Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Life Through Up-Cycling

You have all been hearing me talk about our incredible neighbors.
Well' here I go again!
These two lamps were in my "yard Sale" 
a couple of months ago.
No, they didn't look like this . . .

They looked like this,see them on the right.
Look at how shabby they looked,
and not in a good way:)

Well, my friend Shirley has the golden touch
when it comes to make-overs.
She didn't just paint the lamps,
she also took the shades down to bare wire 
and recovered them.

Look at them, aren't they just adorable.
She did them for her granddaughter's new apartment,
and let her pick out the colors and fabric.

 She is going to teach me how to cover lamp shades.
That is, as soon as I have a little more time.
Probably that will be sometime after frost.
I'll be sure and do a tutorial:)

Shirley and her hubby are so talented.
Do you remember the birdhouse that he made us. 

Well, this is what he made and gave me for my birthday.

With gifts like these I just might start 
adding another year to my age , twice a year, LOL.

It looks perfect on my country porch.

 If I could make a wish and have it come true,
I would wish that all of you had neighbors like ours.

That is not because of their amazing talents,
 or their awesome generosity.
 It is because they are an honest and honorable couple.
They are the kind of neighbors that you would not be afraid to bare your soul,
and ask for prayer . . .
knowing that they would pray for you and never talk about your shortcomings.

We have known them for years 
never thinking that we would ever be neighbors.
It's it marvelous how God plans our lifes . . .

Here's wishing you all and wonderful day:)

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


Monday, September 8, 2014

Blog Hop Monday:)

Welcome To My First Blog Hop
 I am very excited to introduce three very lovely ladies
Sister Bloggers
To You Today.
 Their names are Katie, Patricia & Marie.
Their blogs are very different from each other's
and at the same time they have very much in common . . .
with each other & with each of us.

First is Katie, 
 Hi friends! 
I am Katie from Blessed By 3 Miracles Blog. I adore my children more then anything in the world. I have been a stay at home mom for almost 12 yrs. I am by no means a expert but I would say I have had my share of kid related adventures. 
I love to make my house a home and have become very creative and enthusiastic about decorating. I have had years of lean times where I had a very small but creative budget. I am so glad that I am able to stay at home and that the Lord blessed me with some creativity. It really has helped me keep my sanity for the long days of having little children at home. My kids are now in school so I have a little more time for projects and just keeping my house organized in general.
 We have moved several times and I have had to start over meeting new friends on our journey. It can be fun but somewhat lonely at first. I am so thankful for a supportive husband and for the three most wonderful children. Blogging has also been such a gift to me. I have met a great community of like minded friends. Reading blogs is like watching a great movie or reading a great decorating magazine that never ends. I am amazed by so many of your talents out there. I hope you stop by and say hello. I would love to chat with you about mothering, crafting, decorating or adoption. Adoption is the other huge near and dear gift to our life through our daughter Lauren. You will find a honest family that loves each other and truly loves to have fun. 

Second is Patricia,

 My name is Patricia, most of my friends and my readers know me by Pat...

I blog @ a little known place called Corn in My Coffee-Pot!  I love to craft and create something from nothing. To re-purpose and give something old a new part of the fun for me. I do like to challenge myself once in a while to get things done! BUT... I AM A PROCRASTINATOR!  Because of that, I am also a list maker-- and love marking my list "To-Done!" 
I crochet with rags (usually old clothes and sheets) I crochet with frogged yarn (yarn that has been previously crocheted).  I'm also learning to create clothes for me, from thrifted clothes -turning them from something old and outdated into a newly sewn; a stylish sweater, shirt, etc.  I am not afraid to use hand tools and like to work with wood, wire, paint and brush!  I will try anything once...with in reason, of course. ;) 
I love to re-purpose just about anything and give it a second life...even if for just a little while.
I hope YOU hop on over from here... I've got so much more to share with you about being a frugally minded crafter
I'm looking forward to your visit! 

Third is Marie,

Hello, my name is Marie and I'm a word nerd.
 I love to read and I love to write.  I also love photography, cooking and my family, not necessarily in that order.  

I have five children and six grandchildren, currently waiting for two more to make an appearance.  (Grandchildren, that is!.)  I've been married to the same man for coming up on 35 years.  We are total opposites in just about everything except for our dedication to family and each other, so it works :)  

My four older children are grown, but my last child is what I like to call my 'caboose'.  She is still in middle school.  She keeps me young :)  It's been a blessing having another child later in life because I am so much more relaxed and laid back about everything!  So many things I worried about with my older children I now know just weren't worth fussing over.  It's kind of like having a 'do over'.

What I love about blogging is the support and friendship from ladies all over the country.  Many of us are at home part of the day, but may not be home at the same time as our neighbors.  Women used to be home all of the time and spent their spare time visiting with each other over 'the back fence' as they worked in their gardens or hung the laundry out the dry.  I remember my mom spending each afternoon with our neighbor lady, sitting in a lawn chair, watching us swim, while the two of them chatted.  I wish that could be me every day!  But now, it's more difficult to keep in touch with other women in the neighborhood and it can be lonely.  It's wonderful to be able to check in with blogger friends whenever you have the time to sit down at your computer.

My blog is mainly about appreciating what is good about life.  I had a life-threatening illness three years ago and since then I have vowed to see what is beautiful and good in my life and relish, cherish and share it.  And since I turned 50, I made a vow to do one thing each year that places me out of my comfort zone.  Man, do I regret that one!  But I'm sticking to it, and it's scary, but exhilarating at the same time.  So far I've taken a horseback ride on a steep mountain trail, and went on an extreme backpacking climb up a mountain.  Do you see a theme here?  I'm afraid of heights.  But this year I think I'll come up with something different...

I'm looking forward to meeting more ladies 'over the fence' through the Blog Hop! 
Thanks Connie, for the invite!

 This Blog Hop asked me to answer these 3 questions

 What am I working on now?

At the moment I am working on my new studio, which I have named my Art Barn.   
We moved to the country this last spring 
and are now living in a smaller home than before.   
There was a wonderful shop for my husband’s woodworking and welding, 
but no space for my studio.   
So, we purchased a 14 X 24 foot barn and have been turning it into my dream space.   
I think that the task of organizing and decorating 
is just as creative as the projects that will be done after it is finished. 
All that is left to do to be finished is
getting the electricity in,
and we have an electrician working on in this as I type.
I am so excited!!!

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Well, they say that there is nothing new under the sun, 
and I think that pretty much goes for everything that we create.  
 Not to say that we all don’t have our own twist on each thing that we do.   
I enjoy getting my hands into all things creative.   
If I see something that inspires me I just want to try my hand at it.  
 Whether it is in the field of arts, crafts, sewing, or wood working, I’m always ready. 
  There is nothing that makes my heart happier than taking some old abandoned piece of something and turning it into a beautiful or useful item  . . . this just thrills me.   
I not only love doing this, but I love seeing what others in blog-land are doing 
to up-cycle and renew.

Why do I create what I do? 

Why?  Because, it brings me joy and makes me happy.   
I love decorating my home in handmade and unique items 
and I think that they make the best gifts, too.   
When you make or re-purpose an item, 
you have the ability to pick your own colors and make things that work well 
for your particular needs and styles.   
 My favorite things to do have got to be trash to treasure items.  
 They just make my heart sing :)   
I hate cookie cutter, everything store bought homes.  
 There is something about them that is not cozy and homey to me. 

I do hope that you will visit each of these three sister's blogs.
That you will love their blogs as much as I do.
Show them by hitting the follow button
or leaving a comment, or doing both:)

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,