Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wash Day

Don't you just love it,
when the weather is nice enough
to dry your sheets outside.
I use my dryer for almost everything.
but, when weather and time permits . . .
 nothing is sweeter than . . .
 the sleep you get,
sleeping under line dried sheets.

Do any of you still dry your sheets outside?

Sweet Dreams :)

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Repurposing with Whimsy

I seem to always need a project . . .
they make me happy.
The finished product and the process:) 
Do you remember this chest of drawers,
that I up-cycled around 6 weeks ago?
 The top drawer was broken,
so I left it out.
Now, it serves as a sweet little bed 
for Butchy to nap in,
 while I play in the Art Barn :)
 Then I went to Steve's scrap pile 
and found some small leftover pieces of wood.

Now, they are signs for the garden.

I may have gotten carried way :) 

I put some squash plants in the garden 
the other day and something
ate the tops off of two plants . . .
so, out with my rubber snakes :)
That's it!
Except for Homemade Chicken Pot Pie . .  .
Let's Eat!

Just having a little fun . . .

Keep Smiling
Have A Lovely Weekend. 

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

My Drepression Era Quilt

I have this quilt that I purchased
 at a yard sale maybe ten years ago.  
I was filled with that old batting they called ca-pox 
(I have no idea if this spelling is correct, probably not)  
but it is the kind that bunches up 
into thick and thin clumps through out the quilt.  

To me this is the sign of a very old quilt
 and there is a coziness to the unevenness
 and the heaviness of being 
warmed by one of these old quilts.  

Mine is around 4 foot square 
and ever since the day I bought it, 
it has been my favorite quilt to throw over me 
while watching the TV in the evening.  
Even in the summer, because my husband likes the A/C 
turned cooler than I do :) 

Well, this old quilt was starting to get holes worn 
in the top and there were places that were pulling apart.  
I've probably washed it at least 50 times 
and who knows how many washing's 
it had before I came along. 

The back was in great shape . . . 
must be very good quality fabric.  
Well, I decided to give it a face-lift.
So, from my scrap pile I dug out small pieces of fabric,
trim, embroidery project that I never finished,
and small paper piecing projects that I never used.
Then I started breaking all the rules . . . 
if you are a person with strict quilting rules, 
you may want to stop here. 

Girls just want to have fun, 
and fun it what I had making this quilt.

I also must say that it drove me a little bit crazy 
fitting all these little scraps together,
and sewing through the thick and thin batting.

Maybe that is where the name 
Crazy Quilt 
came from.

This is my first recycle project of the year.

Reviving this old quilt 
and using up many of my smallest scraps 
made me think of the women of 
The Great Depression 
and the way they continued to make a cozy home 
by using what they had.  

I dedicate this up-cycled quilt to all of them. 

This is my version of a
"Depression Era Quilt".
I've named it the 
"Use what you have and be grateful 
that you have it quilt"

Here is a quote from Online Quilter

Depression Era Quilting

Some of the brightest and most cheerful quilts came from 
one of the darkest periods in our history, the Great Depression.  
 The decade from 1929 until the start of World War II 
was a time of prolific quilting in America, 
in spite of difficult times.  
In fact, when the Depression was at its worst in 1933, 
twenty million people attended the "Century of Progress" 
exhibition in Chicago and one of the most popular exhibits 
was the national quilt contest 
sponsored by the Sears, Roebuck and Company department store. 

Here's a link if you are interested
 in reading the whole article. 

I'm Linking up with
The Quilting Party at
My Quilt Infatuation
Join the fun here:

Well, that's my post for today
and I'm sticking to it, LOL 

Have a Great Day!
Keep Smiling.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)