Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Busy Week


What a lovely and busy week

I've had :) 

A sweet friend invited me

over for homemade rhubarb pie

and ice cream.

There were 5 of us there 

and the conversation 

was stimulating and wonderful.

We laughed so much . . .

I needed a good dose of 

laughter :)




Next I was invited on 

a beautiful drive, picnic

and a trip to an amazing




This is the magnificent

Columbia River.




This appears to be 

a cozy little cabin 

in the forest . . .


But truly it was a 

picnic shelter,

which we didn't need.

Along side of this picnic area

was a lovely creek with steep

banks.  The children played 

in it, but if I would have 

ventured down there,

I would have needed help

climbing the bank.




God's World Exploration Station

 This was the museum

Peshastin, WA 





If you are ever in this 

area, it is a much see.




On my last post I showed you

my neatly kept front garden,

this is my other garden out back

it's a bit wilder.



We called this our meadow.

This lawn is mowed weeds,

but pretty when mowed, LOL.

I have wild flowers here

as well as blackberries,

onion, cucumber, melons,

winter squash, beets

and carrots. 



 Oh, and a building 

that looks like an old 

outhouse . . .

Steve built it for me

to store garden tools :)



Caring for all of this

is what keeps me moving.

A girl has got to get those

steps in, right :)




God Bless you all!

Please let me know if you

have any spare time to

visit and help me pull



 Have a sweet week

Your blogging sister,

Connie :) 


  1. I'm so glad you got to get away, laugh and spend time with friends! What beautiful sights!
    Your wild garden is very nice and I love the "outhouse" Steve built.

  2. I hope it has cooled down a bit from last week's heat! Your back garden sure is producing. It looks like a lot for one person to deal with so I hope you have help.
    How lovely that you got to go on a picnic and also out for rhubarb pie. Yum. That pie c rust looks flaky and delicious.

  3. What a lovely time you have had! Looks like fun excursions and much beauty to enjoy along with friends! And your yard/garden is all so wonderful! I do not have a vegetable garden...I barely have a flower garden. But when I see what others are able to produce in their own gardens, it truly makes me wish I could do that. It's just been SO hot here that the mere thought of working outside is beyond my ability right now! LOL. Oh, your garden tool shed is so cute! I love the "outhouse look". Having an outhouse in the back yard wouldn't be a bad idea when you work outside a lot! LOL. Have a great and wonderful week. I enjoyed this post.

  4. I would love to come and help in your garden!

  5. A lovely day out with friends is always so pleasant, and uplifting to the spirit.

  6. Looks like you had a good time on your adventure! I love the outhouse that Steve built for you... so cute! Your gardens look so lush and plentiful... gardening is what keeps me active during spring and summer too.

  7. Such an interesting and beautiful post! Don't let my DH see that slice of rhubarb pie, or he will be on your doorstep in less than a minute. :-)

  8. That picture of the Columbia River is breathtaking. Oh, and so it the pie and ice cream. Looks like such a fun time. I love your wild gardens in the back. You know what, our entire yard is weeds and a little grass mixed in that looks beautiful when its mowed and thats fine with me. There is so much to see around your place. I love it!

  9. Wow! You really did have a great week. I'm glad you're having fun! I'm amazed at what you accomplish on your homestead. You remind me of another friend who I call "The Energizer Bunny". You both just go and go! :) Hugs.

  10. Oh Connie what a wonderful week you've had! I missed this post too. I never got notification for it or the last 2 or 3. Wow that rhubarb pie looks great. I don't think I've ever made one! And I'm so envious of your drive to Peshastin, WA. I knew I'd heard of the town, but couldn't remember where it is.. and looked it up.. and yup.. up by Cashmere, which is such a beautifuil area! I loe that you got to be in the big trees, along a creek and drive along the Columbia! Oh so pretty up there and the museum looks so fun to explore. That scorpion looks huge! Your "back garden" looks great too and is producing so much already! I planted so late.. like July 6th or so... so my veggies are just now looking like they might produce something. All I have is some carrots, a few beets, peas and beans.. oh and some lemon cukes (which I see you have too!) which are just starting to get little babies on them! I have some yellow zuchini which I've eaten a few from but it wilts so bad during these hot days as it's in a smaller planter. Your blackberries look delicious too! Blackberry pie anyone? I have one bush and the berries are just starting to turn red. do you water the back garden alot? I think my things are just too dry and the water doesn't get down to the roots enough. You definitely ARE the energizer bunny!!! xoxoxo Marilyn