Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, November 25, 2022

Paper Stars


Good evening sweet blogging friends!



 I just want to share my amazing

evening with you.

I put up my tree today

and then decided to do my version

of some paper stars that I saw

on Pinerest.



 First I got out all my supplies. 

Then I put in a Willie Nelson 

Christmas CD and got some

cookies out for munching.



I printed these with my computer.


And because my printer won't take

card stock any more, I cut

larger stars from white card stock

and glued the small paper ones

into the center.


Then I applied glue around the edges,


and added glitter.


Punched a hole, added string

and there you go . . .

ready for the tree. 





I've just had a lovely evening . . .

and I wanted to share. 




God bless you all


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. Your tree is gorgeous! I'm glad you had such a lovely evening decorating it.

  2. Oh, Connie!!! This is beautiful and made a gorgeous tree! You are so clever! It's looking like Christmas at your cottage!!

  3. Oh Connie,,,,,what a blessing these sweet paper stars are! I am so happy to see YOU happy and enjoying this very special day. Your tree is just gorgeous.....downright Heavenly! And there is that beautiful white fireplace and mantel I've adored for years! sending blessings to you!!!! xoxoxo Marilyn

  4. I love your little stars, and they speak a wonderful message to us. Thank you for sharing them with us. Your tree is so pretty! Beautiful setting! I haven't started on Christmas may take a while since I got hit with this bug...but there's no rush. Somehow it will get done in time for always does. I may need to enlist some elves to help me, however. LOL. Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas season.

  5. Connie, your tree looks so elegant, all in one colour and very meaningful. Beautiful.

  6. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your cottage Connie! It's so beautiful.. And the names on the stars couldn't be more appropriate for the season and the day either. "Wonderful Counselor", "My Redeemer", "Prince of Peach". Jesus is wonderful and thank you for keeping in front and center in your decorations this year my friend.
    Blessings and love,

  7. What a pretty Christmas tree and I love your idea of the stars like that :)

  8. They really turned out magical. It's such a fun time of year to craft! Thanks for sharing your good ideas. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. How beautiful your stars turned out Connie. And your tree looks just So lovely. I put my tree up too ... I put on some lovely Christmas music & lit a candle & drank tea & ate cookies. Just like you 💕

  10. Such a great idea, I can see you really enjoyed making these stars!

  11. The stars are so lovely; the glitter makes them look magical. Doesn't Pinterest have the most amazing ideas and tutorials? I'm all thumbs when it comes to crafting but I have fun looking at what others can do. Have a blessed Advent. Granny M.

  12. How lovely your tree is with those meaningful stars. Crafting is so much fun!

  13. Simple ornaments but beautiful and full of meaning. Your blue and white tree is beautiful!!!

  14. Your stars are so pretty and add such meaning to your tree!

  15. A Beautiful Tree of Beautiful Names --more than elegant, full of meaning.

  16. Nice tree and the stars are shining bright on it. Great idea!

  17. Connie, these are just wonderful and your tree is absolutely stunning! I think I would like to try the blue lights next year.

    Merry Christmas, dear one.

  18. You tree is beautiful, Connie. In fact, that entire wall is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your wonderful evening with us. Love the stars! xo