Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Muddy Shoes & Sweating Hat Bands

We call it our farm . . .

But actually, what it is,
is a bountiful garden 
and a big yard. 

One acre to be exact.

This is our front gate. 

Look how pretty the honeysuckle vine
that grows up it looks.
They smell heavenly.

I always wear a hat when I'm 
working outside.
This is it hanging on the fence post 
drying after a good washing.

Hat's aren't made for washing . . .
at least this kind isn't.

It came out a little bit warped
and the crown was stretched by the 
fence post.
But it's clean again, LOL 

These are my favorite gardening shoes . . .
they wash up so nicely . . .
time and time again.
Looks like they could use a good wash now.

The other thing that I like about Keds,
is they have very little tread,
so they are easy to clean the bottoms off.
Does Butchy look ashamed, LOL 

Dear friends, I'll leave with my latest
project . . . a $10 yard sale find.

I'll show it again in my next post :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for your prayers.
They mean so much to us.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. Connie, You may be able to wash your hat and reshape it again. You look so cute wearing it. :) Those cabbages look very nice. We had some honeysuckle this year. I think ours doesn't get enough sun near the roots, we have it by the little pond at the shop. Blessings, praying for you and Steve, xoxo, Susie

  2. Love your gardens and your Keds! So cute with polka dot laces! What paint do you use for your garage sale "treasures"? Chalk paint or just regular spray paint? It looks like a real nice piece too. Your acre is darling and so well kept. I have less than that and can't keep up but I keep trying. I need to use a weed whacker and that would help me a lot. Take care and be's hot out there!

  3. Love your red shoes and the hat. I rather like 'wonky' hats, they suit me better too!
    Great cabbages and beautiful fragrant honeysuckle! I see you're painting your latest project!

  4. You look cute in your gardening outfit! Love seeing your flowers and neat treasure. I know you'll make it beautiful! Hugs!

  5. You have a very beautiful place.

  6. I adore your farm. It looks happy and cozy and a place full of love. I can almost smell the honeysuckle. That cabbage is humungous! I love how you wash your hat and your keds. A friend of mine laughed at me when I told her I washed my tennis shoes. She said she just buys new ones! Not me. Love your newest treasure and I'm looking forward to seeing it again.
    Love, Prayers and Blessings always,

  7. Keds ~ my choice also! They do make good farm shoes! I love the brown eyed Susan flowers; they colored my flower beds for a long time this summer but are finished now. I've saved seeds and also just cut some and let them fall, hoping for a crop next summer. Wild honeysuckle can become a real pest on pasture fences despite their wonderful smell.

  8. And, wow, is your farm jam-packed with loveliness! Oh, to pass through that front gate to see all that lies beyond! I haven't tried washing my hat! Maybe I better not! :~) But, then you wear hats so well and look great in even a wonky hat!

  9. Your little Butchy has a cute little face, I'm sure he is a comfort to you both. I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful garden.

  10. That cabbage looks wonderful and you have so many beautiful flowers.
    Looks like you got quite a bargain at the yard sale. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  11. Love reading about your gardening and DIY projects. You've done a marvellous job with your cottage and 1 acre block. So abundant!

  12. So much beauty around your 'farm'.

  13. Your garden looks like a little patch of paradise. It must give both you and Steve great joy and balm to the soul. Love your little $10 new pretty. It will look fabulous when all spiffed up.

  14. Great finds!
    I think your farm is perfect, and perfectly named too. And you look so cute in that hat!

  15. Hi Connie! Butchy is so cute. I think your hat looks just fine. You and Steve have a wonderful little homestead! I am sure you receive much pleasure living there. Nancy

  16. Your yard is amazing. You put a lot of time and effort into it, which is very evident. You look right cute in your hat.

  17. Your flowers are lovely; they respond to loving care. I am particularly impressed by your Honeysuckle. My red one had so few blooms this year. I think it's time for drastic pruning.
    I love your red gardening shoes. And your hat. You look cute wearing it, wonky or not ( the hat, not you).

  18. Hi Connie - Great your enjoying your Gardens bounty. Great bargain with the 'Dresser' -cannot buy much these days with $10. Regards to You and Steve- Best Wishes. KEV.

  19. You have such a beautiful smile!
    Love, love your hat (straw hats are my favorite!) and your Keds are the bomb~diggity!!

    I can remember saving up all my baby sitting money one summer and buying a darling pair of pale yellow Keds :)

    Love your Farm too!

    Smiles :)

  20. Oh your crafty project looks like fun, I can't wait to see the result! I love the farm, everything looks so bountiful. I never leave the house without a hat either! Alex takes care of cleaning ours, for which I'm very thankful! :)

  21. Connie, all those garden pictures look like something from a magazine...they're beautiful! and is that a real rabbit?? You look so cute in that gardening hat! I love it.

  22. Love the photo of you in your straw hat! That's how I always picture you, working on your sweet little "farm".. and it IS a farm to me.. you have all the ingredients that make it a farm! Those shoes are perfect for gardening. I haven't found the perfect pair, but Keds make sense as I remember washing mine alot when I had some when I was a kid. My "good" walking shoes have been delegated now to grass mowing and dirt walking, but they don't wash up well at all. I need me some Keds! The cabbage looks wonderful too.. and so do the flowers and just everything else. Even with all the years of horseback owning and riding, I never did own a cowboy hat or straw hat! Never even wore hats when I rode. For awhile, I tried a baseball cap, but hated it as it did get sweaty! Can hardly wait to see your project. I wish I could get myself in gear to paint something here! Hugs to you and Steve..... Marilyn

  23. Your "farm" is looking great :) Gorgeous flowers, love the little bunny you have there. looks like you got a nice desk there, can't wait to see the finished project

  24. Hi Connie! You have so many beautiful flowers growing on your property. I can almost smell the honeysuckle from here!!

  25. Wow, you live in paradise! So much beauty around you. I like the hat and the Keds, especially the color..

  26. Hi sweet Connie! Everything looks so lovely. I love your place. Isn't it fun to paint furniture? I've been doing it, too. Some of my ideas are wacky, but I like the way everything turns out. LOL.

  27. I would love to have an acre of land; I think that'd be just about perfect. We don't even have 1/4 acre here...our yard is so tiny. We have neighbors all on top of us. When we moved here 29 years ago, we only had one house on the south side of us. Now we live in a fishbowl. I hate it, but what can you do. (Except move - which isn't an option for us right now.) I try to remember to wear a wide-brimmed hat when I'm out in the yard and I always forget. I need to put mine out somewhere where I'll remember to wear it. It's tucked away in the garage.

    Can't wait to see your finished project!

  28. Your "farm" is a beautiful and productive piece of land. I like your wide-brimmed hat! I hope Steve is doing well - keeping you both in my prayers.

  29. I am so in love with your one acre, there is so much beauty in every turn on your yard. Hugs and Prayers!

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  31. I love EVERYTHING about your "farm!" I so enjoy your photos and seeing what you've been up to lately. I can hardly wait to see what your little $10 yard sale find looks like when you finish. I love your garden hat ... I wore my dad's beat-up straw hat for a couple years after he died in 2012... it finally gave out and I had to put it to rest. We farmers/gardeners have our favorite clothes to work in, don't we! By the way, your cabbage is truly amazing!! Hugs and blessings to you and Steve, plus many, many prayers!