Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sunday, October 22, 2023

"A Beautiful Month"

Putting on a pretty face . . .

clock face that is :)




Two of my dearest friends  

moved out of our neighborhood this week.

In their downsizing, they gifted me

with this gorgeous clock.

In my on-line research,

I've discovered that it was 

probably made around 1890.

During the depression when he was 

around 12 or 13 a man came to his father's 

Union 76 gas station and asked if he would

take this clock in exchange for 

a tank of gas. 

I love a good story . . .

there's more to it than that,

but I have a lot of photos to

share today . . .


On the home front . . .

I dried tomatoes for the first time.


 They are so pretty and I ended

up with this gallon jar 

filled to the brim :)



I also visited a local orchard

and purchased apples.


And proceeded . . .


16 pints of applesauce :)



This quilt was made as a group

effort by me and four ladies

in our Thursday quilt group.

It was a going away gift 

to the neighbors that 

gave me the lovely clock.



Another thing that I did this month

was move my sewing from the barn

to the house.

A girlfriend helped me put

up a design board.


This is my first project on it :)



To finish off this blog post

I'll share some photos from 

A Farm Fall Festival

that I attended with a sweet friend

this month.




This is my friend Rebecca

and her lovely companion

Lorraine :)



 Beulah and Lorraine 

have become playmates :)



My final photo in this post.

Is this not the most unique 

mailbox you've ever seen?

I drove past it and had to turn

around and go back to take this



Thank you for visiting,

I just want to say  . . .

with all the wars and rumors 

of wars going on in our world today,

remember to keep Jesus close 

and know that He loves you.


Faith is stronger than Fear,

put your trust in Him and Him alone.

God bless you,

your blogging sister,

Connie :)



  1. What a lovely post to read Connie, thank you for sharing part of your life story. xx

  2. Great update, Connie. Love the clock and your gift to her as well. Love the sewing move you made! Stay safe and well.

  3. So happy to see your post! I love the clock and I also love a good story! I bet this one was perfect. Looks like you have been having fun.

    Grace & Peace,

    1. Connie, thank you for visiting my blog. I will certainly be praying for you.

      Grace & Peace,

  4. What a thoughtful and kind gesture it was creating that pretty quilt as a gift for the folks leaving the neighbourhood. The clock that they passed on to you is so lovely. A beautiful reminder of friends.
    I made applesauce this week too. I have not tried drying tomatoes but it sounds interesting.
    Yes, that mailbox is very unique!!
    Have a good week, Granny M

  5. Amen and Amen Connie. He has us in His hands so we don't need to worry. But it's still hard not to isn't it?
    That clock is a treasure for sure. How kind of your neighbors to gift you with it. I would love to hear the entire story.
    When we lived in Spokane I would go to the orchards in Green Bluff every fall and get a case of apples. Then I would make chunky applesauce like yours. I would also use it for pie filling. Yummy. I don't bake nearly as much now and with the kids gone we don't eat as much applesauce either so I haven't even looked for an orchard here.
    Your tomatoes look delicious too. Your outing with the puppies and Lorraine looks like a lot of fun too. Lots of good things thre.
    Stay safe my dear friend. May God watch over you and bless you with His care.
    Blessings and love,

  6. That's a mail box, Connie? I wouldnt have realised! Lovely post, always good to see what you have been up to. Good idea to move your sewing things, it makes it easier. I remember going to a wonderful Fall fair in Canada, we dont have them here, sadly.

  7. That clock is beautiful. How sweet of your neighbors to gift it to you. Your thank you quilt is equally beautiful. You've been busy.

  8. Hi Connie! It's good to hear from you. You've been busy!
    The clock is so pretty and a great story so far.
    Love those dried tomatoes.
    I bet your neighbors were thrilled with that quilt.

  9. Hello, Connie. The clock is beautiful, even more so because of the story behind it. Have a cozy evening!

  10. What a beautiful clock!!
    You've been busy.
    Lovely to see all your photos.

  11. What a beautiful clock you inherited from your friends! Doesn't it seem like it's always the nicest neighbors who move away? What a beautiful quilt you and your friends made for them.
    Those dried tomatoes are beautiful. What will you do with them? I've never had dried tomatoes.
    Glad you had a good time at the fall fest with your friend. I love going to fall fests and pumpkin farms this time of year.
    Thanks for sharing that unique mailbox with us!

  12. A lovely post, Connie. What a beautiful clock to receive from your friends. You will certainly remember them when you look at the clock. It's a good idea to move sewing inside where it's warm during the winter. Have a good week.

  13. Love your photos of autumn! That clock is amazing--what a beautiful gift!
    My daughter would love that quilt group [if she didn't work fulltime (: ]

  14. So nice to read a blog post from you again. That's a wonderful clock to receive, but I'm sure you will miss your friends.

  15. Hi Connie... oh that clock is just marvelous! What a story.. would love to hear more! The Fall Faire you went to looked like fun. Not many of those things around here sadly. There are a couple that are maybe 50 miles away! Didn't go.....Wow dried tomatoes... that sounds like fun. I always wanted to make my own dried fruits... and that applesauce looks delish. I love love love homemade freezer applesauce. My mom always made that and I still make it now and then if I come upon a good deal on a big box or bag of apples. Summer sure is waning fast... we're going to get down to 19 on Friday night here I think! I just got done winterizing outside and putting stuff away, covering faucets, draining hoses, covering and draining my fountain, etc. It sure is happening fast! Last week it was still 82 degrees and I was still watering.. and now this week snow may be coming! Take care and hope all is well....hugs to you... Marilyn

  16. looks like you are keeping very busy with the fruits and veggies and then moving your sewing room, that will be nice in the winter not to have to go outside to get to it. I just love fall festivals.
    That is a neat mailbox he has made there!

  17. Some very interesting and beautiful photos today. The clock is a real treasure, so pretty.
    I appreciate your words re: wars and rumors of wars.
    It is good to know that these things are in His hands.
    Always happy to find a post from you!
    Happy Autumn!

  18. Everything looks so delicious.