Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, July 3, 2015

Watermelon Vines & Painted Toenails

When you see watermelon vines & painted toenails . . .
around here . . . that means SUMMER :)
This is my Art Barn . . .
my place to unwind and create.
Our weather is very hot,
it is suppose to reach 103 degrees today.
That's much nicer than last Sunday's 112.

As you can see the plants love it . . .
that is as long as I'm out there feeding 
them lots water.

Lets walk around the barn before going 
inside to see my latest project.
This is the side that faces the road.
That old wheel barrow belonged to 
my Steve's Dad :)

These are the boxes I built 
and planted on the back side of the barn. 
The squash and onion are doing okay,
but the heat has gotten to the sugar peas.

This box in on the other side of the barn.
I have watermelon, cantaloupe and zinnias planted in it.

As I was taking these photos . . .
a little butterfly flew down to get into the pictures.

So I followed him until he flew away.

I love Zinnias. 
They help pollinate the garden, 
because bees love them,
and they hold up very well in bouquets.
Besides that they are so pretty:)

Back around to the front again.
This box is planted with pumpkins,
zinnias and carrots.

This is a chair that I purchased at the
Goodwill for $7.99.
It is my newest project.

I have always wanted to paint a fabric chair,
and I love the style of this one.
I'm giving it a base coat of white.

Then I'm going to let my imagination
go wild and have some fun! 

Now go paint your toenails . . .
it's sandal weather:)
Happy 4th of July 
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

We Are Having A Heat Wave

 Well, I feel a little bit like Retirement is over.
Why, because it has become a full time job,
keeping our yard and garden green.
Our weather has been in the three digits 
and it is not predicted to go back to two,
for another two weeks.
I do hope that they are wrong!

Believe be the nineties are going to feel
so good after this. 

Last Saturday it got up to 108,
and Sunday was 112.
I am almost 70 years old and this is the
 hottest that I can ever remember.

I've worked so hard getting our yard,
to a place where it looks pretty good.
That I just can't let it go now.

We have seven facets and I'm moving sprinklers all day long.

We are blessed with a great well,
so that is a plus.
 This is the well house, back in April.
This is it today, after building the fence
and painting the trim:)
Do you notice anything new over to the left?

My new solar clothes drier:)
I'm trying to get grass to grow under it.
I don't want to be putting my basket
of freshly washed sheets down in the dirt. 

I pray that if you are also having a heat
 wave that you have A/C 
or good fans going to keep you cool.

If not you are more than welcome to come jump
 in our old geezer swimming hole 
or run under our sprinklers:)

Keep Smiling.
 Connie :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

It Started With A Box

Yesterday was a project day.
It started out with this box that I built from . . . you got it,
Steve's wood scrap pile:)
I purchased this stencil at Walmart,
 and proceeded to decorate my box.
 Finished . . . well, almost.

Do you remember the bike that I had 
out by our old Geezer Swimming Hole?
 Here it is today. . .

with moss roses planted in the basket,

and nasturtiums planted in the box.
I also tweaked my summer fireplace decor.
This is last week . . .
This is now.
I just felt like the first version was too busy.
So I took these out and put them over by the TV.
and moved the other items around.

Which do you like best?

     Before       OR        After.


Our temperatures are in the three digits this weekend.

So I'll be resting and sipping sun tea 
on the front porch.

Please come join me:)

Keep Smiling.
Connie :)