Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Pot Holders & Dish Towels

Hello Sweet Friends,
thank you for stopping by to visit.
This blog has been a blessing.
I can not believe that I ever thought about
closing it down.
Thank you for talking me out of it :)

The other day I was in Walmart
and I saw an old friend.
Gracie was the meat wrapper in an IGA
grocery store where I worked 
when Steve and I were married in 1976.

Apparently I made her a pair of 
hand embroidered pot holders as a gift,
way back then.  She mentioned them and said that 
she still has them and that they are
her favorites.

Gracie is 95 years young.
She lives on her own and even attends
the Senior Center aerobic exercise classes.
Not only that but she volunteers
every Monday in their Thrift Store.

She's an inspiration to healthy living.

After all these years
I think she deserved a new set of pot holders
So, I made these for her.

I thought a pair of matching
dish towels might be nice too :)


I'm going down to the Senior Center to 
find her and give her, her gift . . .
I know she'll try talking me into attending 
the aerobic classes. 
I'm not sure if I could keep up with
this young chickadee :)

 Blazing Stars Liatris

On my last post I asked if anyone knew

the name of this plant?

It was Granny Marigold

Happy One of "Life Is Good" 

and Charlotte aka "Lil Red Hen" 

that knew it

and thanks to them I will know what 

to look for next Spring, 

because I would like to get a few more 

and plant them on the other side of my picket fence . . .

for folks driving by to see and enjoy :)

You can find Granny's blog here : 

Happy One, Life is Good here: 

  Charlotte has been on a blogging break 

for almost a year.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They are a bulb that you plant in the Spring.

From what I read it is a low maintenance perennial 

that multiplies and gets fuller each year.

Keep Smiling!

 Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. She will be delighted to receive them. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift. Loving that patchwork.
    xx Beca

  2. I would like to be Gracie. I am 65 and falling apart. Need TKR for both knees, hopefully I can have them next year and than I will try to live up to Gracie. The pot holders and towels look beauiful and I know she will love them.

  3. I love both the pot holders and the kitchen towels. I'm sure they will be a blessing to her.

  4. Hi Connie... Hope you're well. I'm sure your friend will like the gifts very much. Have a great day.

  5. Your friend will be thrilled with her gifts Connie, they are so pretty.

  6. Connie, your potholders and dishtowels are just too pretty to use! They are so neat and well-made! (Don't tell anyone, but I might steal the idea. ;) Thanks for mentioning my blog; I'm considering writing again.

  7. How thoughtful of you to make a nice gift for this lady. She will be so happy and surprised! Enjoy your afternoon!

  8. Your potholders and towels are beautiful and what a nice thing you did! I'm sure your friend was pleased with your generous gift. I can't believe anyone 95 can still do aerobics! She's a better woman than me!

  9. oh these are so darling. What a charming surprise to your young friend. So bright and cheery.
    Good luck with the aerobics?

  10. Such a well deserved gift, I fell in love with the pot holders and matching towels. Glad you managed to find out the name of the plant, blogging is such a wonderful community.

  11. Your pot holders and towels are so beautiful! Gracie sounds like my mother, who is 91, she is so busy like your friend Gacie!
    I think Liatris is such an elegant plant.
    Have a blessed day.

  12. Your creativity is marvelous and what a fantastic gift for Gracie! You see how gifts affect people years and years later? :) I'm so glad you kept blogging too Connie. We all have such a great community of friends and love and support here! :) xx

  13. There have been several people who decided to just up and delete their blogs which I can never understand. If you don't want to post any more that's one thing but why delete. I think it's better to leave it so you can always go back to it if you ever change your mind. I'm so glad you didn't decide to shut your blog down. I would miss you.
    Those pot holders are wonderful, she's going to love them. The fact that she still has the ones you gave her all those years ago just proves you do quality work too.

  14. Your 95 year young friend will be delighted with your thoughtful gift!

  15. Great post :)
    I love that you made your sweet friend another set of pot holders and bonus tea towels. You are a sweetie!

    Happy thoughts

  16. The pot holders and dish towels are fabulous, Connie. Gracie is going to be thrilled with her gift. xx

  17. Gracie sounds like quite a lady!! Good for her.
    How nice to you to make her another set of pot holders and towels!! They are beautiful!! I'm sure she will love them.
    Thanks for the blog mention. :)

  18. I love that you are making new potholders to replace the ones you made quite a few years ago! They are so cute and I know she will appreciate them!

  19. I love hearing about women who are still active and thriving into their 90's. Good role models.
    How lovely are those pot holders!! Gracie will no doubt love them ( and you).

    Thanks for the mention in your post. I pressed a wrong key and lost my blog list. Now I have to wait until my DIL can help me get it back or make a new one.

  20. Hi Connie, I love the ot holders and towels. So nicely done and your friend will love them. Wish I had the energy she has at my age! So interesting to meet people like her. I hope Steve is doing well after his last chemo. Your amazing with keeping up to all the things you do! Nancy

  21. Those potholders are beautiful, the towels too. You do beautiful work, I'm sure Gracie will be thrilled.

  22. Hi Connie you do such beautiful wok,well done my friend, praying your hubby is well,hope your day is a good one Connie xx

  23. What beautiful new pot-holders and tea-towels for Gracie! She must have been thrilled. She sounds like an amazing woman and is such an inspiration for those around her.

    So nice to hear you in such good spirits, Connie!

  24. I'm so glad you decided to stay with us too. I would really miss you and your sweet friendship. Yay for the ladies who knew the plant. I'm horrible with plants.
    Now, those potholders!!!!!! I absolutely adore them. They make me want to try to make some of my own but I'm a terrible quilter. I may give it a try anyway. Your friend is one lucky lady and an inspiration to us all.
    Always praying for you and Steve.

  25. Your work is excellent, I am impressed. Enjoy your day, Diane

  26. How sweet! That you made her such a thoughtful gift then (and now) and that she still treasures it!
    Those flowers are lovely, so good you find help in identifying them!

  27. Hi Connie, Still praying for you and Steve. Wishing you the best days. I loved the story of your friend from IGA . The gift will make her so very happy. You are a good soul. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  28. Gracie sounds like a beautiful soul. What a sweet lady you are to fashion her some new pretties.....they are lovely.

  29. Oh I am so glad you didn't give up either, how wonderful that you made these beautiful pot holders and towels for her, she will be so thrilled with them I am sure. Must feel so good that someone still has something you made for them and they remember you because of them.

  30. Oh that is the sweetest to make more for her. Great that she mentioned to you about the older ones and what they meant to her.

  31. Wow, Your collection is beautiful. I love both the pot holders and the dish towels. Creative work. Great share!