Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A New Year Filled With Puppy Dogs

Are you like me . . .

Every year just before Thanksgiving

I give myself permission to 

indulge in all the treats

of the holidays.


It's a time of celebration

and feasting.

What I don't love is . . .

the number on the bathroom scale

in January.



My Sweet Steve told me that he

wanted me to weigh myself 

regularly because he knew how 

blue I get when I let myself 

get out of control with food.

Yes, I have a problem with running

to food for comfort.

I know it's wrong, I know it doesn't work

and I know that my only true comfort

comes from the Lord.


Do I want lasting comfort and peace

or a quick fix?


Food has always been a problem

for me in that way.

Everyone says that your appetite 

lessens as you grow older . . .

by question is,

how old do I have to get 

before this happens? 


 Here we are with a new year starting,

in a time of uncertainty and unrest.



Take courage my dear friends!

The one thing that we can be certain of 

is God's love.

He will not leave you or forsake you.

Put your trust in Him!

Look for the good in each day . . .

and don't dwell on the things that 

separate you from peace. 



 This is Beulah when I brought

her home a couple days 

before Christmas.  


This was taken last week

on our way to the vet for shots.

She weighed 10 pounds.


Some of you have been asking 

for photos, so here goes . . .



I took these this morning.

She is growing like a weed.



Here's Butchy . . .

He is jealous of Beulah

and enjoys spending more time

in my lap these days, LOL. 



 If you're still here . . .

Thanks for stopping by.

My life is busy with puppy

training, but it keeps me busy.

Not as much time for snacking, LOL.

Or quilting :(


Have A Sweet Day


God Bless You All.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :) 


  1. Connie, so good to see you today, I emailed just before Christmas you but maybe your address has changed. Beulah is just so sweet, how could anyone resist a little face like that! You will have a lot of fun with her.

  2. Sounds like you and I are on the same tract when it comes to food and comfort. I like to biggest problem. I jump on the scale almost daily and it is a bitter struggle. I finally got my fitbit synchronized with my computer. It lets me know my steps, heart, calories etc. If I get 2000 steps that is good for me. I think eventually I will work up to 10,000. I like your new puppy, so cute. I think that is what is needed around here, shall see after this January passes by. Take care and stay safe.

  3. Beulah is adorable. I can understand that Butchy needs more reassurance that he's still number One! Oh ny goodness, all that delicious food! I especially love the look of that beautiful lattice pie. Cranberry maybe? Like you, I enjoy cooking, so that's a danger in itself! ;) Yes, we must stand on the scales regularly, to nip any problems in the bud!
    Today, I watched the inauguration of your new President on the CNN programme on TV!

  4. Enjoy those puppies! Your food looks so good - I try to stay away from too many baked goods, but it's hard to resist bready things. Yes, we do live in uncertain times, but it was ever thus. God is faithful to his promises to always be with us, and I pray His presence will continue to comfort and guide you.

  5. I too am a comfort eater. The struggle is real! Beulah has such a sweet face! She looks like she is going to be pretty big when she grows up. Poor Butchy, hopefully he will come around and they will be great buddies. Stay safe and well!

  6. Good morning Connie. I know what you mean about eating. I have let myself get out of control with eating. Dennis is so self-controlled. He fasts on Monday and Wednesdays, both for extra prayer time and Bible reading and it keeps his weight in check. He weighs less than when we were married! Me, on the other hand, I weigh twice as much! I eat for comfort and to "help" with my anxiety. It never helps. Now I'm anxious because I'm overweight too. I have about 50 lbs to lose. It just seemed to creep on, a little at a time. I'm going to join Dennis in fasting and I started today. Would you please pray for me my sister? I know that gluttony is a sin and I have to get it in check.
    Your puppy Beulah, is just darling. I can imagine that Butchy isn't happy. Chloe wouldn't be either. :-) I'm glad you have their comforting company though. It's amazing how much love and comfort dogs give to you.
    Take care my dear friend. God is in control and He loves us immeasureably.
    Blessings and hugs,

  7. I think your puppies are not only adorable but the BEST distraction! I think their companionship will fill you heart. Sending smiles your way!! )

  8. Such a wonderful post! Who could resist those wonderful baked goods? And your words of encouragement are truly an inspiration for us.

