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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Have A New Dream & Set A New Goal

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C.S. Lewis said, “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream”
Three and a half years ago I had a new dream . . . I was going to buy a guitar and teach myself to play.  Now I play and sing with a local group and have performed two years at our county fair, two years at the Washington State Gourd Festival, at our local Farmer’s Market and at many nursing homes and assisted living facilities in our area.  It has changed my life and it all started with a dream and a new goal. 
Now I’m starting a blog: a new dream and a new goal. From all that I’ve read about starting a blog; I find over and over that people say; when you start you are basically just writing to yourself.  That you may have a few friends and family that are interested and that follow your blog, but that it may take a very long time before anyone in the internet world beyond friends and family will ever find you or start to follow.  After saying that, I also read that the bloggers that stick with posting regularly and continue to stay fresh with their posts, one day, have a following.  They say that by not giving up and staying steadfast you find that the rewards are great and that you learn so much about yourself.  They say the journey is the reward.  That sounds good and I’m ready for a new journey.  I hope that my writing and posts are interesting and that I can take a few of you with me . . . and I want to thank each and every friend (old and new) that takes this journey with me.  So, I declare that I am not too old to set another goal and as far as having a new dream . . . well I have been a dreamer all my life.

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