Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, October 25, 2021

October 2021


To everyone that is feeling 

under the weather . . .

I'm sending you prayers 


 a wish of wellness.


Fall is certainly here . . .

it brings with it flu season,

colds, sore throats and the on going

threats of Covid.


We all just need to be careful

and use our God given common sense 

about staying safe.

I was exposed, 

therefore; I self quarantined 

for two weeks.

Does anyone know the actual time

for doing this?

I wasn't sure, so I opt for 2 weeks.

I would hate to give it to anyone.

By the way, I am happy to report that 

I had no symbols ☺


I got some yard work done.

Look at this carrot I pulled.

It looks like the claw from 

some giant bird.


A mystery neighbor has been 

keeping my stand filled with pumpkins.

Isn't that sweet!

Every time they're taken away,

I look out and the stand is full again.



They inspired me to do 

a little decorating.



For those of you that have been worried 
about Beulah, 

she is fine and back to being 

her sweet playful self.



The dogs and I were bored with cabin fever,

so one day we hopped in the car

and went for a drive. 


We don't have as many trees in our 
natural areas, but as you can see
the sagebrush takes on a beautiful golden
color in the Fall.

That's just about it . . .

Other than a couple quilting projects
that I am working on and another
that I finished but haven't photographed yet.
I'll save it for my next post.
I have one more row to do on this one.
I'm using my stash and making each 
block different.
If you're still reading . . .
thank you for sticking with me.
I've been a bit melancholy lately, 
and posting hasn't been 
a priority.
I'm so grateful for my blogging
friends and thanks so much 
for hanging in there with me.
God is Good, All The Time!
Go to Him first when you need help
He will meet you wherever you are.
Connie :)   


  1. I've been melancholy too and it helps me to visit my favorite blogs to see what's new! I love seeing your quilts and I'm so glad your dog is doing good. What a scare with the needle! Love seeing the pretty pumpkins and lovely scenes when you went for a drive. I need to do that...just go for a drive on a different road. Take care sweet lady! Watch out for the claw! heehee!

  2. Pretty photos. Fall is my favorite season and I love seeing how it plays out in different places. I think we all get in a "blogging funk" now and then, so we understand. Take care of yourself and I hope you have a good week. ((hugs))

  3. Love following your blog! You have so much energy, always decorating, painting, making beautiful things, and spending time with your pets. So glad Beulah is doing great. What a nice thoughtful neighbor you have putting out the produce for others to enjoy, so nice! I live in the state of Washington and we are now getting our cooler, rain and wind weather, so now I will have no excuse to not get "in house" projects completed!! Stay well and safe.

  4. How wonderful your neighbor is contributing pumpkins to your blessing stand! So sweet of you both. Those quilt blocks are very pretty. I love pieced blocks. What a beautiful place you live.

  5. I love to see that hand-quilting ! And HEXAGONS, no less ! Good job, Connie. And your home, as always, looks beautiful, warm, and welcoming !

  6. Sorry you have been feeling down - hope you're on the upsweep now. : ) That is some amazing carrot - it should win some kind of a contest!! :)
    Beautiful photos from your ride.

  7. That strange carrot looks like something from a horror movie. With Halloween just around the corner it fits right into the season. I find Autumn a time for introspection which can at times lead to a feeling of melancholy. That's when I make myself get out of the house and maybe go to the thrift store. It's good to know you're okay and so are the dear pups. Take care, GM

  8. A ride is a good idea when you have "ennui." And so is making yourself do something -- like the decorating you did. It's so nice. Your place looks so fresh yet cozy with all the autumn decor. It's just the right amount. What a nice (mystery) neighbor to put up all those pumpkins for free! That's the craziest carrot I've ever seen! It looks like a turkey foot to me -- maybe it's saying, "Serve me up with some turkey!" I hope you do not get COVID and the 2 weeks (is it 10 days?) goes fast.

  9. Are those for real leaves covering your yard? :) They're just so pretty. I have never seen such a carrot in my life! You should enter it at the state fair, or somewhere. Pretty Beulah. She is just gorgeous. You take care Connie. I've been feeling a little down lately too. Don't know why.

  10. It's so nice to see a post from you, Connie. Autumn can be a melancholy time, and I'm sure your grief rises and falls in waves. I'm glad Beulah is doing well. How sweet of your neighbours to keep the pumpkins on the stand. Hugs to you!

  11. Hello Connnie. I'm so glad that your exposure to Covid didn't amount to anything. I keep you on my daily prayer list and I know that the Lord is with you daily to help you on your journey through any illness and melancholy too.
    I'm so glad to know that Beulah is doing well. These puppies are into everything. I caught little Zoey with a needle and immediately thought of Beulah. Luckily I got it away from her.
    We're you able to go camping in your pickup truck at all this year? We're debating getting a different truck. Dennis has an F350 and since we got rid of our big camper and let go of the dream of full-time travel, we really don't need a truck that big. I like the idea of a F150 with a canopy like yours that we can sleep in and travel around easily.
    I enjoyed seeing some of Washington's high desert scenery. Oh, as much as I love being with family, I'm homesick for the mountains and our friends.
    Take care my dear Connie.
    Blessings and hugs,

  12. October is a melancholy month indeed. We just have to keep finding the little splashes of life and colour. Your photos are so beautiful today particularly the oak leaves in the glass vase (I think they are oak?). More lovely quilts!

