Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

October Applesauce and Handmade Cards

Making Applesauce

start to finish :) 


 Steve bought us this lovely

apple peeler and corer for 

our  Kitchen Aid mixer

a couple years ago.

It is so handy when you have 

a lot to peel or when you

have arthritis in your hands. 




After cooking my apples down

and smashing them with a potato

masher and seasoning with 

ginger and cinnamon(no sugar)

it was time to fill the jars.


Then into the canner.


Steve always did the water-bath

outside with propane.

this year I purchased this stainless

steel canner that can be used

on my glass top stove.

I found that canning alone is not

the fun it was when we canned together.

More work, less enjoyment.


If you are interested, you can find

this canner on Amazon.


Into the water bath for

twenty minutes.

After filling eight pint jars

I had a little bit left . . .


The perfect time for a snack 

with toasted bread.



Beautiful & Thoughtful

handmade cards.

It is such a treat to go 

to the mailbox and find a 

heartfelt card and note clustered 

among the bills and junk mail.

You walk to the mailbox tired and ready

to call it a day . . . then your steps

lighten as you can not wait to get

inside and open your card :) 

This beautiful card came for Marilyn of

Pink Paper Cottage 

The enclosed seed labels are 

so pretty. I hope to do something

creative with them by Spring :)

Marilyn makes marvelous paper crafts 

and sells them in her Esty shop.



 This lovely card is from Nancy of

Cozy Thyme Cottage 

Nancy and I have been pen pals 

for . . . I don't know maybe

eight or nine years.

She is much better at keeping up 

with our correspondence than I am.

Forgive me Nancy, you are so sweet. 

She has health issues of her own,

but is always thinking of others.

The last one to show you . . .

but far from the least, is from Connie of

Connie's Crafty Creations 

Connie is a card maker that has

a beautiful blog where she shares so many

paper crafting ideas.

I would be very surprised if she doesn't

dream about making cards in her sleep.


That's my blog for today.

Thank you for visiting . . .

I don't post as often as before,

my heart just isn't into it.

As joy returns to my life I know 

that I will find more time to blog.

I have made so very many lovely

friends here in blog-land.


Some things can happen in life that knock 

the breath right out of you. Some days 

it’s a hard decision that you have to 

make alone. Sometimes it’s the words 

of a song that bring a memory to your heart.

 But when that breath gets knocked 

out of you, God blows His breath into 

our lives and gets us back on our feet again.

 We grab a hold of His strong hand 

and keep going on the path He leads us to. 

  Life is not an easy journey. 

The road can be very rocky; I pray that 

when I stumble (and I do) that 

I will quickly get back on my feet 

and run with my goal 

being the face of Jesus. 


 Thank you again for visiting.

God bless you and your families.

Connie :)


Thursday, October 8, 2020

DIY Projects From Left Over Wood & Paint


I was in the mood to do 


to spruce up our place a bit,

but as usual I didn't want to 

spend any money doing it, LOL 

I found this board already cut 

into a 22" by 23" almost square . . .

good enough for me :)

As you can see in the lower 

red section, there was a cut into the wood.

My motto is beggars can't be choosers . . .

so I went with it, as is,

and painted a quilt block

to hang on our gate :)



 Also, while I was in a DIY mood

I decided to see if I could

bring a little life back

into these chairs.

They have sit outside for the past

eight or nine years and

look pretty badly weathered.



First I taped off the chairs

to paint only the medal frames,

but you know how spray paint

sprays out far and beyond 

what you're working on.




When I started to remove the 

tape, I quickly taped it back

and processed to paint

the center of the chairs.



I do like how they turned out.

Now I'll have to purchase

more paint and get them all

done . . . but no hurry.

Maybe by Spring :)


 That's it . . .

I hope I've inspired you

to look around and see if

you can do any little DIY project

for little or no money.

These two projects were free to me . . .

I had enough left over paint

to do them both and the board

came from Steve's scrap pile :)

Have A Lovely Day!

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)




Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Goodbye September & New Quilt


September is one of my favorite months.

The days are warm and the evenings are cool.

Things I like to do in September are:

  • work in the yard
  • watch the farmers bring in their hay and other crops
  • go to the orchards for fresh apples
  • pick bouquets before the frost takes them away
  • gather my dried sunflowers to feed the birds
  • harvest the end of my garden
This post is filled with lovely
September moments. 

One day I was hungry for something sweet
but didn't feel like baking.
I caramelized an apple with brown sugar
and made a little pancake
topped with ice cream.

Irrigation wheels
and roses.

Bringing in the hay.
This dishcloth was a handmade gift
that arrived in my mail box from
Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage
Thank you Nancy, I 💗 it!
Finally photos of a quilt
that I just finished and mailed
to a nephew that I consider  
to be more like my little brother.
My oldest brother was 20 when I was born
so I grew up playing with my nephews
and nieces more than with my siblings.

He is a John Wayne fan
and loves old westerns.
So, when I saw this fabric I knew
it was perfect :)

 That's my post . . .
if you are still here and haven't 
got bored and stopped reading . . .
thank you.
Please leave a comment so I know 
you were here.
Have a blessed day :)
Your blogging sister,