Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, July 26, 2019

Picking Beans With The Lord

I had a lovely time
 in the garden this morning.
As I was picking beans I was reminded 
how the Lord watches over the little sparrow 
and how if He cares so much for the sparrow
 how much greater does He care for me.

I'm not a religious person 
but I do believe in the Lord Jesus 
and I cannot get through life without 
His help and reassuring love.

Here I am blanching the beans
(3 minutes in boiling water) 

I've been praying over my garden this year
 because it means more this year 
than most years.
Why, because we need this year to have 
as much normalcy, as possible.

Cooling them off from the boiling
in a bath of ice water.

Draining off the water.

 As I was picking the beans 
I was reminded not just to give 
my worries over to Him,  
but to give my fears over to Him, too. 

Our minds can easily wander
and we can so easily have our minds
get scrambled up with negative thoughts.
They come without our trying . . .
but again we can call on His name
and give it all to Him.

Drying a bit before bagging up. 
He saved us by going to the cross,
but He also can save us every day,
just by turning our heart & mind over to Him
and giving Him our burdens.

He is wonderful . . .Hallelujah!

Ready for the Freezer.
(11 quart bags)

If you are still reading,
just let me say . . .

I'm not writing this to be preachy 
I'm just sharing with you the time I spent
 picking beans with the Lord.

I've been so heartbroken 
and filled with sorrows . . . 
But there He was in the garden with me. 
Covering me with His love.

I love that He is so available . . .
anytime day or night. 

Thank you all for your prayers
and loving thoughts.
We are grateful and appreciate
you all.  

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. Connie, I know what you are saying...our minds will run ahead and then all kinds of worries creep in...Not always easy to remember that we are to face the worries, pray and then turn them over to God. He is always there waiting for us to reach out to Him. I also truly understand about trying to have any normalcy in your daily lives, while going thru health battles. Steve and you are in my prayers. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

  2. Dear Connie, picking, preparing and freezing your wonderful harvest of beans must have been a very homely and grounding thing to do. Home grown and home cooked is best! My thoughts are with you both.

  3. hi Connie--blanching and freezing beans brings back some memories of growing up--I was always the canner and freezer one in my family--but I remember having to put plastic bags in little boxes to freeze the veggies in--haven't seen them in years!!!
    and I too believer--a more to myself one--though when it is good timing--I do let others know I believe!!
    hugs to you my dear--luv, di

  4. Those beans look good. I am getting things from the garden, but not as much as I have in previous years. My green beans are gone. Not sure what happen. I got two good pickins from them. I thought I had beans for a second crop, but could not find them. Our weather has been strange this year, too cold, than too hot and humid, and than too much rain. All not great for clay soil. I am just happy I am able to get some produce out of it.

  5. He is always with us in joys and sorrows, and I love the thought of you 'picking beans with the Lord'.

  6. Connie, I saw sparrows outside my window the other day and was just thinking the same thing. Your garden is so green and wonderful. Look at all those green beans! My dad used to have a garden across the street from our house, and he would bring home nice vegetables and my mom would cook them up that day. Keep spending time in your garden, Connie. The earth gives us so much.


  7. Those beans sure look good.
    I know I couldn't get through the day without Jesus.
    I don't think being religious really has anything to do with living for Jesus.
    After all, those pharisees were religious!!!

  8. I don't find this preachy at all. As a matter of fact I agree with it wholeheartedly. In my darkest hours I have spoken to him and asked him to watch over me and get me through. He has yet to let me down yet.

  9. What a lovely heart-felt post, Connie. Know that we love you and pray for you and Steve. I'm glad that the normalcy of picking beans and preserving them for winter meals is a comfort.

  10. I have a beautiful picture in my mind's eye, of you in your veggie patch soaking in the sunshine, picking all that healthy produce, as you think upon how God cares for you♥

  11. Hi Connie what a beautiful positive post and how wonderful that your veggie garden is producing so well for your family,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  12. Beautiful and peaceful pictures of the beans. You made picking and freezing beans such a lovely thing.
    Yes, God does love us and watch over us. Prayers continue for both of you.

  13. Hi Connie, No one better to pick beans with! So happy to read that He lifted your spirits today. Nothing better than home grown produce. I am glad that your garden is doing so well. I did get a few green beans out of my courtyard and they were so delicious! Praying! Nancy

  14. This immediately came to mind...and I know EXACTLY how you feel! The link is to "I Come To The Garden Alone". An old, old hymn.

  15. Connie, this was a wonderful post! So very inspiring and your testimony of your belief in Christ will surely help someone who is in need of His love and care. God bless you both.

