Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, June 18, 2022

June Make-Overs

A pretty knob 

can make a big difference.



I have had this little dresser

for a very long time

and it has always served me well.

But, as I age the arthritis

in my hands make it harder 

to open the drawers.



 I found these pretty knobs at

Big Lots for only $12 for 

a set of eight.

Then I looked at Home Depot 

and they had very similar knobs

for $5 each.

Now I can open the drawers

with so much ease and they

look pretty too :)



The second make-over on 

this post is Beulah.

Before her beauty parlor

appointment . . . 


And after :)

Much nicer for summer

and she's much easier to 

keep clean when her hair is short.


I'm going to continue this post

with photos from my pretty

June garden.

It's true how smells can trigger

memories . . .

When I place my nose into 

this plant, it takes me back

to my childhood and a place

called Hudson Lake, Indiana.

My parents had a hedge of these

around our yard there.

Well, this is my post.

Thank you for visiting.


I wish you all the very best.

Times are hard, but Jesus is only

a prayer away.

He is always eager to hear 

from us.


God bless you,

Your blogging sister, Connie :) 


  1. What a difference those knobs make on your dresser. It really dresses it up,very pretty. Beulah looks lovely after her spa appointment. We used to shave our Boozer down for the summer too. I sure do miss him. Your flowers are so pretty, I can almost smell them. Mine are just starting to bloom! Have a great week!

  2. June in the flower garden is amazing!! Your rose is so beautiful I can't imagine how heavenly a hedge of them would look.
    Those glass knobs make such a difference to your chest of drawers. You got the knobs at a super price too ( don't we all love to get a good deal !!)

  3. Hi Connie! I love those knobs, They make such a difference on your dresser, both in function and form.
    Your flowers are all so pretty!

  4. Beautiful knobs and such a good deal. Aw, your puppy is so pretty, I know she is so much company for you. Beautiful gardens! Take Care, my friend.

  5. Hello sweet Connie! I was so happy to see your post. Buelah is so gorgeous with her new haircut. She looks like she knows it too. :-) I also like the knobs a lot on your dresser. It makes it look brand new and so pretty and vintage.
    Your flowers are gorgeous. I'm hearing about how rainy and cool it is out there. We're heading for a visit next month and can't wait to see all of our friends again and visit the church too.
    God bless you Connie. Enjoy these summer days.

  6. Connie, how pretty your drawer knobs are.. I changed some boring ones for little glass ones and they did look better. Your garden has some beautiful plants in, especially the Clematis.

  7. Your garden is beautiful.
    Great idea with those knobs and you got a bargain on them too.
    Beulah looks adorable before and after but I bet the after makes her feel a whole lot cooler in the heat.

  8. Hi Connie- Your new Drawer Handles work really well and at an affordable cost. Love your Garden. Best Wishes. KEV.

  9. Hello!Your blog is such a lovely spot in this world today. Your pup looks great after a trip to the puppy spa! Beautiful garden too!

  10. All your flowers are gorgeous. Wonderful bight color.
    Love the glass pulls. It makes such a difference!
    We have all glass door knobs throughout our house and I love them.

  11. Everything is looking very pretty!

  12. Beulah must feel better now :)
    Your flowers are so pretty, and I love the new drawer handles (and the price is a bonus!).

  13. Love the new knobs on your dresser! It made that dresser even prettier. And Beulah is such a pretty dog ~ even before her spa treatment. Your flowers are all so pretty.

  14. You asked if I had been having issues with people not being able to post on my blog. Sometimes... it seems that Blogger can be finicky sometimes. It doesn't happen too often and I've tried to figure out why but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I'm sorry that you had trouble posting, but I sure am glad you were persistent and were able to finally get your message to post!

  15. The knobs really do dress things up don't they. Beulah looks so much cooler after her hair cut :)
    Isn't it funny how a smell or sound can take us back to our childhood memories!
    Have a great week ahead!

  16. The new dresser knobs are perfect and Beulah is precious! And all your flowers are so beautiful... what joy!
    Blessings, Linda

  17. Hi Connie.. was so nice to see your post yesterday! How lovely to see your June garden! Wow your flowers are doing so great! My poor roses look not very good.. they seem stunted.. and when a bud looks like it is going to open up, it just kind of turns brown and dies.. I don't understand it. It did so well for the first couple of years! My big knock off rose in the back also did so great last year, but looks really brown and no buds this year. We had more rain than usual too so you'd think they'd be loving it! Your clemantis is gorgeous! I don't know the name of those white flowers that you say have the great smell.. but they sure are pretty. Also. Beulah looks like a doll.. with hair or without! What a sweet doll she is and looks like she's probably full of energy too! Glad she has the big yard to romp in. Love your dresser dress-up! I love glass knobs.. they are so cottage-like. I had put some on my outdoor planting bench that I painted white a few years ago and they looked great.. it had a couple of drawers.. but it has since bit the dust as I left it outside for too many winters. I hope you are doing well and keeping busy, which I'm sure you are! Hugs.. Marilyn

  18. My Great-Aunt and Uncle lived in a town called Beulah, Michigan. Your precious doggie reminded me of them. 😊

  19. I'm pretty sure I wrote a comment to this post, but sometimes I forget to hit the enter button, so maybe that's what happened here. Anyway, I love your flowers (as always), and Beulah is beautiful. I've been considering a pet, but I feel like my work hours are too weird right now, and it wouldn't be fair to any animal. Some day. :) Those dresser knobs are very pretty. You got a great deal on those. Hugs.