Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Enjoying Each And Every Day

I want to start this post by saying . . .
that my last post was not 
printed for the sake of sympathy,
but instead with the hope that it might
be an encouragement to anyone else 
that is going through hard times.

And a reminder . . .
that whatever we are going through
our Dear Sweet Lord is always near.

He is just a prayer away :) 

Steve and I are doing everything
to have a wonderful Autumn season
and that always includes yummy food.
Here I was whipping up a batch of 
Snickerdoodles :) 

And here is the batter for . . .

Apple Fritters :)


Not all of my baking is sweets.

I have completed the handquilting
of my quilt and here I am pulling out
all of the basting stitches. 

Look at that pile of basting thread, LOL!

I choose a spring green fabric for the binding.
Notice the clips holding it in place
for hemming.

They were a gift from my 
sweet sister-in-law.
This is the package they came on . . .
I would highly recommend trying them.

I have arthritis in my hands
and these really helped so much.   
That purple fabric is not part of the quilt,
but instead the leg of my PJ's, LOL.

This project will soon be done
but like all creative souls,
I already have plans in my head 
for the next one.  

Here's wishing you all a wonderful
Thanksgiving holiday. 
If you live in a country that does not
celebrate this holiday . . .
Well, I wish you a great day, too.

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. Oh, those apple fritters! Delicious I'm sure.
    I am so impressed with the little clips ho;ding the binding in. I hope I might find some in our Patchwork shop, thank you for the tip.

  2. Well, we had our Canadian Thanksgiving more than a month ago. It was a good family-kind of day.
    I love the crafts you do and I'm impressed how you keep working at them in spite of arthritis. I can't hold a needle any more but then sewing was never my 'thing' anyway. And there's so many things I still CAN do.
    Have a peaceful and blessed week.

  3. Sympathy was not on my mind when I read your last post. It was gratitude that you know the Lord is with you and Steve during this time. Peace and wisdom for both of you.

  4. I'm so glad you are making some of your favorite treats and good food and also that you are doing creative projects. You and I both NEED to create! I'm keeping you both in my prayers. Love your beautiful quilt! Hugs to Steve....and you too of course!

  5. You are making me hungry. The quilt looks pretty and I must find those clips to buy. I am going to start making lap quilts again. Happy ThanksGivng to You and Steve.

  6. I ate my very first snickerdoodle just a few weeks ago. It was good. I hope you enjoyed yours, too. Lovely quilting! x

  7. Oh those apple fritters look wonderful. I'd love to have one for my snack tonight. : )

  8. I knew you weren't looking for sympathy. But extra prayer from your blog friends is a good thing!
    PS - I put up a few Christmas things today and one was a cute little Joy banner I got from you last year. Seeing it will be another reminder to be praying.

  9. I am also working on a quilt. It is my first and far from good, but it will be the love I have put into it that makes it special.

  10. Delicious food and beautiful handiwork, Connie. I've seen those clips for quilts and thought they would be a good idea. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Steve.

  11. Hi Connie- Glad your getting along with plenty to keep you busy and occupied- I like the look of your cooking- making me very hungry....all the best Folks for your Thanksgiving...I have heard that the Americans celebrate it more perhaps than Christmas. Best Wishes. KEV.

  12. Your baking looks delicious. I especially like the look of the bread! Baking is such a homely thing to do! I baked a zucchini cake yesterday! Your quilt is looking just lovely and those Clover Wonder Clips look great and so useful for hemming! I use Clover crochet hooks!
    Have a beautiful Sunday, Connie.

  13. Hi Connie, We use to buy apple fritters when I could have regular flour. I didn't know you could make them. Yours look better than the store bought ones and your bread looks wonderful! You accomplish much more in the quilting department than I do. I just recently bought some of those clips to try. God has said he will never leave us or forsake us. Hugs. Nancy

  14. I have heard of those wonder clips and if I were a quilter I would definitely invest in some. They have consistenly good reviews. Oh. My. Goodness. That baking looks amazing. Dennis absolutely loves apple fritters. I should try to make him some.
    I'm glad you are having peaceful and memory making days with Steve. Dennis and I both wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving.
    Much love and blessings,

  15. Happy Thanksgiving Connie! I'm enjoying some slow stitching binding too. :)

  16. Thank you so much for your pep talk. Sometimes I get so lost in the present and yet I know God holds the day. I have two quilts to finish for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving


  17. Connie, I know you are a tough cookie...but some times we just gotta cry. God knows you, and is with Steve and you thru this journey. I do not think our Lord cares if we have to cry a little. Your sewing is amazing. I love the binding color. Those little clamps do indeed look useful. You and Steve are in my prayers. Blessings to both of you. xoxo,love Susie
    p.s. Happy Thanksgiving

  18. Snickerdoodles sound delicious. Those apple fritters sure do look yummy too. You've always got something good going on there.

  19. Connie, your post is a good reminder for me. I've missed the joy in each day lately, but will rectify it. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  20. Those apple fritters look so delicious and what a beautiful quilt. I've never quilted. i may try to do it this winter. I had a cataract removed last week. So it will be a good time to start. Take care. Thelma.

  21. Mmmm, Apple fritters are my favorite! Oh wow you really went to town with that quilting, looks great, had to laugh you are already thinking of your next project, I guess I do with that cards but not usually quilting, I am always just excited that I managed to finish it :) Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving too!

  22. Ooooo, those fritters! I gained 5# just looking at the photo. 8>
    Blessed Thanksgiving to you both, Connie.

  23. Love the pretty quilt you are quilting, Connie. How wonderful you and Steve are enjoying the fruits of your delicious cooking. A blessed Thanksgiving to the both of you ♥

  24. Hi Connie,
    Everything about your quilt is lovely, including those clips...I will try to find them here....And the apple fritters and bread sure look delicious! May you and Steve have a joyous Thanksgiving.
    Blessings, Linda

  25. The food looks great Connie - especially those fritters! Alex and I celebrate every day with food and drink - enjoy! And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hubby!!! xx

  26. Oh Connie, I think we all know you are not the type that writes posts looking for are just such a wonderful, kind, loving woman that us readers that have known you for a long time all love you and our hearts go out to you and Steve. I'm glad you are still keeping up with some of your creative work. I hope that some of this is a healing salve to your soul. I hope you and Steve are able to enjoy your Thanksgiving day.


  27. Hi Connie! I love your quilt and YOUR BAKING! Yummy!
    I am going to make a pecan pie today and I thought the snow would put me in the mood, but as of this moment . . . no.
    God be with you guys!

  28. I don't think I commented on this post Connie... and oh my... that food all looks wonderful! Every time I read your blog, I drool! The apple fritters look about the best ever. With the snow outside, I feel the need to bake! Tis the season, that's for sure. Take care... hugs to you and Steve! Marilyn

  29. Dear Connie, I love your quilt and all its beautiful colors, your very talent my friend.
    So true, the Lord is with us, thank you for the sweet reminder. Hugs to you both and many prayers.