Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hammocks and Beds


My melons are growing 

up a trellis this year . . .


so I'm creating little hammocks

to cradle them as they grow :)




The other day I found this 

red and white polka dot fabric

on sale for $3.99 a yard.

 And decided to make bed skirts

for my twin beds.




Then I remembered that I couldn't

make them until I raised the bed height,

something that I have wanted to do 

for two years. 

So out to Steve's shop 

to look for wood.   


 It's amazing how one little job,

leads us into more than we 

expected, but I couldn't do all

that sewing and still not be 

satisfied with the height of

the beds. 

Four inches made a huge difference.




I'm happy to have both jobs

done and behind me . . .


And I'm delighted with the new 

height, the bedroom looks so

grown up now.




And ready for guest.


Two decorations that are in

this room that I love

are these vintage pillow cases

on this old antique hanger,

given to me by a dear friend.


And these two pieces of art

done by our granddaughters

back in 2011 when they were

4 and 5 years old.



Thanks for visiting . . . 

and for being such 

lovely blogging friends. 


God bless you all!


Connie :)

Friday, August 12, 2022

Dish Drain Pad Makeover


Okay, who has a drain pad

for doing dishes that has seen 

better days.  


I grew up in a waste not -

want not family . . .

so making this over was

an obvious task.




I just made a pillow case

to fit it snugly.

Inserted pad and sewed


It doesn't get any easier.




This is one side




This is the reverse side.




Then I covered this one 

with the same fabric

on both sides.

 Good as new :)

This is a good way

to use up old fabric

or scraps and even make

your drain pads 

match your decor :)


Well, that's my post,

I hope I inspired 

someone to make something

old, new again :)


Have a sweet day . . .

keep God first in your life


God bless you.


Connie :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pretty New Dishtowels


Sometimes that Pioneer Woman 

just puts out something you 

cannot resist.

 I don't have a dishwasher

so I use dishtowels 

all the time. 


And they are more fun to use

when they're pretty.


I'm one for those silly

old girls that actually enjoys

 doing dishes :) 


Have you bought 

yourself a present


When you buy it yourself

you always get the right

color and the right fit, LOL


Have a lovely day!


God bless you.


Connie :)