idea how many things

I've gone out and retrieved. 



I also made jam

from a recipe I found on You-Tube.

I had some rhubarb so I did a search

for rhubarb recipes.

If you want the recipe 

go to You Tube and type in:


Parsnips and Parsimony

Making and Canning 

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jello Jam

It's made with rhubarb, crushed pineapple 

and strawberry jello.

No pectin.


This was my view out the kitchen 

window as I worked.

Our neighbor was mowing his hay :)



I had enough rhubarb leftover to bake muffins.

 They were nice to have on hand,

because one of my out of town girlfriends

stopped and spent Sunday night with me

on her trip back home, after visiting 

with her sisters.


I've been blessed with wonderful

and very supportive friends

and amazing family encouragement

and love.

We are living through trying times.

Remember to put God first. . .

He loves it when we come to Him 

with our problems instead of trying

to figure it all out on our own.


My goodness, 

He is so much wiser than we are :)

Why do we sometimes wait until things

are overwhelming before we call on Him? 


Have a lovely week and thank you 

for stopping by to visit.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

My Faith Quilt


I want to share my latest quilt with you. 

I've been working on this quilt 

for almost 2 years.


It's made from scraps 

and hand quilted.

There is no pattern . . .

just put together in a way to

use up a drawer full of scraps. 

The back is white and here you can see 

some of the many hand stitches.



I've never quilted an entire quilt by hand

without leaving a spot of blood somewhere.



This photo is for Nancy of Cozy Thyme Cottage.

Nancy asked, why I have notches in my circle.

If I line up the notches with 

the circle before it.  

I can space them perfectly apart.


Once I quilt around my felt template,

I go around it again to 

make a double line design. 


This week my zinnias started to bloom.

I love these little cheery flowers.



I've also started eating from the garden.

The Joy Of The Lord 

Is My Strength!

Nehemiah 8:10



I'm calling this quilt my "Faith Quilt".

The two years that it took me to 

make it have been the hardest times

of my life . . .

but through it all, my precious Savior

has been right by my side.

Showing His great love in so many ways.

My faith is so much stronger and 

I know that no matter what happens

in my life, He will never forsake me.


God bless you all

and thank you for stopping by 

to visit.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)