  13. I'm glad to hear that you are doing good. What a relief that you didn't have any covid symptoms. I don't know if I could handle being quarantined for 2 weeks. I think the boredom and loneliness would do me in. Getting out for a drive was a good idea.
    That carrot is really something. It does look like a giant claw..

  14. Hi CONNIE,
    So great to hear from you- I was thinking about how you were going - and glad your well and safe there. Best Wishes. KEV.

  15. I think this time of year makes a lot of us a little sad. The holidays are coming up and we miss our loved ones and our old life just a bit more. I enjoy reading your blog. I love your independence and creativity. How nice of your neighbors to refill your stand!

  16. So good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the exposure but so good to know that you did not get any symptoms from it. We were able to get the booster vaccine so hoping that keeps us safe, plus our whole state still has masking whenever indoors and most people follow that. Looks like you have been very busy in your garden, that is some carrot you had there.
    I bet it felt good to get out in the sunshine and go to the water, we need that every once in awhile just see somewhere new :)
    Your quilting looks so pretty! Hope you stay well and May God grant you peace and comfort!

  17. Glad you are doing ok and didn't get covid. 2 weeks is what they tell us for quarantine. Glad Beulah is doing well too.
    I love your pumpkin stand and the way it's been replenished.

  18. Very happy to hear you are doing well, health wise. You have very considerate and caring neighbors who enjoy sharing their garden bounty. Your ride looks calming visiting the lake. Glad to see you are reducing your fabric stash and can't wait til we see the creative results. Your carrot does look like a claw! Hope you are looking forward to a great and creative tomorrow♥

  19. Hi Connie.. so glad Beulah is fine now.. and the drive you took the pups on looked so nice. It always feels good to get out and go somewhere different. I do that now and then here. I just wish there were some mountains closer, as I just yearn sometimes, for the green and forests, and creeks and rivers. Your yard is crazy with all those leaves! I love how trees get red and bright orange leaves. The colors in my yard are much more vivid than last year but don't have enough branches yet to cut off and bring in. I used to do that all the time in Washougal with our vine maple, as we had so much and it always needed pruning, and I would have the colorful branches in the house all Fall and into around Thanksgiving. I'm sorry you are feeling somewhat down..... it's not fun to feel that way. I think going into this holiday season makes us miss our hubs even more. I love your quilt with all the different blocks. Hugs.. Marilyn

  20. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and story.

  21. Hi Connie, Always glad to see a post from you. Happy you didn't contact Covid. That is a neat way to use up your scraps but yet make something pretty. Energy level has been really low lately. Still working on a lap Christmas quilt. Glad Beulah is doing well. Rosie just got spade. She is a rasal for sure. Take care of yourself. Nancy

  22. Hope I pushed the post button! LOL Nancy

  23. Melancholy seems to be affecting a lot of people at the moment. I'm glad you have completed your quarantine time with no illness. My brother was recently exposed through his workmate who had had contact with another. Thankfully all the test results were negative.
    I must say, I love the way you have recycled that Chicken Noodle Soup can :)
    Take care, Mxx

  24. Welcome back, Connie! Missed your posts. I surely do understand the melancholy thing. I've decided not to beat myself up about it, but just to understand that the "fiery darts" are being flung from a lot of directions, including the whole covid thing, the political and cultural issues and even the uncertainties caused by the local wildfire threats and now the flash flooding and on and on. Piled up, they can become a bit overwhelming, BUT we have the One who walks with us moment by moment. I'm glad you did not pick up the virus. And I'm glad Beulah is ok now. She is so cute and I love her name. I want a dog named Beulah. 8-> Grace to you, dear Connie.

  25. Great to see a post from you again. Quarantining isn't fun, but glad you didn't have any symptoms. I know what you mean about feeling melancholy; I get that way myself sometimes and just don't feel like blogging. I'm glad you got a chance to get out and take a drive - sometimes even that can make you feel a bit better, just being out in nature and seeing the beautiful scenery. Love your pumpkin decorating - so pretty and seasonal. I'm not a big fan of fall, but I do love the decor. I'm also glad to hear Beulah is doing just fine. She's so cute!

  26. Connie that carrot!!!! So awesome! I'm glad you and the pups got away for a little fun, and also glad you didn't have any covid symptoms!!! ♥♥

  27. Melancholy seems to be afflicting many of us these days. The world is so upside down right now that it's hard to be cheerful sometimes. But things are looking up a bit since yesterday's elections. People are tired of all the nonsense. It doesn't help if our pets are ailing, too. Glad Beulah is much better! Love your fall decorations. Glad you stayed well after being exposed to the virus. Praise God! That "claw" is cool! Take care, Connie!

    I love your little free produce stand! What a blessing it must be to others!

  28. Hi Connie, happy to see you and Bullah well, how wonderful sharing harvest! I'm sure it is so much appreciated. Those tiny pumpkins make the best pies. Your winter quilting projects are always amazing! Lisa @Sweet Tea N' Salty Air