Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Last Minute Inspirations

Do you find that at Christmas  . . .
it's hard to do a post because you're busy
making gifts that you don't want certain people
seeing before Christmas?
 So I decided to go into my archives 
and show you projects from 
Christmas' past.
Last Christmas my skates were 
hanging on the gate.

This wreath started by 
rolling and stapling song sheets,
that I printed from the computer. 
And gluing them to a cardboard

I hung it over our fireplace.

This one was done in a similar fashion.

And this one was decoupaged
over a thrift store frame. 
This one I made as a surprise gift
for a secondhand book store
owner in our town. 
Then there was the cardboard 
top hat I made one year. 
I thought it looked very Dickens
Christmas Carolish :)
That same year I took a Styrofoam
store display that I found at a yard sale,
covered it in sheet music,
stuck it in a lamp base (another thrift store find).  
Then dressed it in ballet
fashion from a thrift store prom dress:)
It was my version of the 
Nutcracker Ballet.
My friend Shirley and I made these
from old windows removed from our 
home when we put the new ones in. 
This is mine . . .
This is hers.
I've put mine on the mantel 
for the last three Christmases, we love it:) 

 These were cut from plywood
and covered with fabric and buttons.

This was inspired from a 
small thrift store lamp shade
and dollar store ornaments.

 These little blocks were cut from
scrap wood and painted.
The snowmen I found at a yard sale.

These I made for my kitchen window.
2X4 blocks painted and decoupaged
from pictures printed on the computer.
If you have an ink jet printer be sure and
spray them with acrylic spray.
If you don't, the ink will run when you 
apply the decoupage glue.

Here they are in the kitchen window.

Here's a sign I painted 
last year for a gift.  

And this little fellow I made
last year from a pattern I found
on the internet.

Steve and I don't usually do gifts.
Instead we each plan a date night,
but he certainly deserves a special handmade card :)

I'll end this post with this photo 
from last year . . .
we just might not have a white Christmas 
this year . . . it's still too soon
to know:)

I hope that I inspired any of you
that are looking for ideas.

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Monday, December 4, 2017

A Little Bit More Christmas

Hi Friends!

I've been doing a little bit more decorating.
My sweet girl friend Shirley gave me a subscription
to The Country Sampler Magazine for my birthday
back in September.
It inspired me to paint my old sled.

And hang my polka dot skates 
on it.

We also went to a smaller tree this year.
It's about one fourth the diameter around than 
the old one.
I love how it takes up less space and I don't have to 
move a living room chair to the bedroom
during the Christmas season.

We have a lot of relatives coming
to visit, so Steve put two pork butts
in the smoker.
After pulling this pork, 
I can put it in freezer bags and then
bring them out for pulled pork sandwiches
for an easy meal. 

I've also been working on painting two new signs. 

And organizing my rubber stamps.

I haven't used them for so long
and all my old ink pads dried up.

So I purchased some mini pads on Amazon.
I was wanting to make my own 
Christmas cards this year, 
but with so much company expected,
it will have to wait until next year.

That's okay . . . I would trade
crafting time for family time 
any day of the week :) 

Thanks for visiting:)
Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Staying Busy In The Kitchen & An Amazing Handmade Gift

It's a cold and cloudy day
so cleaning and baking sounded
like a good idea.

 While cleaning the kitchen
I decided to Christmas it up a little:)

That led to  . . .

cleaning the pantry . . .

and that led to baking a pie:)
Because of the limited use of my right hand
I cannot peel apples anymore,
but I have found that pie is good
even when the peels are left on:) 

Before going into the oven.

This is my first apple pie using Stevia.

Well, I would say that it looks 
good enough to eat . . .
how about you?

 Now for my amazing gift.

These leather beaver fur & beaded gloves
were handmade by my Alaskan granddaughter.
They are incredibly warm and almost
too pretty to wear:)

Look at the bead work.
She did that all by hand as well as
the fur and leather work.

I am going to have to attach a ribbon
that runs through my coat sleeves, 
like we did when we were children.
I would absolutely cry if I lost one,
and I am bad about loosing gloves.

"Gloves & Keys"

I am in awe of her creative talent,
these are so warm and cozy
and way beyond any handmade gift that 
I have ever received in my life.


Well, that's my post . . .

I truly appreciate all the lovely
friends that I have made
since starting my blog;
 thanks for visiting 
 please leave a comment.

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)