Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Years Day 2020

We are blessed with sunshine
and a temperature of 54 today.
What a marvelous way to start the
New Year :)

When I got up I started removing
some of our Christmas decor, 

And replacing it with non-seasonal

Then I made one of our favorite
breakfast treats.
A big ten inch skillet
Dutch Baby.
We each had half :)

Steve had his with maple syrup,
but I choose marmalade.  

Later I went outside and removed
half of our outside Christmas lights.
I hope the weather holds for a 
few days, so that I can get it all done.

Wouldn't that be nice . . .
some years the weather is so bad 
that we don't get them down until
March, LOL. 

 I've been hand-quilting
on my 35 year old quilt project.

I decided that I would add some 
embroidery and embellishments
as I quilt it. 

Back then I did my applique 
by zig-zagging the edges.
Today I have learned how to do 
a better finish . . . 
so that is the reason why
I decided to add a few
special touched with the trims :)  

Well, that's my New Year's post . . .
thank you for stopping by . . .
please leave a comment, I love reading them 
and hearing your ideas and suggestions. 

P.S. Before I go:
If you want this recipe . . .

 I've had it for 40 years . . .
Do you have a special place for 
your favorite recipes? 

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. I always admire people that can make quilts, my SIL makes them also and they are always beautiful. When I was reading about your Dutch baby, I thought, have to make that, think I will look it up on the internet....and there your recipe for it was there. I shall try it tomorrow. Happy New Year to you and husband. Hope your year is happy, healthy and prosperous.

  2. It's much colder here - high 20's, but we had sunshine!
    The quilt is looking so cute.
    Thanks for including the recipe. I was going to ask for it!

  3. I love Dutch Babies but I never think to make them. Yours looks yummy! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year, Connie! I love the way you're embellishing the quilt! I'm currently working with Sunbonnet Sue blocks, appliqueing them with hand embroidered blanket stitches. The Dutch Babies look delicious; I'm sure the farmer would like them. I've posted on my blog again. It may just be a now and then thing; farm work takes up a lot of my day.

  5. I wondered what a Dutch baby was as I'd not heard of it, so thank you for the recipe, similar to our pancakes , I think. Your quilt is looking so good.

  6. I've never had an oven pancake like that! It looks amazing! I could have one with fruit on top. And yes, I keep my cookbooks on a little shelving unit in my kitchen with old jars and cookie cutters. Your quilt will really be special! Take care! Prayers and love for both of you! Happy New year!

  7. I'd never heard of Dutch babies before, but see that it's an oven pancake. It does look rather delicious! Thank you for the recipe to try out!
    I love your passion for quilts! It's so necessary to create, isn't it? I put a few of my end of the year crochet projects up on my end of the year blog entry! I already have something new on my hook - it has become a passion, like you with your quilts!
    Wishing you and Steve all the very best for this New Year which has opened up before us. Each single moment is a miracle to savour!

  8. Happy New Year, Connie!
    Your quilt is so pretty, and Sunbonnet Sue is one of my favorite patterns. The embellishments you added are perfect.
    I might have to try that pancake recipe...

  9. Your quilt is looking very sweet. I keep my special recipes in 2 wooden boxes my husband made for me many years ago. The Dutch Baby looks delicious! Happy New Year!

  10. Your quilt is getting sweeter and sweeter! That breakfast looks yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

  11. I just love how you casually mentioned you are working on a 35 year old quilt project. It looks so sweet, it certainly is a family heirloom now.
    Take care, and may 2020 bring you peace and happiness.

  12. I think we're kindred spirits...I also have a three ring binder with my favorite recipes. Thank you for sharing this one with us. I'll have to try to make them soon. I don't quilt nearly as well as you though. Actually not at all anymore since I can't sit at my machine or stand long enough to cut the pieces out. Yours is wonderful and full of precious memories.
    I "almost" took our lights down today, but decided to enjoy them one more day. They promise that tomorrow will be in the 40's so I guess I'll try to get it done then.
    I'm praying for a year full of precious, memory making days ahead for you and your Steve my friend.
    Happy New Year Connie.
    Blessings and love,

  13. I love your old quilt. It must be special reworking some bits, and givingit some loving attantion.
    Love my old recipes folder.I have recipes like "Aunti Joan's CArrot cake (written in her handwriting, Audrey's saltana cake , Kath's sponge. etc.They all have baking stains on them and are well thumbed.Brings back memories every time I make the things from those recipes.

  14. Your breakfast looks delicious. I've never heard of that before. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    I also worked on taking down my Christmas decorations yesterday. I never did get any lights up outside though.
    Your quilt is looking great. I like all your new additions to it.

  15. What a project it is stunning. Wishing you and yours a happy new year.

  16. Your recipe looks delicious.My oldest son gave me a yellow cookbook with colored hearts in the cover when he was four years old. I copy my recipes there...I do admire your embroideries and quilts.Happy 2020!Blessings!

