Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt

Just another sweet day . . .
I'm enjoying and celebrating life :)

 Harvesting peppers from the garden . . .

These are hot!

And These are hotter! 
They are going to make some dynamite chili this winter:)

Look at this . . . my biggest sunflower.

The quilt that I cuddle with at night while watching TV . . .

Was getting threadbare . . .

 So I used it for the batting of a new one  :)

(always trying to save and recycle)

This set of embroidery designs is from Oregon Patchwork

here's a link if you are interested:


I walked around the yard trying to find 
a place to get a good photo of it. 


 I finally hung a clothesline across the barn.

 The back is solid yellow polka dot:)

These colors should bring a little sunshine into the house

this winter when the skies are grey. 

Oh, this is a surprise gift for a friend.

I hope she likes it:)

Well that's 


of my little post . . .

not many words, but lots of pictures:)

I hope that all of you 

are having as nice a week as I am.

 God Bless You.

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Time To Sew :)


I have been actually having time to play in my Art Barn . . .
and enjoying every minute of it.
Friday morning I put a pot-roast into the crock-pot
and headed out to the barn to sew:)


Oh! The carrots and the onions in my pot-roast were from our garden.
I love saying that . . . "our garden"
It has been so wonderful having a place for a garden this year.

 I started out doing some embroidery.
this set of designs is from
Oregon Patch Works 
They are a wonderful company to do business with, so helpful.

I selected some vintage prints . . .

Added some ric-rac  . . .

Did a little patch work . . .

and made three more pot holders:)

Well that is what I did for fun Friday and Saturday.

What do you think?


If I keep this up I'm afraid that 
I might wake up some night 
and walk into the kitchen to find
the ghost of Betty Crocker whipping up a batch of cup cakes, LOL.

It is a delight finding ways to tweak my vintage kitchen.

What did you do this weekend?

Keep Smiling:)

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pot Holders, Chandeliers & New Projects

 An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away . . .
Well, I didn't visit the doctor yesterday,
 instead I finished my kitchen pot holders.
These were so much fun to make:)

 One of the best things about making your own household items,
is that you get to pick everything from design, fabric, texture and color.
I think that these will fit my kitchen to a "tea".

Speaking of Tea . . .
 Steve helped me hang my Tea Cup Chandelier
(remember my promise about not climbing ladders when I'm alone)
It looks wonderful out in the Art Barn, I'm very pleased with it :)

Some of you may remember this project.
I built it back last year. 
Here is a link to the tutorial . . . 

 Last but not lease, I've started to piece another quilt.
I've been looking for the perfect Sun Bonnet Sue design 
to add to some of the squares 
and I think that I've fold her.

I'll save this for my next post.

Here's wishing you all a marvelous day . . .
Go out and do something fun,
even if its just for a small part of your day.

Life is a gift to be enjoyed!

Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)