Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, July 22, 2016

Re-Vamping to Go Camping :)

 Can you tell what this is?

Maybe this photo is better :)
I purchased some brown fabric 
and stenciled these letters onto it
with white craft paint.

My favorite tools for this are make-up sponges 
and I like to save plastic lids 
for throw away paint palettes.

 New pillow for the camper.

We have a small motor home . . .
there is a dinette but not room for a sofa.
This week I took the table out 
and built that small platform between
the two seats.
I had enough leftover fabric from making
slipcovers, when we bought it,
to cover a piece of foam and create
a small sectional.

I found that small foot stool this morning 
at a yard sale for $5.
It's small enough to tuck under the 
middle section.

 This is a little table I painted green 
this spring.
I decided to use it in the motor-home.
So I painted this on the top.

You can see the table mount on the floor,
so we still have the option to put it back in.

When we camp we like eating outside . . .
and this gives use more room inside.
Now we can fold this small table up,
put up our feet and watch a movie.

It will be nice on those days when the
weather turns bad.

I'm ready to go camping . . . 
we haven't been since a year ago last June.

Anybody what to join us?

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


Monday, July 18, 2016

From Kitchen To Bedroom

This is my new shelf . . .

This was the old one.

It is now in the bedroom :) 

Before it held dishtowels
and now it holds this quilt.

I made this quilt almost two years ago.

When I hung it here . . .
I thought I needed some pillow cases to match:)
Easy fix, I took ready-made pillowcases
and added a polka dot boarder.

I made this one for contrast . . .
and because this is one of my favorite
Bible verses.
Saying it is a great way to start my morning :) 

Look at this adorable wooden hanger.
My neighbor saw two of these in an antique shop,
and bought one for herself and one for me :)

It's from a laundry/cleaners
in San Francisco.

I do hope that you enjoyed 
your visit;
It is always a pleasure having you drop by . . .
especially when you leave a comment.

It's the only way that I know you were here.

Have A Fantastic Day
Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

An Adventure To Remember

This is Billy Clapp Lake.
It is a 5.45 mile long deep water lake
 surrounded by canyon walls.
This is where we put our kayaks in the water. 
There is a boat launch and a sand beach. 
As you may notice there are also storm cloud brewing.

Because of the storm clouds 
we decided to stick close to shore 
and explore the many sand coves 
this lake has to offer.

Look at this tree growing out of the rock.
There were some beautiful purple flowers 
growing out of the rock, too, but
my photo didn't turn out. 

After exploring the calm coves,
we got brave and decided to cross the lake.

The water was just a little bit choppy.
We were headed for that huge rock ahead of us
 it's about a half mile away.

The rock is an island and very tall,
at least a ten story building.

It had many caves.
This one was at least 12 foot high,
although it just looks like a little hole
from my photo.

As we were going around the rock,
the storm clouds were growing darker.

I quit taking photos at this point and
 dug my life jacket out of the nose of my kayak.  
The waters were getting rough out on the lake
 and we decided to head across 
before it got worse.

By the time we were out in the middle 
we were experiencing foot high waves 
and the wind was blowing hard.

My arms were aching and ready for a rest.
We headed back into one of those sandy
 protected coves and took a break.
Here were climbed the sand dune . . .

To discover this beautiful desert meadow.

Our recent rains have made them pretty and green.

After this break we paddled back along the protected shoreline.
Loaded our boats and ate lunch looking out at the water. 

It was a fun day, but a bit scary
while paddling against those waves and winds.
The thing that I did discover is that my little 
kayak handled very well.
That makes me feel good and love it even more :)

I hope you enjoyed today's post
that you will leave a comment
to let me know you visited.
Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)