  16. Connie, I really loved this post. Being religious and having a deeply personal and soul touching relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ are two completely different things. I can only imagine the thoughts, struggles, fears and just the effort of getting through each day is to you my friend. I'm so glad you have your garden to turn to.
    Immediately on reading the first sentence of your post reminded me of the old hymn, "In the Garden". The first verse is, "I come to the Garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses, and the voice I hear, falling on my ear, the Son of God discloses. And He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own. And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.
    I'm so glad that you have your garden to meet with the Lord in.
    I also wanted to tell you that I blanch and freeze my green beans the same way you do. Two years ago I had 124 quart bags of beans. Last year, not one. I was so discouraged, I didn't even plant any this year. I think the birds snapped off the tender leaves during the night. It was so pitiful. I'm going to try again though.
    WIshing you a calm, stressfree and peaceful Sunday my friend.

  17. Thank you for the reminder to trust our worries with Him. Blessings certainly came from your garden this year.

  18. It's 6 am where I live. I've been out to water my potted flowers,the sun is rising in a pink peachy hue, a cloudless sky. The birds are conversing, and my flag is flying. GOD is good. While he was with you in your bean garden,he is here with me too, with his box of crayons ready to color the day beautiful. Good Morning.!

  19. Wise words! the pictures too. Blessings....

  20. What a joy to read your title picking beans with the Lord and then read through your post. A walk or talk with the Lord is always uplifting so thrilled that you are so strong. You and Steve are in my daily prayers, sending you a hug in the hope that it helps.

  21. Cool! Out of an abundance of beans came an abundance of praise for His super-abundance of love and grace.
    Every time I snap beans, I will be reminded of your sweet story and be prompted to praise Him again.
    Praise is a powerful tool.
    All-day blessings to you, Connie!

  22. I like that you started this with 'I'm not religious'. How wonderful when we have a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Sometimes it's hard to explain...but you've written a beautiful and meaningful post. What a testament for the way you live your life! Hugs to you both!

  23. What you have described is having a relationship with the Lord, I feel the same about my relationship with God, I can call on Him at anytime day or night, and He is always there!
    I especially find comfort when I am working in my garden or ironing.
    Your beans looks wonderful I was admiring you jars of canned good on the shelves, such a beautiful sight.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  24. ooo, what a blessing your garden is...and so pretty. your photos should be in a magazine. i think of you and steve so often, even tho i don;t visit as i should. my cast is fiberglass, light weight, waterproof and not a bit uncomfortable.
    take care

  25. I don't think it is preachy at all to share how God lifts us up when we need it most. I am the same way, I can easily let things get out of hand and concentrate on the bad, it is much better to concentrate on him and all he is doing and has done for me. Glad you had that time with him in the garden, and each time you eat these you will be reminded!

  26. Connie, as I was reading this, the song, In The Garden" came to mind. Beautiful post, beautiful beans, beautiful God!

    Grace & Peace,

  27. Thanks for sharing form your heart ❤

  28. It's not preachy when you're talking about your time with God... I find it absolutely wonderful that you could share about how He joined you in the garden. Never apologize for the faith that lives within you. Shout it to the world! And your garden – wowzers! Those beans look sooooooo delicious! Hugs and blessings to you, Connie! ♥♥

  29. I remember seemingly endless harvests of French beans during the summers of my childhood! I am sure there were less beans than I now remember but oh how many hours did we spend topping and tailing beans for my mum to blanch and pack for freezing.... still the beans were very welcome in the winter, when not much fresh produce was available. Have a lovely week x

  30. Connie you are so loved, just look at all these comments. Girl you are so real with your life and walk with God. You keep on sharing because we all are reading. Hugs!!

  31. I am so grateful for our Savior and for the peace that faith in Him brings me :)

    It is such a comfort to me to know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us.

    Sending {{hugs}}

  32. The darkness in the world today can be so overwhelming. It is easy to lose sight of the good and beautiful in life. This post reminds us that God is always with us even if we are picking beans or just washing dishes.
    I am not religious either, but I talk to God daily. I always feel closer to him in the garden for some reason.
    Your garden is beautiful,mine did not do so well this year. We had so much rain my tomato's exploded on the vines!
    Thank you for the inspirational post.

  33. Connie, this is the best post. Your beans sure turned out pretty too!

  34. You're not preachy, Connie - you're just sharing what you've been going through and how you felt in your garden! I used to be religious and doctrinal but am not anymore...however, I am very spiritual and do talk to "God" all the time.

  35. Wow..those look great. Been many, many years since I snapped a bean.

  36. I missed this post somehow Connie. What a wonderful day that must have been, talking with the Lord and feeling His presence. You have such a bountiful harvest this year which is such a happy thing. In my time of sorrow (loss of my sister), I know life must go on as He wishes it to. You and Steve are always in my prayers. Hugs... Marilyn