Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Signs Of Spring

A fresh bouquet right from the garden.
I have been enjoying bouquets of fresh tulips
 for a few weeks 
and now my lilacs are starting to bloom, too. 
I love the smell of lilacs. 

 The garden has been rototilled.

New garden boxes built.
These will get full sun all afternoon.
This one will get morning sun and afternoon shade.
I'm open to suggestions for planting.
Flowers or vegetables . . . what do you think?
I was thinking zinnias, but I'm not sure.
I've got peas and lettuce coming up in this box.

We also went on a one night sleep over to check out the camper.
Good thing, because when we turned on the water pump 
we had water spraying under the sink.
Good to know and fix,
before we take a longer trip:)
Or use it for a guest house 
for our summer company.
 Beautiful Banks Lake.
This lake is only about 35 miles from our home.
Butchy loved exploring the camp site.

 The drive home.

I hope that you are all enjoying pretty spring weather.
It was 74 degrees here yesterday.
Time to pack those winter coats away
and forget about them until next fall :)


Have a lovely day!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Before & After #3

Welcome to my 
Before and After #3 

There are more things that we have done,
like electrical, plumbing, ducting,
 insulation, roofing and working on Steve's shop.
These were all accentual.
Far from cute or pretty, LOL
Here is a photo of the house when we bought it.





I have a Clematis planted below the lamppost,
 that is why I have chicken wire wrapped around it:)

We love living in the country,
and we thought that having a tire swing
for our granddaughters, 
would be a special treat:) 


enjoying our new windows.




My Art Barn
was not even on the property.
We purchased it and had it moved onto our little acre:)

 It is a wonderful place to spread out my projects
and just have fun.

I can just lock the door
and come back to a project whenever 
the mood hits me. 
I love everything about my creative space:)

Anytime you feel like sipping sun-tea on the front porch,
sewing or working on a project together,
or swinging on an old fashioned tire swing,
come on over . . .
if I know you're coming, I'll even bake a cake.


P.S.  It was April 3 last year when we got the keys to our little home 
and started all of these projects.
I hadn't realized just how much work we had done, 
until putting these before and after posts together. 
 Now, I get tired just looking through them, LOL.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Before & After #2

Welcome to our home.
Before and After #2,
the tour continues.
This is our bathroom when we first got the keys to the house.
It was a mess and had to be fixed and in working order 
before we could move in. 

 This photo was after a week of scrubbing the tub,
it took me about two weeks to get it clean.
Also, when we pulled the walls down behind the tub
we found black mold waiting on us. 
The fun began :)



This is the only before photo 
that I have of the kitchen.
It was from the real estate photos.
It was also covered in dark brown paneling.

 I ran out of trim above the cabinets,
and I keep forgetting to buy another piece to finish it, LOL
Funny me :)

  We still have work that we want to do in the kitchen,
but it is okay for now.
Out in the well house I have a new faucet and a range hood still in the boxes.
We want to replace the counter tops 
and raise them up a couple of inches.  
I'm short (5'4") and they are short for me.
We also want to add a new sink. 

On to the mudroom.
Same dark paneling :)

I was fortunate to find two new white interior
doors at Habitat for Humanity for 3.25 each.
We used them to cover the water heater :)

Our mud room ceiling is only 7 feet tall.
All that I can think of for a light fixture is a light blub,
or my tall hubby might bump his head.
Does anyone have any suggestions? 

This is the light that was in the house,
but when it burnt out,
I couldn't replace it . . . maybe 
I wouldn't want to anyway, LOL.

   Thanks for visiting.
My next before and after will be photos 
of the things that we have been doing outside.

We feel very blessed to be living
in the country.
We are just outside of town and still close to everything,
but instead of being in a tight neighborhood
 with houses a few feet from each other,
 we now have room to stretch.
Also, instead of other homes across the street as a view, 
we now have an alfalfa field.

We are so happy that we made this move :)


Please leave a comment,
to let me know what you think,
and share any ideas that you may have.


Keep Smiling,
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)