Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, January 13, 2023

Rearranging The Living Room


 After taking down the Christmas tree,

I rearranged the living room.

This is where the table used to be

and I couldn't enjoy the 

fireplace that much.


Now the living room furniture

is on the side of the room

where the table was. 






Now the table is where the 

sofa used to be.







I pulled the footstool

out of the bedroom

to use instead of the coffee table

now I can relax and put my feet up

and enjoy the fireplace 

and watch TV. 

The TV is setting on the hearth

and the chest that the TV was on

is now behind the sofa.



I haven't moved furniture in such

a long time . . .it's a refreshing change.



Oh, I did purchase one 

new item . . .

I found this print at Big Lots

for $35.


Well, that's it . . .

"Everything old is new again" 

Just from rearranging.



Wishing you all a wonderful


God bless you all.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)



  1. It looks so nice and cozy! I really like the footstool in front of the sofa, although your coffee table is really pretty too. Where did you put that? I like the new artwork too. You have such a great eye for decorating Connie. I'm very impressed. I hope all is well with you and you're keeping warm in front of that fireplace.
    Blessings and hugs,

    1. Actually the coffee table is the same height as the chairs for the table and I have a big intake vent on the floor that was under the sofa. So; I am now using it (with a cushion on top) as a bench on the window side of the table. I was afraid that the chairs wouldn't slice over the vent and the coffee table fit perfectly there with the vent under it.

  2. It looks such a practical arrangement Connie. You have a lovely home.

  3. Isn't it amazing that rearranging furniture can make such a bid difference? Definitely need to enjoy that fire place! Everything looks so homey and welcoming. Just lovely.

  4. You have made your Cottage so beautiful and comfortable Connie- well done- it all is very practical. Best Wishes. KEV.

  5. Wow, that was a lot of work. I think my back hurts just from reading It looks great. Changing a room around does give it a whole new feel. Enjoy your new room.

  6. One of my very favorite pastimes is rearranging furniture. It's so refreshing to not only know that your house is clean but that you see a different aspect of your home. I'm a big fan of seeing different aspects in all areas of life!

  7. It looks so nice! Your home is always cozy and welcoming. The print is beautiful!

  8. Rearranging is such fun, isn't it? Your new print looks good where you hung it, in fact, the whole room is looking great!
    Granny Marigold

  9. That's a lot of work moving all that furniture around, I bet you needed a cuppa and a rest at the end of that job! Everything looks wonderful, and yes, you certainly need to get the benefit from the fireplace.

  10. Your sitting room looks lovely, I like how you can now sit by the fire and put your feet up. I haven't re-arranged rooms forever. I often think about moving furniture around in my own living room but then don't act on it. Ours is quite small and there is limited scope for re-arranging but not impossible. It can make such a difference to how we experience a space.

  11. I enjoy moving things around in the house.
    Your home is lovely - all looks so warm, cozy, and inviting.

  12. Connie, your new arrangement looks beautiful! I think it is so very cozy! And I love your new artwork, too. A perfect January project!

  13. Love your new furniture arrangement! Everything looks so cozy and comfortable. Happy weekend!

  14. Love the footstool! Enjoy the new living room! (And I may be taking a trip to Big Lots)

  15. Sometimes rearranging a room can give it an entirely new look - as yours did! I like how you have that comfy chair by the fireplace so you can truly enjoy it. Our living room is small and closed off and there's only one place the sofa can go, so I can only do small rearrangements.

  16. Oh Connie it all looks terrific the way you have it, and now you can enjoy the wonderful fireplace much better. I have a table behind my sofa too :). That print is beautiful, would look great on one of my cards :)

  17. That looks so cozy...especially for the colder months! Your house is so cheerful with the colors you use. Take care my friend!

  18. Connie, I love what you've done with the living room. You know, the last few years I've been reading articles I find about people selling their home. One of the new aspects is called "staging the property". They make the house sell faster, and for more money, by making it look comfy and cozy. You're a natural at it! Congrats, Connie, and take good care my friend! John

  19. Did I not comment on this??? I thought I did.. but I don't see it! I just wanted to say it all looks lovely! I love where you put the table and love the blues and whites,,, and it looks so inviting! (I think I emailed you about this.. now that I put my head on straight!). :-) The chair by the fireplace looks like the perfect spot to be alot of the time! Happy "almost end of January".. .and I'm looking forward already, to some warmer weather. Hugs to you! Marilyn

  20. I find moving furniture around is so satisfying, and always feel like it gives me a new room to enjoy. I hope you now get to have much pleasure from your fireplace :)

  21. Changing up your living room looks great, a different view. I especially love your grey rug. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Love the rearrange! Looks super cozy, also love your new picture, big lots has some really pretty things. Enjoy your living room!

  23. New here! Love the blog!
    Happy weekend...

  24. Oh this looks marvelous Connie! Having your chair next to the fireplace is marvelous! It is amazing how a few changes really makes everything feel new again! Darling print you found too, just perfect! I hope you are staying warm and cozy. Just love your sweet puppy too, what a beautiful darling! Have a blessed weekend!

  25. Oh yes, that arrangement looks better for enjoying a nice fire. I like it like that. Visiting from over at Ann's blog,

  26. I love, love, love the changes you made, Connie. So cozy. You're so blessed to have that beautiful fireplace, and you should be able to fully enjoy it. I think your sweet fur baby likes the change, too! Hugs.

  27. Ooh ! I love what you have done ! It is so beautiful 💗 and the colours you have chosen so calming .

  28. Your home looks so lovely and peaceful! God bless!