Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Snowy Days & Quilting

When you look out the window

and the snow is coming down
and the wind is blowing,
it's a great time to stay inside and

I made this baby quilt
for our niece who's baby is 
due around Christmas :)

Back in June Melba of
"Henny Penny Lane"
had these photos in her post.
The fabric was a gift from a blogging friend.
I simply left this comment: 

 Oh my goodness, what a generous lady. Those fabrics are so pretty and will be perfect in your aprons and bonnets. The piece with the vintage children at play is my favorite and then the one with the hens. This will give you plenty to do in the rainy season and later when winter comes along. I was out in the barn for a few minutes yesterday and opened a drawer and there was the fabric seed packets you sent me . . . I truly want to put them into a quilt one day, but as for now I don't want anything but the necessities of caring for the farm to take my time away from being with Steve. I should get out there when he is napping one day and work on something, to bring into the house for lap work. He does love looking over and seeing me stitching away on a project.
Have a sweet day . . . rain, rain go away so sweet little Melba can go out and play :)

A few weeks later a package arrived with
the vintage children fabric enclosed.


I used some of it in the baby quilt 
that I made for our niece . . .

and I'm working on another quilt
right now, using it again. 

If you have never visited Melba's blog . . .
you must stop by,

she makes beautiful vintage sun bonnets
and aprons and sells them at local
art fairs.

Visit her here: 

Thank you Melba :)
I hope you like how I'm using your
sweet gift of fabric.


Happy Quilting!
Keep Smiling! 

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. Those vintage fabrics are the sweetest. What a lovely lady Melba is to send these pretties your way. The quilt is filled with darling whimsy, Connie. How lovely to sit and quilt in your warm and cosy home and watch the snow fall outside.

  2. Hi Connie! I found Melba's blog through your blog and have been enjoying it for months now. It was so sweet of her to send you the fabric, but then again, both of you seem like the sweetest of ladies. Your quilts are gorgeous and I know they will be treasured by those new babies of yours.
    We prayed for you and Steve tonight at Bible study. I hope you feel the love that is wrapping itself around both of you through the many prayers that are said for you.
    Wishing you both a wonderful Friday.

  3. That quilt is adorable. How sweet of your blog friend to send you the fabric. You've made good use of it.

  4. Oh Connie, you are absolutely the sweetest lady!! That piece of fabric was meant for you. Don't think anyone else could have put it to such good use. That baby quilt is adorable, and I love how the other quilt looks too. Such pretty squares. If only I could sew and quilt like you. It's funny, when I first looked at your post I thought, that box of fabric looks familiar, and there's Dumperoo! Thank you for the nice things you've said. It's so pretty looking out your window at the snow falling. I can just imagine how cozy and warm your home feels. I remember you and Steve every single day. Love you Connie.

  5. This is such a sweet quilt Connie..I adore the material you used...reminded me of my Grandmother...precious!

  6. Pretty! Wish I knew how to quilt ~ maybe one day.

  7. I just love the baby quilt and the vintage children fabric. Perfect for your quilts!! I am always in awe of talented quilters and needle workers. No patience for it here.

  8. I love quilts. Unfortunately I've never quilted. I hope to one day.
    Your quilt is lovely and Melba is a great friend to send you such beautiful fabric.

  9. That sounds just like Melba. She has such a kind heart. I've been reading her blog for years.
    The quilts are beautiful.
    Some of us like to go outside on a day like you described. : )

  10. What a beautiful little quilt, Connie. How lovely of your friend to send you the fabric. xx

  11. Henny Penny is a sweetheart! That fabric is so cute!

  12. How sweet of her and the fabric looks great for your niece's quilt, that will be a great keepsake for her :)

  13. I love the quilt for the Christmas baby and I love how you're using the special fabric Melba sent in different ways. She sure is a sweetheart, no doubt about that.

  14. That is so sweet and cute.. to receive that darling fabric! It went into the strip quilt really well. Just darling! How nice of Henny Penny to do that for you! And another quilt with it? Wow.. you are AMAZING my dear.. your fingers are just going at warp speed these days! I bet Steve enjoys you sitting there in the house keeping him company. How sweet.. I can just picture it! Your snow is pretty.. hope you don't get too much! We have about 5 inches but no more expected for at least the next week or so. I'm so glad! It IS beautiful.. and has been so cold, that it is still on all the trees. Now I just need to get some lights up, so they can twinkle against the snowy backdrop! Hugs... Marilyn

  15. Those are lovely fabrics and you've used them so well. Your niece will love the quilt for her new baby and will treasure it because of you.

  16. A wonderful gift! You are certainly lucky to receive Henny's generous offerings.

  17. Hi Connie, It is so good to see you making your quilts again. I like Henny Penny's blog with all her animals. Especially Eli. What a beatiful dog! Nancy

  18. Very sweet gift and your quilts are so lovely! On a cold snowy day I like to sit and draw or paint with all of the furballs around me! :)

  19. Hi Connie- I'm pleased that you are in contact with Henny- great to have such Friends. The Fabric is delightful and you have done great with it all. Best Wishes to You and Steve. KEV.

  20. What a lovely blog post! And the baby quilt is so cute! We, too, have had wintry weather but today, for a brief period, we have a heat wave of 46 degrees and rain, as a welcome reprieve from the cold and wind here on the Island.

  21. What a sweet quilt! These cold wintry days are perfect for needlework.

  22. Another nice post. I hope you are doing well, and best wishes. Phil

  23. Love the little quilt Connie. That kid fabric is adorable. So sweet of Henny to share. Praying for you and yours. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

  24. What darling vintage fabric and so generous of your sweet friend to share some with you, Connie! Cheering you on in using that darling fabric in a second quilt - the first one is adorable and certain to be well loved!

    Happy stitching!