Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sunday, July 20, 2014

An Abundance Of Zucinni & New Mudroom Curtains

 It was so cool going out to the garden and having an abundance . . .
I set this out by the road and a lady with a van full of kids came by.
They stopped and took them all.
She said that they loved zucinni :)

I stuffed one for dinner .
(before going into the oven)
And coming out of the oven :)

I also baked an Apricot Up-Side-Down cake.
I'm loving living off the land :)

I've been making curtains for the mudroom
and got them done and hung Saturday.
Photos of the mudroom after painting and hanging photos.

This is the door going into the kitchen.
Look above it at our vintage doorbell.
I love this old bell
it sounds so cool :)

 My pantry is at the end of the room by the kitchen door. 

 I cut the fabric for these curtains before we had the keys to the house.
One day when we met with the realtor,
I measured the windows.

Then everything started happening and I packed up my sewing machine.
So, these curtains were on standby :)

Saturday afternoon . . .
I finally got them finished.

I really like how they turned out.

 What do you think?

A mixture of gingham, polka dot, calico and rick rack. 

This little duck belonged to Steve's Grandma.
I set it on the dryer 
to hold all the change that I find in the laundry.
I feel like it found the perfect home here.

We have installed a new backdoor,
But we still need to get the trim finished.

Also the hot water heater is the first thing you see when you come in the backdoor.
I'm still looking for the perfect solution to make a pretty cover-up for it. 
Maybe some old doors :) 

Sunday morning muffins.
I made these with zucinni, apricots  & coconut.

Here's wishing you a wonderful week.
Please be kind and leave a comment.
I love hearing from you and getting to know all of my blogging sisters better :)

Keep Smiling,
 Connie :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Super Visit ~ Wonderful Week

 We had a wonderful visit from our daughter and granddaughters
a long weekend filled with fun!

I would love to show you photos of my 
beautiful daughter and granddaughters, but respecting their privacy is important.
So, take my word for it . . . they are sweetie pies . . .
And darn cute ones, at that :) 

 They arrived Thursday evening 
Friday morning we sat on the front porch 
watched this going on in our backyard.

There were three dead trees in our backyard.
Our neighbors came over and cut one down for us,
but these two required professional help.

Steve is planning on having a wood burning stove
 in his shop this winter, 
so this wood is going to come in very handy :)

 Another thing that we did was make jam.
From this . . .

To this . . .

To this :)
It was so much fun . . .
having my three girls in the kitchen
with me, 
working together making our jam.

What's better than the combo of . . .
apricot jam in the window . . .
and new mown hay, out the window?

Second cutting this year :)

Loving my new country life :)

We also went to Silver Wood Theme Park
on Monday.

This was the first time that I had ever gone to a park like this.

Silver Wood was a blast! 
I can not believe it . . . 
it took three hours to drive there, 
we spent over eight hours in the park, 
and then three hours driving home.  
We had such a good time.
I even rode several rides including the river raft.
Not bad for an old gal, right :)

 Some of you have been wanting to see more of our bungalow
So, here are a few kitchen photos.
Before I say goodbye . . .
a lot of you show the books that you are reading.
Well, this is what I am reading at the moment :)
This and . . .

This :)

Have a wonderful weekend
Keep Smiling.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sneak A Peek

 I have been working nonstop
trying to get my new home, yard and property in tip top shape.
I've come to this concussion.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day!

Do you remember the day my barn arrived?
This is how it looked.

Then we started insulating it.
Little did we know that, that was the easy part.
Well, it is not finished,
but I've moved a few boxes around to create 
a few sneak peeks 
to show you that I have been working on it.
 My sewing machines are ready . . .
and I have fabric cut to make curtains for the mud room in the bungalow.

When I'll have time to sew is somewhere out of sight at the moment.

Maybe you noticed in some of these photos,
that the walls are mostly painted
and the floor is in :)
Some books are unpacked and on the shelves.

and some items are finding a home on other shelves.

I'm not throwing my hands up and quitting,
like my little friend here,
but I am going to remember to slow down . . .
and get in a little relaxation time . . .

in other words I'm going to  . . .

Remember that Rome truly was not built in a day, LOL.

Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister, 

Connie :)