Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rainy Day Project

Yesterday was a rainy spring day.
Living in the desert, we do not complain when it rains.
These spring showers do wonders to green up our dry old landscape.
What I did yesterday was surf the internet 
and while I was at Pinterest,
I found this photo of a diner sign.
(I added the white shapes before I printed it, just to save black ink)

I liked it so much, 
that I went out to Steve's workshop 
and found a scrap of plywood to make my own.
 After drawing it, I laid in my colors
and then went back to the workshop 
and cut it out on the band-saw.
The real diner sign had little lights in the arrow.
I cut a small piece of paper and then
used a paper hole punch to make a stencil to paint my lights:)
After I had it painted and all my shadows laid in,
I roughed it up with sand paper,
then took it out and beat it with a rock and a couple of garden tools.
The vintage look can't be too fresh and new, you know :)
Here it is finished laying on the table.
Today it is raining again:)

Here it is hanging over the kitchen door.

I think that I made good use of my rainy day.
What do you think?
Have a great day . . .
and sneak a little bit of fun into it if you can.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Remembering My Quilts

Today I spent a few minutes looking back at the quilts that I have made, 
since first starting my quilting adventure.

I started out with my first quilt 
in the fall of 2013.  
My goal was to make quilts for our two granddaughters 
and our daughter for Christmas. 

Abbey loves horses.


My second quilt was for Lucy.

Lucy is a happy little girl,
that loves everything :)


My third quilt was for our daughter.
She is into yoga, nature and being happy.
She loves bright and cheerful colors.


 Next #4 was a quilt for my sailing hubby, Steve. 


#5 was my first "quilt as you go" quilt. 

The back


#6 a fun quilt made from the scraps 
that where leftover from the 5 quilts before this one. 
Hexies are a great way to use up your scraps :)


#7 Sunbonnet Sue.

#8 was inspired by scraps left 
from the legs of an old pair of jeans
and the red and blue star print given to me
 by my neighbor's sweet daughter.
It was so much fun to make.
I used stencils and paint on the denim,
and just had fun with the stitches :) 


Well, that is the extent of my finished quilts.  
I do have two that I have started and put away on the shelf, 
to enjoy the early spring weather 
that has come our way. 

Well, I hope that I didn't bore you . . .
with this post.


I'm outside getting my hands dirty,
in the sweet warm earth,
instead of staying inside sewing.

Have a wonderful day
Enjoy it no matter what weather 
you are experiencing.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

High Rise Birdie Apartment For Rent

Look at this sweet little bird's nest . . .

It sets atop this large grape vine wreath
and was made by a little bird a few years ago.
The wreath was hanging on my neighbor's shed at that time.

The other day she decided to take it down and asked
if I would like it . . . nest and all.
Of course I would . . .
now it is hanging on my Art Barn.
Do you think a little bird might move in?

 Here's a mini make-over that I did for my front porch.
First I painted the top of the stool white.
Then used painters tape to  . . .

paint checks on the top :)

Now it can set right here, 
ready and waiting for a cool glass of sun tea
to be perch on it.

Here's the glider . . .

all painted red and decked out with
freshly washed slipcovers.

I wish you had time to stay and sit a while.
It's a beautiful day :)

Notice the railing behind the glider . . .

Do you remember this stack of painted wood
in my last post?

This is what it is for . . .
I hope that by my next post 
I'll have finished photos to show you
but for now this is all that is done.

Well, it is time to get off the computer 
and on with my work . . .
it sure won't get done with me sitting here, LOL.

Have a glorious weekend!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)