Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Too Busy Too Blog


I've been so busy lately.

Two new quilts done and given as gifts.

Plus painting the barn red ☺

One of the quilts was done in fabric 
for my "Bee Loving Friend".


This is it on the design board 

before quilting or adding the binding.

I didn't take finished photos of
either quilt.
I guess that I was in too big 

of a hurry to give them away.

Anyway; the binding was done
in the darkest yellow. 

The second quilt was done 

for a dear friend that loves chickens.

I did it's boarder is the red

chicken wire fabric. 

Then it was time to paint
the barn!

This photo was when it was 

first delivered ten years ago.  

It was stained in a golden cedar.

In the past ten years it has faded 

and needed a face lift.

I decided to stain it with 

redwood stain this time. 

I stained half of it one day.

Then a sweet friend came over

and she helped me finish it
the next day.

All except the peak . . .

I didn't feel safe climbing the 

ladder that high, so one of

my wonderful nephews 

came after work one evening

and did the peak for me. 

I took this photo before 

the peak was stained,

but you get a good look

at how it looks now. 

Oh, my goodness, it feels 

so good to have it finished.


Now you know why 

I haven't been blogging.

Life is busy around here in the spring :)


Tomorrow is Good Friday

followed by Easter.

I pray that you will have 

a blessed weekend

filled with love  

and the fellowship of 

friends and family.

Until my next post,
God bless you all,
your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Friday, March 1, 2024

Sewing Extension On The Cheap

Latest Project

Spending . . . 

Pennies instead of Dollars

If you sew, you may have seen

these wonderful extensions

that you can purchase to 

custom fit your sewing machine.

One of my best friends just 

purchased one for around $300.

Those of you that know me

also know that I'm cheap.

Therefore; my thought was 

why can't I build my own?

Not only did I not buy lumber

(all came from Steve's old scrape pile)

this wood was saved from an 

old unwanted bookshelf.

After I made it,

I covered it with Pioneer Woman

brand contact paper.

That was my only cost in

this project. 

 $6.97 at Walmart

I have never done a 

contact paper project 

without a gummed up mess.

I guess it's not my favorite

thing to work with, but it does

have some very good functions.

In this case it's nice and smooth

so that the fabric glides easily over it.

"And it's pretty" 😊 

I hope this inspires you to

try a new project.

Especially if it saves

you some money :)


Have a wonderful week

and remember to put

God first.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Diamonds From Amazon


I purchased diamonds 

from Amazon 

for my Valentine's present 

to myself :)

No, there are not earrings  . . .

They are cabinet knobs LOL. 





Here are my dressers finished

A little paint

(that I already had)

and the new knobs. 

If you are interested in these pull

handles, go to Amazon and type in

this information ↓




Another thing that I did in the bedroom

was add these dollies to the windows.



 All that I did was iron them

with spray starch and then I took

a children's glue stick and glued them

to the window.  

The glue is washable, so removing

should be a snap. 


I forgot to add these two photos

to my last post.

I have a footstool in front of the

sofa, so I use this tray for a place to

set a "cup-a" when I have company. 



I thought that putting this quilt

on the sofa would be in keeping with 

my February theme. 


I hope that you enjoyed

the little tour and that it 

will inspire you . . .

Spring is almost here and we'll be 

sending so much time outside

that we won't have the time to tweek the house

like we do now . . . Have Fun!

God Bless You All

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)