Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Welcome Spring 2023

Hello Sweet Friends,

Spring is here! 

Even if the weather is still cold ☺ 




I actually have three quilts 

that I am working on.

Here are two of them,

but now that spring is here

they are going to be put 

on the back burner.



 Spring brings jobs . . .

but I love being outside 

and working in the yard.

This tree is growing into my yard,

but growing under the neighbor's fence

destroying her fence.

The large section fell in a storm,

so I got my chainsaw out and 

took it down.

Still in the process of clean up.



 I've cleaned my little greenhouse

and readying it for planting.


I want to give my backdoor

a paint job.

So I took a photo of it.



I turned it into a color book page.


grey door black railing


And I've been playing with it :)


turquoise door royal railing

aqua door and dark blue railing


I got a text last week inviting be to go

on a day trip which included a 

small ferry boat ride.

It was so sweet to get away for the day.

The choice between a road trip

and working in the yard

was a no brainier, LOL. 

It felt so good being a passenger again!



 I know that this was a lengthy

post . . . if you're still here

thanks for hanging in there.


I hope that you are all experiencing

good health and warmer spring weather.

God bless you all,

Thanks for visiting 

I truly appreciate your friendship.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)  




  1. The ferry trip sounds fun, please tell us more. What you saw, friends you went with, tasty meals you ate? I always have several projects on the go at the same time too.

  2. Love how you made the picture in a coloring picture!!!
    You've been busy.

  3. Turning your door into a coloring book page. That's really fun. Is it easy to do? Spring is on it's way. I guess it's actually here but winter is trying to hang on isn't it? We had 7 inches of snow just last Sunday.
    I always wanted to take the ferry to Victoria, BC., when we lived in Spokane but never made it there. Which ferry did you take? I'm so glad you had a great time.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Oh yes. When Spring arrives house work only gets done early in the morning or just on rainy days. Otherwise I'm outside usually puttering or more often lately just sitting on the porch. Your lovely quilts will wait until you come back to them.
    How fortunate that you were able to get away for a pleasant day trip. May there be more of those in the months to come.
    Blessings, Granny Marigold

  5. Hello! I love your coloring book idea! Welcome spring and all the freshness it brings!

  6. Thanks for sharing your quilts and keep us posted when finished. A very creative idea to help you decide what color to paint your back door. I will look forward to seeing the final result. Be safe and well.

  7. Oh, Connie. I envy you your gardening area. I miss having the outdoor space I had in my last home but have pretty well settled into condo life. I a glad you were able to get out and enjoy a day trip. We all need days like that. Love to you- Diana

  8. ps....Love the idea of playing with color for the door!

  9. That was a good idea with the coloring pages. You can try all kinds of colors. Have you decided on one yet?
    A ferry ride sounds like fun.

  10. There is much to be done in the garden in spring, and it's usually a joy to be out there (unless there is a cold wind and/or rain). I'm glad you got away for a little trip - that is so refreshing! Love the idea of turning your front door photo into a colouring page. I love the turquoise door.

  11. I always love seeing your beautiful quilts.
    I enjoy working in the yard too, but I certainly can't handle a chainsaw! You never cease to amaze me.
    Wonderful to hear that you got to take a day trip and even take a ferry ride. I've never been on a ferry!
    Hope you are doing well and looking forward to the planting and gardening season.

  12. I'm so impressed! I would not be able to use a chainsaw. But, then again, I've never tried. :)
    I love the idea of trying out different colors for your door that way. It's such a hard decision.

  13. Hi Connie- so pleased your keeping busy with the Quilting and Painting. Thinking of you. Regards. KEV. (Australia).

  14. So neat how you turned the picture into a coloring page. What a good idea. That would be a fun thing to do. Glad you got away for a day. Like you, I am looking forward to yard work and planting the garden.

  15. your quilts are so cute and pretty, really like the design on the second one. Yes it is time to get the yards in shape. We are getting over Covid right now, and have lost out energy, so hopefully that will come back soon. I like your idea of making a page of your back door so that you can figure out what to do with it, you have great ideas, all would look great.
    Glad you were able to get out and enjoy your day away from work :)

  16. Hi Connie!🐇
    I always love seeing your quilts. The day trip on a ferry (and being a passenger) sounds wonderful. What a neat way to choose the door color! Turquoise is bright and cheerful..
    I hope you have a glorious Easter.🐑
    Blessings, Linda

  17. I always get nervous when I have to drive onto a ferry but it's fun to do something different. Love your idea for deciding on the back door color. You are so clever!

  18. Loved your "long" post with all its beautiful photos and your quilt WIP's and ferry ride. Can't wait for our weather to warm a bit so we can get out into the garden.
    Happy Easter, my chainsaw totin' friend!

  19. I love the way God has given us different seasons to enjoy - as you head into Spring we head into Autumn. The cycle is never-ending :)

  20. Wow Connie you do amaze me with that chainsaw! How fun to take control of those darned downed trees! I have a big tree leaning precariously over my fence and over my yard. Can't get up there to at least cut the dead branch off. Love your pretty quilts! I had the neighbor boy clean to my yard. It looks so good! I just have a few more pots to clean out and then ready to plant. I'm getting a little bit ospring fever finally.

  21. Never could finish my comment so here I am again. It wouldn't let me correct that last sentence to "of" spring fever! Just wanted to also say how fun it must have been to be driven somewhere and go on a ferry boat. Now that's enough to give you spring fever! Have a nice Easter. Hugs.....Marilyn