Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, December 1, 2022

First Snow

Have you noticed that even weeds
look beautiful on a frosty morning.
These photos were taken earlier 
this week.

Yesterday morning we woke to snow.
This is a very kind friend
that came over and plowed my driveway.
I purposely cropped him out
of the photo.
I don't like the idea of posting
photos of friends and family
on-line, but I can tell you that
I have certainly been blessed 
with amazing neighbors. 
Everyone should be so blessed :)
I have also started a baby quilt
for a little boy.

At the moment I know of no
new babies in the family,
but this fabric is so cute 
and I just decided it would be 
nice to have a couple baby quilts
made and ready for when
 a wonderful opportunity comes along :) 

I also purchased fabric for a
little girl's quilt to do when
I finish this one.

Well, that's my short and sweet post.
I'm just enjoying life . . .
very grateful for God's great
love and mercy.
God Is Good!
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Your blogging sister,
Connie :) 


  1. There is so much beauty in creation that is freely ours to enjoy. Yes, God is good indeed :)

  2. Handmade gifts are the best. Always a good idea to have extra on hand for just the right occasion. Warm wishes for a blessed December.

  3. Oh Connie...that first snowfall is just beautiful..thank you for sharing this! What kindness your neighbor showed plowing your driveway...that's a tough job! Your quilt is going to be precious!

  4. I agree, God is so good! You are certainly getting a lot more snow in Washington than we are. We had a tiny skiff on Monday but it's long gone. I talk to our Spokane friends and they're getting "dumped" on! And it wasn't even December yet!
    The quilts are going to be so pretty. I do the same thing and always have a couple of baby blankets crocheted or knitted for gift giving. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I've never realized how pretty weeds can be, wonderful pictures!!

  6. Baby quilts are so nice to make, and it's always a good idea to have one or two on hand, waiting to be gifted when required. Do you think you will have a white snowy Christmas?

  7. How wonderful that you have a kind neighbour who cleared your driveway.
    I like the various fabric patterns in the quilt that is meant for a little boy. Even a little girl might like it.
    The winter pictures are beautiful. I never know if it's Hoar frost or Rime but either way it makes for a fairy tale look.
    Granny Marigold

  8. It's so good that your neighbours are looking our for you. We had a little snow that was gone quickly, but more might be coming tonight. I love the way fresh snow transforms the landscape. What lovely quilts you are creating. I'm sure you will find someone who will love having one. Have a good weekend.

  9. Yes, Having good neighbors is such a blessing.
    Love the baby quilt you've started and love those red trucks!!

  10. What a blessing to have such good neighbors! That is truly a gift! And to prepare a baby quilt for a baby boy must mean someone somewhere will need it when it's ready. What a sweet thing to do. I can't wait to see it, and then also the one for the little girl. That is a wonderful gift. I wish I had that talent, but I don't, so I appreciate those who do! Thank you!! Yes, the frost is beautiful even on the weeds. We don't get much frost here in Florida, but when we do, I enjoy seeing it.

  11. Beautiful, yes everything is lovely with a covering of snow. I am so thankful you have good friends and neighbors there for you :) Love the sweet quilt you are making, it is always nice to be prepared and ready for when the time arrives.
    So good to hear you are doing well!

  12. I am so glad you have such wonderful neighbors that are willing to help you. That is God-given, I believe! Your quilts are both going to be amazing. We have had no snow to speak of yet this year...but we know it is coming!!!! xo Diana

  13. You are definitely blessed to have such a wonderful neighbor! We have two nice ones - one beside us, and the other across from us. We have all done things for each other, which is how neighbors should be! The one nasty neighbor we had on the other side of us moved last year. Now we only have one mean neighbor left, also across the street. Oh well, we just basically ignore him as much as we can.

  14. Having kind and caring neighbors is certainly a blessing. Enjoy that first snow. There's probably plenty more to come!❄❄❄

  15. Hi Connie, an just reading this on December 11th! Was thinking of you so went to your blog to see if you had posted! There are probably so many blog posts I am missing of other blogs I follow which is sad. Your photos of the snow and frost are so beautiful. Did the doggies like it? So glad you have a good neighbor to plow for you...such a blessing. We've had a couple of snowfalls here, only a few inches each time, and then some awful freezing fogs. Those make it so slippery out! (As you know). I'm glad you are enjoying this season. I'm not too much into Christmas decorating this year, but trying hard to put on my grateful hat, as I could be alot worse off than I am! Hugs...Marilyn

  16. The fabric in the little boy's quilt is so cute. You did a great job in putting them all together. I haven't quilted in years, and it may be time to make something again. :) It's so nice to have good neighbors like yours. I'm glad they're there for you. Have a great week! xo