Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, June 6, 2022

Strawberries Anyone?


First of all, 

I am new to growing strawberries.

Last year I planted a couple plants

and they multiplied . . . So this year I

 bought a few more.



They are just starting to ripen.

I have eaten a few,

but I only have one or two ripe at a time.



The good thing is,

they taste amazing.

So much better than the ones from the store.



 Speaking of strawberries. . .

Look at this gorgeous card set

that I discovered in my mailbox :)

A gift from:




Marilyn of

Pink Paper Cottage

you can find her blog here: 

Thank you Marilyn,

you are so sweet . . .

I love them :)


Now I have a fun fact to share.

I was playing around with either 

You Tube or Pinterest

 and found this post.

The lady said that she had 

a large chicken coop and with

it came a huge fly problem.

She heard that Lemon Balm

kept flies away.

So, she planted them all around her coop.

Now she says, she has one or two flies

instead of hundreds.



I hold my front and back doors

open while letting the dogs

in and out.

So, after reading her post I planted

these two pots. One for the frontdoor

and one for the back :)

I hope it works for me, 

like it did for her :) 


My old scarecrow is getting

along fine in her last 

year's frock.


She looks a little faded, 

but aren't we all, LOL


I was at the farmer's market and picked

these pretties up . . .

I think I'll find a place for them

on the front porch.

Well, that's my post.

Thank you for visiting.


Have a glorious day :)


God bless you all.

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)



  1. Connie, I too have heard that Lemon Balm is good for repelling insects. I hope it works for you. Your strawberries look tasty! They are just coming in here and there is nothing like fresh fruits from our market!

  2. I didn't know that lemon balm kept flies away. I do know it self seeds like mad and I keep pulling out seedlings. Now I'm going to pot some up and keep the pots near the door. Lemon balm smells so wonderful too!
    I like your Pull Weeds sign. This time of the year weeds seem to grow up
    I'm looking forward to local strawberries being ready. Like everything else this year the berries are slow to ripen. We've had so few sunny days and a lot of rain. Strawberries and whipped cream over angel food cake is the first thing I'll be making.

  3. I have only tried to grow strawberries one time - many years ago - and wasn't successful. If yours do well, please share your tips with us! Also, please let us know if the lemon balm works for repelling flies. I have it in my herb garden - yes, I naively planted it in the ground years ago, lol - but I don't have to worry about flies in my back yard, of course. Just by my doors. I could always put pots of it there.

  4. Yum, fresh strawberries sound delicious. Although we dont grow them, we have a grower in our area and regularly call in to get some freshly picked strawberries in the season. Not now of course, its winter here now. Your scare crow looks interesting, all decked out in her finery.

  5. I haven't had homegrown strawberries since my dad had his garden. I always loved going out there and picking a few to eat.
    You'll have to let us know how those plants work by your doors to control the flies.

  6. Oh lucky you with the fresh strawberries! I don't think it's that easy here in Florida...timing is everything. I think it is too hot for them here already. We normally get fresh ones in the early spring (Feb-Mar). So I would have to consider that if I plant any. The lemon balm idea sounds good. Let us know how it works. I wonder if it keeps mosquitoes away? Your scarecrow is lovely!! She looks like a friendly person I'd like to visit with! LOL. Have a blessed and wonderful week.

  7. Fresh strawberries sound wonderful. They are so expensive at the grocery store and they don't taste as good either. I have never heard about lemon balm keeping flies away. Please let us know if it works.
    I've heard your spring has been rather cool and rainy. Ours has been cooler than normal too.

  8. It is my first year for growing strawberries and so far they are doing good. Green ones but none are ripe yet.
    I have lemon balm growing out back. I'll have to put some in a pot on the deck because we have lots of flies there.
    Keep it in a pot because it is very invasive.

  9. There is nothing like fresh strawberries!
    Good tip about lemon balm. I hope it works too!
    The cards are such a nice gift.

  10. The strawberries will be so good and they have a few ripe ones every day so that will be a treat! Love the sweet gift from a friend! How thoughtful and friends always know just what we like!

  11. Lemon Balm can't hurt! I am done planting this year, but I am putting it on my list for next year! Darn those pesky flies. I have grandchildren that like to hang on open doors.

  12. I've heard that about lemon balm too, wonder if it would also work with gnats. Recovering from covid strawberries taste better to me than anything else, so glad this is their season.

  13. I hadn't heard that about lemon balm. It grows all over my garden and I try to keep it under control. Perhaps I should bring a pot of it near the house, although we don't have much problem with insects here. Home grown strawberries are so delicious, and so much better than store-bought ones. Ours are just beginning to ripen.

  14. Yum on those strawberries!! I had a large strawberry patch years ago on our 20 acres (1976-85) Lots of strawberry shortcake!!!

  15. Hi CONNIE- Good news to hear and see your Stawberry Patch - cannot be surpassed - Home Grown Strawberrys. Best Wishes to you for a lovely Summer. Very cold here now with Winter - Snow to the North and South of us here. Best Wishes. KEV.

  16. Connie, Your blog is so cool. Your creativity shines through every one of your posts. I will be smiling all day after seeing your photo of the sign, Ring Bell, If No Answer, Pull Weeds. Gotta love that! Thank you, Connie, for your kind comment on my blog today. John

  17. Connie, Thank you for the shout out! I thought of you when I saw that strawberry paper! I didn't know you'd just started strawberries last year. So did I! they did pretty well for being the first year and most I got are ever bearing, so I had fresh strawberries into October last year! They look great this year, as they have multiplied 4 fold at least, but the berries are kind of late to be forming. Love your scarecrow.. looks like she's waving and welcoming everyone in! And love your sign too.. I need one of those by my front door. I hadn't heard about the lemon balm for flies. I will definitely get some and put in a pot by my garage door, as my neighbors (yes we are IN town) have chickens! and the flies get pretty bad in our garage once the heat starts.. so I need something to defray them from coming in. I guess I "could" get a screen door too but then the cats can't open it! :-) Have a great week! Marilyn

  18. You definitely have a very green 👍

  19. Those strawberries look divine! Super cute cards, and what a sweet gesture from your friend to send them to you.
    I do love your darling scarecrow...her hat, especially :)

    Have a wonderful rest of your week.

    p.s. I hope that the lemon balm works for you as well. I have planted lemon balm, and silver artemisia near our coop, but the thing that made the biggest difference was to put a penny in a ziplock bag and add 1/2 full of water and tie around an nail over the door. Evidently, to flies, it looks like a fly predator of some kind.

  20. Great your growing strawberries! They have great health benefits as I recently found out. I think I may plant some, right now I have raspberries and grapes , growing out of control never thought 2 3$ plants from aldis would grow and bare so much fruit. 😅 love your sign. So what will you do with you strawberry bounty? If I know you it will be something yummy! Enjoy Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  21. there is nothing like fresh picked strawberries, by next year you will have all kinds of them coming at once :) I hope that plant works for you, sounds like it was a winner with the chicken coop.
    Such sweet goodies you got in the mail, those are always fun to get.
    Your scarecrow looks great!
    Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead!