Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Old Window Make-Over

 What do old windows and Christmas have in common?
Well, I hope that your answer isn't,
that they let too much cold wind into your home.

Here is what my friend Shirley and I did 
with two of the old windows from our house. 
We had so many left after putting in the new ones.  
I want to thank all of you that left comments
on my last post.
They were very helpful.
I have decided to hang on to these old windows
 for a while, while I research crafty ideas:)

Here's what we did.

#1.  Scraped and sanded off all the loose paint.
#2.  Cleaned the frames and windows.

#3. Gave the frames a coat of varnish,
this will seal any lead paint from chipping off. 

#4. I used my Circut cutter and a cartridge
 called New Testament and cut the characters.
I cut them on black vinyl.

#5. Peeled the backing off and stuck to the windows.

#6.  Decorated with Christmas do-dads.

I am planning on using mine on the mantle
and Shirley has hung hers in her mud room.

I hope that you like our Christmas project.
They were quite simple to make.
We saw some exactly like these at 
a Christmas Barn Sale for $45.

Here's a photo of my lamp shade project,
I have it all wired and hanging above a work table
in the Art Barn.

I cannot wait to start doing my Christmas mantel,
but I always wait until after Thanksgiving.
Sometimes the day after, LOL.
It is so nice having this big fireplace to decorate.
We are loving all of our first times in our little bungalow.
  • First real garden.
  • First dinner guests.
  • First Thanksgiving.
  •  First snow.
  • First Christmas.

We know that buying this little bungalow was
exactly what we were suppose to do 
and we are exactly where we should be.
It is the perfect little home and a great place to retire:)

Here's wishing all of you that celebrate
Thanksgiving, a very happy one.
For those of you that do not have this holiday on your calendar . . .
it's a simple day to get families together 
to thank the Lord for all of our many blessings.

I think that this is something that most of us do 
on a daily basis. 
God is good, and worthy to be praised. 

God bless you all.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :) 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shabby Chic Christmas Trees

Easy and Fun
That is the only way to describe these 
Christmas Trees.

I went out in Steve's shop and cut these from left over plywood scraps.

Hot glued a small block of wood to the back,
 so that they would stand alone.

Then I set them on the fabric that I wanted,
and traced around them with a pen.
(Mine is off white painters canvas.
The kind that you buy at Home Depot 
to protect your floors when painting a room)

Next I cut the fabric out leaving an extra 1/2 to an inch around the edge. 

Then turned it over and hot glued it down at the edges.
When your done you have a fabric tree,
ready to embellish.

 That's when the fun come in:)
I used burlap, lace, buttons, sea shells, ric rac, pearl beads,and fabric flowers.

I'm planning on adding them to my Christmas mantel display.
Whoops, I never seem to see the wisps of hot glue,
until I take a photo for my blog, LOL.

Well, that was my afternoon project.

I'll show you what my friend and I are doing with the old windows
 as soon as we get them done:)

Have a great day . . .do something fun:)

Your blogging sister,

Monday, November 17, 2014



That is the question that I am asking all of you.
I was ready to put them on Craig's List as a Free to anyone 
that would pick them up and haul them away.

By the way, we are loving our new windows.

Then my friends and I went to a 
Christmas Barn Sale
and saw an idea that we cannot wait to try.

I will show you pictures of our project later this week,
if we get them finished.

Right now I have a use for three of them . . .
that's where you come in.


Do I have the rest hauled off to maybe regret it later,
or can you help me turn them into 

I'm looking forward to reading your ideas.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)