Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, April 16, 2018

Newport Oregon Trip

Hello Blogging Sisters!
I've been away for a week,
taking this lovely instrument to our granddaughters.
It was given to me by a lady in our church. 
She wanted it to go to a good home
and some young person taking lessons.
Our oldest granddaughter (12 years) has been taking 
lessons since September and loves it. 

We all met up at Newport, Oregon.
The weather was rainy and foggy,
but we always have fun together.

That's their dog Astro at the bottom
of the photo.

As many of you know I don't post photos
of our daughter and her family on my blog,
but I have some lovely photos of my trip.

 This is an old lighthouse . . .
boarded up and not used anymore.

A park just below the lighthouse.

We walked down around the bay area
and ate dinner at the famous Mo's.

While at the bay I saw seals out on the rocks,

Colorful buoys hanging everywhere . . .

and picked up a boyfriend, LOL. 
I like the strong rugged type :)

Over by the ocean we saw this cute group
of cottages.
Notice the big anchor. 

This was the gate into the cottages.

On the drive back to our daughter's home,
we stopped at this covered bridge.

 The next few photos were taken around the bridge area.
That is not grass but about 4 different types of moss,
with tiny flowers that look like mini daises.
It was enchanting.

I hope you enjoyed tagging along
with me.

I am now back home and ready to 
get back to my normal lovely life.

It was wonderful spending time with our girls
and just getting away for a fun trip.

Oh, and I met some interesting people 
on the plane.
A lady that teaches blind children 
and a man that just sold his business. 
A bread bakery in New Jersey 
and was retiring and starting 
a new life adventure out west.

It was a fun trip.

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Garden Chores

Spring has finally started 
in our neck of the woods.

I've gone from starting seeds inside
to re-potting and moving them to 
the potting shed. 

I set up my Christmas light cord
with a dusk to dawn setting
and put two heat lamps out there in case 
of heavy frost.

It always feels good to get them out of the house,
and it is amamzing how much they grow 
between now and May 15th when I
start planting the garden.

I also started preparing my garden beds.

Last year I planted three tires with cucumbers.
This year I'm planting six :)

I've started working some of the 
earth in some of my beds and went ahead
and planted three packs of 100 onions bulbs each.

These beds that are covered in leaves . . .
I'm going to try the 
"Strout's No Work Garden Method" here.

We have this area behind the potting shed
that is adjacent to a graveled area where we park
our trucks and trailers.
I wanted to build some kind of a boarder
to divide these areas and soften the look.

So I bought some little trees and shrubs
and some trellis's and created this corner.

In time they will grow . . .
behind the trellis I planted two red twig
dogwood shrubs that will grow six feet tall
and six feet wide.

Some day it will be lovely . . .
give it a few years :)

While weeding out the garden beds
I came across this . . .
I think it is a baby pine tree.
So, I put it in a pot and I'm going
to nurture it and see what happens.

Walking around the yard I spied a 
few pleasant signs of Spring.
This is Steve's Dad's old wheel barrow.

I found this old log on the wood pile 
last Fall.  
It was rotting in the center
so I dropped in a couple Hen's & Chicks.

On the south side of the house we have 
tulips starting to bloom :)

And my baby Forsythia is blooming:)

Don't you just love Spring!
New life in the garden
gives me a new sense of energy:)

Happy Spring 
Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


Monday, April 2, 2018

Playing House In The Living Room

Some of you may remember this sign.
I made it last summer from scraps
from Steve's wood pile.

It was the boost that I needed to play
with our living room.

Four years ago I started with these 
Walmart light filtering curtains. 

They are fine and fit the purpose of
privacy and budget.

When we moved in paint, plumbing, 
and a new roof took priority. 

Saturday I went to Lowes 
and purchased pleated blinds
and curtains. 

They look so much nicer in our
little cottage home.

I'm dancing my happy dance :)

Back to the Farmhouse sign . . .
It inspired me to try painting again. 
I have canvases in the barn loft
that I have had since before I injured my right hand 8 years ago. 

I wanted something with blues and greens
and that had a Spring feeling to it.

Anyway, I had fun painting it.
It's not what I did 8 years ago 
before my injury,
but hey, I'm enjoying knowing 
that my hand works this well, LOL.
After a year of therapy 3 days a week,
I finally got my thumb and pointer fingers
 moving at normal function.
After that first year, I just kept pushing it,
and today there is not much that I can't do 
with that marvelous thumb and finger.
For any of you that needed to hear this,
I just want to encourage you to never give up. 

On that note . . . I'll say,


Your blogging sister,
Connie :)