  9. Oh Connie, they are adorable both so pretty. I must admit I am a little overweight for no other reason than I eat too much I really do enjoy food. I have started walking again so I am hoping that this will help. Take care.

  10. Hi Connie, I loved this post. I did laugh about how old did you have to get to slow down eating. Bless you. I like the cute puppies. They will keep you busy and entertained. Today we had blue skies and sunshine, it stayed cold though. But oh how that sunshine made me smile. I know when you can start yourself a garden you will be plenty busy. I think of you often and say a prayer for you. My Ted is still in the hospital. He had some tests and O.T. I pray that God will lay his loving merciful hands on Ted to heal him. Blessings to you sweet friend, xoxo,love you, Susie

  11. Dear Connie, always so nice to read another blog post from you. Your little puppy is growing up nicely, it's a shame that Butchy is a little jealous, but I'm sure you are giving him lots of cuddles and attention too.
    We have just been watching the inauguration of your new President on TV. Hoping that your country heals and finds peace after the turbulent times you have had.
    Take care, love those beautiful pets, and maybe you will find a little stitching time soon.

  12. Hi Connie! Oh, I know. Eating. I think Steve was right about getting on the scale every now and then but not every day (I've done that more recently). Your pups are both sweet, sweet, sweet. God be with you.

  13. I have the same problem with food. I need to work on losing weight but it's just so hard.
    Beulah is so cute

  14. Beulah is definitely thriving and is as cute as can be. No wonder Butchy is jealous. He just needs to be reassured that he's still loved as much as ever.
    I surely know what you mean about eating all the wonderful foods of Christmas and now facing the music. Or, the bathroom scale. I have an added incentive to try to lose weight as I now have high Blood pressure and I do not want to take any medication. So no salty foods for me and way less in the way of goodies. Be encouraged; we'll get there yet.

  15. Yes, puppies will sure keep you busy. They are adorable!! My appetite hasn't gotten less as I age either!! I wonder what I would weigh if I didn't walk!!

  16. Your treats look delicious, Connie. I'd like to know when my appetite will lessen, I'm still waiting! Thank you for sharing all the photos of Beulah. She's adorable! xx

  17. Awww - she is so cute! I'm happy for you and I think she will be a blessing to have around.
    I was doing really good on watching my diet until shortly before Christmas. Now I'm trying to get going again.

  18. They are so sweet!I am glad to hear from you! I have the same "problem" with goodies and treats! Happy 2021!God bless.

  19. They are so cute!Happy 2021!God bless!

  20. Beulah is so cute :)
    I'm with you on the snacking - whenever I get stressed or feel down, I like to eat. Not like a cousin of mine, who stops eating when she is like that. Needless to say, she is a lot slimmer than me!

  21. I was terribly underweight when young. Now I'm overweight. Food is tricky, can be tough to strike a balance. I am diabetic and that adds another layer of trouble. Beulah is so pretty, and Butchy is, too. I have a small, disabled doggie who is quite jealous of our other, original doggie. I can see the angst in his eyes but he's been adjusting better since I started dressing him. He feels special and he likes being fussed over! He also likes that he gets a Nylabone to chew (other doggie doesn't want one).

  22. Hi Dear Connie- Lots of words of wisdom here- happy that you are well and enjoying your puppies- they are great company. I was feeling hungry looking at your baking. Yes, you guys have a lot to look forward to there in America- I like America and Americans and I'm happy for the Nation to be at it's best always. I'm hoping to somehow join a Star Trek Fan Club if I can- that'd be fun as I could do with some like minded company. Best Wishes. KEV.

