Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Too Busy Too Blog


I've been so busy lately.

Two new quilts done and given as gifts.

Plus painting the barn red ☺

One of the quilts was done in fabric 
for my "Bee Loving Friend".


This is it on the design board 

before quilting or adding the binding.

I didn't take finished photos of
either quilt.
I guess that I was in too big 

of a hurry to give them away.

Anyway; the binding was done
in the darkest yellow. 

The second quilt was done 

for a dear friend that loves chickens.

I did it's boarder is the red

chicken wire fabric. 

Then it was time to paint
the barn!

This photo was when it was 

first delivered ten years ago.  

It was stained in a golden cedar.

In the past ten years it has faded 

and needed a face lift.

I decided to stain it with 

redwood stain this time. 

I stained half of it one day.

Then a sweet friend came over

and she helped me finish it
the next day.

All except the peak . . .

I didn't feel safe climbing the 

ladder that high, so one of

my wonderful nephews 

came after work one evening

and did the peak for me. 

I took this photo before 

the peak was stained,

but you get a good look

at how it looks now. 

Oh, my goodness, it feels 

so good to have it finished.


Now you know why 

I haven't been blogging.

Life is busy around here in the spring :)


Tomorrow is Good Friday

followed by Easter.

I pray that you will have 

a blessed weekend

filled with love  

and the fellowship of 

friends and family.

Until my next post,
God bless you all,
your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. Wow Connie, you have been so busy! Lovely quilts, and doesnt that barn look splendid!

  2. As always, Connie - you are amazing with all you do! Your barn is beautiful. Love the deep red color. Happy and blessed Easter to you!

  3. You sure do keep yourself busy. What wonderful gifts those quilts are. I bet your friends were thrilled to receive them. That barn looks amazing with it's newly stained walls. That's a job I really hate to do. I would be like you and not want to climb that ladder either.
    Have a very happy Easter.

  4. Just typed a LONG comment but it wouldn't publish! I'll email you!! Hugs!

  5. You really have been busy! I love the quilts, the bee and chicken fans had to have been happy!
    The barn looks great. I'm glad you didn't climb up on that peak. :)

  6. Stunning quilts! Lucky recipients!

  7. You've certainly made good use of your time! Those quilts are both lovely! I wish our barn was small enough to be able to paint ourselves, it desperately needs scraping and paint on two sides. Yours looks like it may have been converted into a craft studio? If so, how wonderful! Wishing you a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

  8. You certainly have been busy! The quilts are so pretty, each in its own way. I'm sure the recipients are so happy to have them.

    Painting the barn is a BIG job and you got it done in a short while. I'm glad you had a helper to do the peaks. A barn looks "right" in red ( although the barn on the farm that I grew up on was yellow. As was the house.)

    Easter Blessings, GM

  9. Just love the "bee" quilt as the colors are so soft. The barn looks great! Stain over paint is much better.

  10. You have been busy!! Beautiful quilts and a great job on the barn!!!

  11. Oh my, you have been a "busy bee"! Love those quilts! Your friends are certainly blessed to be your friends! Not just because of the quilts, I'm certain, but that is truly a lovely gift. And I LOVE your red barn! That really looks nice and so perfect for your farm! Thank you for taking the time to share all this with us. I pray you have a lovely Easter. We are blessed to be His children! Amen!

  12. Hello dear Connie. Your quilts are so sweet and quirky. I love bees so of course my favorite is the bee quilt. Such cute fabrics. But the chickens. Oh my goodness. Those fabrics are so perfect.
    You did a great job on the barn and thank goodness for your friend and nephew who helped you. You're definitely a go-getter. It looks lots better now with the red stain. I do like red barns. :-)
    Wishing you a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. We have our Spokane zoom Bible study this evening. A hymn sing at church tomorrow and then sunrise service, breakfast and services for Sunday. I'm making a coffee cake for the breakfast and will help cook the biscuits and gravy. Tomorrow we're making fruit cups in frozen pink lemonade. (Kids love these.) Lots to do, but such a wonderful celebration of our Saviours resurrection. Hallelujah!
    Love to you my friend.

  13. Chickens and bees for your friends, how lovely. You have done a great job painting the barn. All these projects have certainly been keeping you busy.

  14. Lovely colour for the barn and the patchworks are both very nice.

  15. Awesome job on your barn, Connie♥Keep on making and have a happy Spring.

  16. What is the name of the center blocks of your quilts? Love the way you sewed them.

    1. I have no idea. I just play with fabric on my design board until I find something I like.

  17. Yes you have been very busy and two people were blessed with gorgeous quilts and I do love the color you stained the barn!
    Happy Easter to you!

  18. How wonderful, Connie, that you have been busy with friends, making sweet quilts and with paintbrush in hand, transforming your barn. Love your 'new' barn and I must say, the two quilts are gorgeous.

  19. You have been exceptionally busy, Connie! The barn looks wonderful. How lucky your friends are to have you to make quilts for them. What is the name of the quilt block for your bee loving friend? It's beautiful. Happy Easter - so thankful for the resurrection!

    1. Lori I have no idea what the name of that block is. I don't really go by patterns I just put things together and keep working until they look the way I want them to. I know I am not the first person to put blocks together in that fashion so they're probably is a name to it somewhere. When I try to follow patterns I get frustrated but when I just get creative and start placing things the way I think they look nice I have fun, so that's the way I quilt.