Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Remembering Gyspy Rose


This sweet little boat

was one we bought that was ready 

for the scrapyard, what a pity! 



After many hard weeks of scraping, sanding,

 rebuilding, painting and varnishing,

Steve had her ready to sail again :)



Go back and look at the 

second photo, this is the 

same hatch top.

After Steve did his magic :)









The good old days!


The reason I'm reminiscing

is because of the day I had . . .



I went from this to ...



This today . . .

I changed the quilt for winter

and remembered the pillows 

that I had made for the bed

down in the cabin of Gypsy Rose.




I didn't make all of these,

just the two with the photos.


Next I didn't like the 

sweet springtime bunting

that was over the bed . . .

it just didn't fit the new look.


So I made a new one.

One thing lead to another

until I was pulling out more

quilts, bags and doilies . . .



Actually it was a very fun day . . .

I didn't buy anything new,

just went through my stashes

of fabric scraps 

and items from storage :)


If you're still here . . .

I know it was a long post.

Please leave a comment,

I love reading them.


God bless you all . . .


The Lord bless you and watch,

guard and keep you;

The Lord make His face to shine

upon and enlighten you

and be gracious to you.

The Lord lift up His countenance

upon you and give you peace.

Numbers 6: 24-26


Your blogging sister, 


  1. 2 gorgeous quilts and it looks so warm and snug ready for the cold winter nights. x

  2. I remember when you first posted about the boat. He did such an amazing job on that.
    You did an amazing job on that bedroom. You are so good at putting a look together.

  3. What a lovely little boat, you must have had some wonderful times sailing. You had fun changing your room!

  4. Your room looks nice, all decked out for winter! Such fun to look at your stash and use it.
    Steve did an amazing job on that boat. I know those pics brought back good memories and some sorry too.
    He was such a great guy and a huge blessing to you!

  5. You and Steve both worked magic in this post. He was one talented guy, that's for sure. And we all know how amazing you are. What a huge transformation in Gypsy Rose. Did you take her out often? I do love what you did to your room. It looks very fallish and I would never have thought to put the fabrics, etc., together like you did. It's beautiful.
    I remember you often in my prayers. Things happening around the world should be a wake up call to a lot of people. Prophecy fulfilled before our eyes. Wishing you a blessed Wednesday my friend.
    Blessings and love,

  6. The boat is just beautiful! Your husband was such a talented man. Wonderful memories.
    Take Care,

  7. New season, new look, looks great to me!

  8. Beautiful boat and beautiful fall bedding!

  9. Wow Steve did a fantastic job on the boat after much work.
    That is such a NICE photo of him!!
    Happy to hear you had a fun day. :)

  10. Hi Connie... got your email telling me you'd done a post! I like that. I wish blogger would notify people.. I've missed out on alot of the blogs I followed, because I never know when they do a new post! Oh boy did Steve work his wonderful magic on the boat! I remember when he did that, and was in awe of what he did to make it look new again! Oh what wonderful memories to cherish!

    And I LOVE your winter redo of your bedroom! Love the darker colors and the new banner above your bed is just adorable. Makes me want to do something different. I've had my summer bedspread on for at least 6 months! I need a change too. Your quilts are so so beautiful and full of life and color. Just love them. It would be so nice to have a 4 poster bed! Maybe in my next move (if that ever happens) I will get one. I still haven't done a post.. just can't get myself to do it. Please write and let me know how you're doing! but of course, I KNOW you've been busy and having fun! Love, Marilyn

  11. The boat is amazing! And I love your quilts and decor. It looks so cozy and lovely! So nice to visit with you!

  12. Gypsy Rose sure got an update from your talented and hardworking Steve. What a beauty! Your new winter bedding looks cozy and warm, ready for the cold weather. Love the rich colours in your selections.

  13. Isn't it something how one thing can bring up so many memories or lead to other things so quickly :)
    I love how you changed it up, and so nice when we can bring things out of storage to be used again!
    Have a great rest of your week!

    1. instead of just buying new stuff! shop your closet, Connie. love it.

  14. Hello. Love the new updated look in your bedroom. The garland/banner is perfect! The quilt, for sale?

  15. Love everything you did! You have quite the eye, sweet friend!

    Grace & Peace,

  16. What an amazing job your Steve did on that boat. I love what you've done to the bedroom. It looks so pretty. It's fun to watch when you get started changing things around. It's amazing.

  17. What a beautiful, colorful, and whimsical place you have. I have no talent for that at all!

  18. I can only imagine how much fun you must have had sailing on such a charming tiny boat such as that. Changing your room was a lot of pleasure for you!

    You are welcome to read my most recent post.

  19. Oh my what a beautiful bedroom scene you created! Your quilts are so gorgeous! Love the garland, I think that it's the perfect finishing touch! Lisa@ Sweet Tea n Salty Air