Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, November 2, 2012

I just want to send out my love and prayers 
to all of those living through the frightening experience of Sandy.
Know that there are millions of people like myself 
that are holding you in our hearts and prayers.
It may not seem like it, 
but this too will pass.
God bless you and be by your side.


  1. Hey Connie, just watching Good Morning America and seeing a report on how things are in NYC.......not great, but as you say this too will pass.
    I second your thoughts with an AMEN.....

    CLaire x

  2. My sentiments too dear Connie,
    What an horrific storm. I couldnt sleep the night it hit jersey shore.. some of those houses are so close to the sea.
    I feel for the poor people that are without electric or their homes.. Amen to your lovely post.
    val x x x x

  3. I could not have said it better. Thank you for doing so.


  4. We too from across the pond have been keeping a very close watch on all the tv stations and pray that our families and friends and indeed everyone affected are safe and sound.
    Patricia x

  5. I sat up into the wee small hours on Monday night/Tuesday morning watching your news reels and trying to get my head round the awful scenes ufolding. As Patricia says, we here in the Uk are watching and praying that the worst is over and those poor folks affected can start re-building their lives. Lx

  6. Amen...
    I think we all are praying for everyone affected by this tragedy.

    Thank you for the post.

  7. Oh Connie, I loved what your wrote ... you took the words out of my mouth....I'm in Florida now and we have had our share of Hurricanes, but I'm originally from New York and you know what they say, "once a New Yorker always a New Yorkers. I'm heartbroken for all those up in the North East ... I know only too well how awful it feels and it will get worse before it gets better ... BUT, you are right, there a millions of good folks who are sending positive energy their way.

    Love and Light,

  8. It seems like things are going from bad to worse for the poor folks of NYC and NJ. Being in Florida, I have been where they are and it is not fun. We are so lucky to live in the USA and have so many comforts, that to have even the minimal creature comforts taken away is devastating. You asked how I did when Sandy skirted up the Florida coast, I can tell you We knew it was going to be bad, we had rain bands and a week of wind and the closest it got to Orlando was like 250 miles out...This was a huge monster storm.


  9. Praying that things will get better soon and the needs are met for everyday living to those suffering from this disaster. But most of all, I pray for those who do not know JESUS CHRIST, will turn their hearts over to him! He is the ONLY TRUE HELP, COMFORTER, HEALER, and the LIFTER OF OUR HEADS! May the GIFT OF SALVATION change the hearts of man. Roxie

  10. Dear Connie
    Horrible pictures were shown on Swedish tv from the storm that hit N.Y. and I feel for all who have lost property and loved ones. May the Lord keep them and give them comfort, but most of all salvation.

  11. Hoping everyone affected by the hurricane gets help and is able to rebuild their lives soon. I can't imagine how awful it must be for them. Take care. xx