  17. 2 great suggestions from you today that I will work on: 1) the lovely touches you are adding to an old quilt! I have a quilt I made for my daughter 30 years ago. I had to remove the old batting and you have given me a great idea to requilt by hand with added embroidery. I hope mine can look as special as yours! 2) favorite recipes in one binder. I just have sheets of paper stuffed between my cookbooks. That will be a great project for me. Thanks so much! Happy New Year!

  18. Love your quilt, then and now. Wishing you a bright and healthy new year.

  19. I didn't realize a Dutch Baby was so easy to make! They certainly look impressive, don't they? I will have to try this. Though may I suggest that you don't use margarine, that you use butter instead. Margarine is highly processed with bad-for-you fats and has other added chemicals to it, too.

    Your quilting, as always, is gorgeous. :-)

    Many blessings and much love to you and Steve for 2020.

  20. Hi Connie! I love to quilt, but came to it only a few years ago. My daughter-in-law and a dear friend quilt beautifully. I do basic patterns, but enjoy it just the same. Tried to hand quilt at first, much too tedious for me. Then my friend showed me how to machine quilt. I took to that.
    And DH and I love Dutch Babies... we often have one for supper instead of a big meal. I use butter, powdered sugar, and fresh lemon on mine.
    As for favorite recipes, I keep them in a binder on a shelf in the hall where all my recipe books and magazines (old and new) are. My new fav is "Cast Iron Cooking".

  21. There doesn't seem to be any end to your embellishments and creativity!!

    Dutch Baby and Marmalade are two of my favourites!! Although I haven't tried combining the two. I make a blueberry sauce for the Dutch baby ( mainly because we always pick so many berries every summer and they taste so delish).

  22. Happy New Year back at ya! Oh those Dutch Babies look wonderful. I've never had one! I've made what we called "thin pancakes" which have about the same ingredients, but the batter is thinner and you pour them on a griddle and cook them.. they are paper thin, and you roll them up with butter and sugar inside. I grew up with those! I bet they tasted just like the Dutch Babies.. and I think they are really "crepes"!! They are good rolled with jam too. I may try those oven pancakes though.. will have to be gluten free! The quilt you are working on is so darling.. love the fancy stitches you are doing. And to get your lights almost down.. wow.. you are some lady Connie! I just got my Christmas decorations and tree up on Dec. 22nd or so, so am going to leave them up for another week or two to enjoy. I so enjoy the tree and the lights.. and my sister gave me some more Jim Shore Christmas snowmen which I absolutely love. Hubby had given me some too years ago... so I have quite a collection of Jim Shore. Wish I had room to put them all out! Have a good day today.. and a great weekend. Hugs... Marilyn

  23. I've never made a Dutch Baby before but I've copied your recipe and will certainly make it.
    I've been putting my recipes on my recipe blog. Now I know where they are!!

  24. Your breakfast looks so delicious and that quilt is so pretty.
    I found a quilt at a thrift shop nearly the same pattern and it needs to be mended. I will work on it this Winter to try and repair it.
    I had a cataract removed on my right eye and I am waiting for the left one to be done.
    I hope this new year brings good health to you and Steve. Happy New Year from Thelma xo

  25. I love your touches of embroidery on the quilt, and I am sure Sunbonnet Sue does too! What fun! The warmer weather is a quite wonderful. I hope we don't pay for it later on.

  26. Adorable quilt! I took my Christmas down also. Going to give the house a good cleaning then pull out the winter and snowmen decor, can't wait. Have a wonderful weekend~

  27. I quickly saved your recipe. It looks delicious and I'm thinking I might want to make some. Happy New Year! The weather has been mild here in New Mexico too.
    xx Beca

  28. Great way to start the year off with your favorite breakfast. I still have my decorations up, we usually put them away around the 6th, we usually wait for a nice day anytime after that to take down the outside lights and decorations.
    Loving your embroidery touches to your quilt, it is looking great!
    My favorite recipes are in a box.

  29. The pancake looks like a very special treat indeed! It is always nice to enjoy those treats! Your quilt is coming along nicely, I love all the special touches you've added to it! It will be so unique and special when you finish. Happy New Year to you both :)

  30. How darling is your 35 year old quilt. Love the sweet embellishments you have added.

  31. Connie, I love your quilts. That little applique is adorable. I never heard of Dutch baby...but it looked so good. I may have to try that recipe. Your canned food is a work of art to me. I just truly admire how it all looks. Prayers for you and Steve. Blessings always, xoxo,love, Susie

  32. Hi Connie :) I love your button art! :) Oh that dutch baby looks delicious!!

  33. Oh Connie....yes, I copied your recipe...I have never made a Dutch Baby, so it looked so have inspired me! Wishing you all the best for 2020!