Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's Valentine Card

a homemade card; 
cards that when 
the recipient receives them they know were made from your heart.  When time is an issue you better get a little head start on the project.  So I am challenging myself to up with a week of Valentine’s Day cards.  Why?  Because, February 14th 
will be here before 
you know it,
and because it’s my blog and it’s what I want 
to do. 
Check in and see a 
new card each day.


  1. Connie! Hello! I just got on line and posted on my blog about my move. I'm so happy that you liked my little spot, it seems to be coming in a long time span but it's coming...! I am almost done with moving and setting up my studio for my artwork, which I've been very happy, I like this one better. I LOVE YOURS and YOUR art also. Thank you for the nice words about my little cards and other paintings. We have so many things in common! Your Cocoa Beach vacation looks fun, I was there once too and I loved it. My computers hooked up, and of course I have several other things to do, (those dreaded DVD players and surround sound, ugh) Putting away this and that in time. I saw your email here somewhere and then could not find it again so I apoligze.
    However - mine is
    Have a great week - Judy

  2. Thanks for the warm and friendly visit. I do think that we have much in common, love your art and looking forward to you getting more posts up at your new site. Your blogging friend, Connie