  23. Hi Connie! Oh those yummy foods all look so good! It's hard to curtail our sweets intake when we love to bake! I do like baking, more than just cooking regular meals... my mom always baked and that's how she showed her love for us. We always had a dessert every night! blackberry pie, or apple pie, or a cake or cookies... she showed her love with food. So I grew up that way and that's what I did for my kids.. and now I do it for me! Food is definitely a comfort. I have the "covid weight gain" of 10 lbs.!!!! I just can't seem to stop myself now, from turning to sweets for comfort - or even salty snacks. Nothing like popcorn and a movie, or crackers and cheese and a movie, or chips and dip and a movie! Getting on a scale most days helps me but not enough! Your doggies are dolls. My how Beulah has grown! Is she a lover and likes attention? It's hard when the one you've had gets jealous... just show Butchy more love like you're doing and that does help.. with kids and dogs! Beulah may get too big to sit on your lap, so Butchy will always have that honor. I'm glad you have them for comfort and company. Hope you will find some time for stitching and playing with your crafts and fabrics. I haven't sewed since before Christmas, but have been just playing with my papercrafting, just for fun, and to help me get through all the political stuff that has been doing on. I tend to bury my head in the sand, so to speak, but sometimes we have to just pull our heads out and see what's going on. I just want peace for our country and the people who are the great foundation of our country. Take care and I think of you always! Love, Marilyn

  24. Connie, I've missed you lately! Beulah is so cute! I know she keeps you busy, but that a good thing, right? Oh, do I ever understand about the eating and gaining weight. I started eating before Thanksgiving...everything I wanted! Now I can't get control again. I am so mad at myself. Every morning I plan to "eat right" but by noon I am standing with the cabinet doors open searching for something to snack on. I am out of control!! Your food looks so delicious!

  25. I would like to know when I will not want to eat as much either, everything looks so good, makes me hungry :)
    Your little furbabies are just the sweetest, I bet they do keep you hopping and that is just what we need sometimes. We have a 1 1/2 year old cat, but hubby has been thinking he may like a dog too, I told him I don't think I am ready for that right now, since I usually do most the work and he gets the fun time!

  26. Oh my gosh, Beulah is sooo adorable! Poor Butchy for being jealous. I hope they get to be good friends.

    I had to stop baking or buying treats from Trader Joe's after the holidays. No more sugar! I did slip up a couple of times and then realized how awful these treats made me feel, so I stopped buying them again. If I bake anymore this winter, I'll maybe indulge in just one piece and then send the rest of the treats with Brian to work.

  27. "Take courage my dear friends!"

    Thanks. I have been a little melancholy today.

  28. Dogs make every day special! :) Cute photos! And the foodie shots are great Connie! Oh I love comfort food so much! :)

  29. Greetings, I think we all understand and we are feeling your pain! But, just walk and eat what you want in small amounts! Drink more water and just try not to feel bad about it! I have gained weight and it may never come off. But I just try to look nice and be kind. Walk the sweet puppies and enjoy!
    We have all gained weight with this Covid junk... you have a nice blog and those that comment love you!
    Hugs, Roxy

  30. Hello Connie! Sending you warm thoughts and hugs on this beautiful Sunday, lovely friend. Smiling and nodding in agreement as I read your post - I can totally relate to using food for comfort and at the same time, knowing full well that it isn't the answer. I am long past pretending otherwise, but am equally amazed how old destructive patterns can keep coming back into play when I know better - I hoped that I would "age" out it! Lol Here's to good health and self-care; inside and out, my friend! Wishing you a lovely weekend and awesome week ahead.

  31. Connie, I feel so encouraged to see this post from you. I see that God is working in your life, to heal your broken heart and assure you of His love and presence. It's so exciting to me to know this. I love your photos of the pups. So cute. Poor Butchy; having to share Mama with another canine. :( I bet you love having him on your lap though. The "Courage" ornament is so charming. Did you make it? I really like it. Hugs, sweet friend. Nancy

  32. Hi Connie, Stopping by Crafty Home Cottage is always an inspiration for me. Thank you, my Eastern Washington friend. Your cooking is just amazing. During Covid I started making my own bread. Thought about you and figured you had probably been doing that all along. Your new puppy looks like a bundle of joy. Lots of love to be shared there. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words about God's love. I send you kind regards and best wishes from Seattle. John