Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, January 17, 2022

Winter Blues

 I'm going to open my post 

with a bright and sunny "Hello"

I went out to check the mail this morning

and this lovely handmade card 

from Marilyn of Pink Paper Cottage 

was waiting to greet my day 

and I was blessed by her thoughtfulness.

Thank you, sweet friend :)



Saturday morning I got up 

and got dressed, ready to attend

a funeral of an old friend . . .

well, I got in the car 

and just couldn't go.

There are things that I'm just 

not ready for . . .

I tell others to not rush themselves'

so I decided to take my own advice.

Actually it's advice that I've gotten

from attending Grief Share meetings.


Since I was already in the car

headed for town I decided to go

thrifting at Goodwill.

That's where I found the pretty

pink pickle dish and forks. 



I also found all these candle holders

and the wooden tray.



This is the tray after cleaning

and applying a couple coats of tung oil. 



Another candle.




And this battery candle/lantern.


Last but not least . . .

this pretty spring wreath.



It has been a very long time

since I just when roaming 

through Goodwill.

It was good . . .

it gave me some new things for the

house, without breaking the bank :)


It was good just to do something different

and get out of the house.

I don't know about you . . .

but I seem to hibernate.

I blame it on winter roads

and on Covid, but truely

I think it's a battle with loneliness.


I want to have people around,

but I don't get out and socialize.

It's hard to explain . . . because I

don't understand the feelings I have

and if I don't understand them, 

how can I explain them.  

I guess that's what they call

a catch 22, not even sure about that.



Well, now that you all know how 

mixed up I am, I'll say so long

and end my post.



If I didn't have the Lord 

I wouldn't have any hope at all.

Isn't it wonderful that even when 

we are at our weakest points

His strength holds us up 


His Love and Light gives us hope.




God bless you all.

Connie :) 


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Sprucing Up The House


I've taken all my Christmas decorations

down and packed them away . . .



Pulled the old typewriter out of the 

guest room and into the dining room.



 Then I arranged the mantle

in a Farmhouse style. 



I also decided to make 

some new blocks to set 

around the house. 

So out in Steve's wood pile I

found some 2X4 scrapes,

cut them to size and painted them white.



Next I printed this out 

and because I have an ink jet printer

I sprayed it with acrylic clear,

that keeps the inks from running.

 Then I cut them out and 

Mod Podged them to the blocks.



After distressing the blocks

I scattered them around 

the house . . .

This one tells me how many 

teaspoons & tablespoons

there are in 1/4 cups, 1/2 cups etc.

It will keep me from looking this up

each time I reduce a recipe.



This one reminds me to not 

judge others . . .

we are all sinners and have come

short of the glory of God.

Hallelujah! For our Savior

and the price He paid on the cross.



This one I played around with . . .


Trying to find the perfect spot 

to display it :)



I did purchase this little

sprig of silk flowers at WalMart.


They remind me that even if there is

snow on the ground . . .

Spring is on the way :)



 I leave you with this.

Remember to put God first . . .

Have a lovely day.

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)




Thursday, January 6, 2022

Snowy Day & Warm Quilt

 This is a quilt that I have been 


off and on for the last year.



Before you get too impressed

I have to tell you that the 

hexies are printed on the fabric.


I didn't piece them, but I did

hand-quilt around each and every

little hexie shape.

It took forever! 



The back.


As you look at the photos 

you'll notice some basting thread

that I forgot to pull.

I'm doing that now :)


It's a cold snowy day

with more snow expected.


I plan on staying in except for

venturing over to the barn

to quilt and try and stitch 

a tea cozy for one of

my favorite pots.


The tea gets chilled before I've

finished the pot and that's no fun :)


I've been trying to substitute tea

for my evening ice cream and

hopefully take off my holiday


weight gain.


Praying that you all have a 

warm home, a full belly

and a year fill with good health.

Remember to put God first,

He gave His all so that we 

could be saved.  




Keep smiling!

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)