Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thrift Sales & Art Barn

Don't you just love finding 
cool things at thrifty prices :)

This watermelon is made of paper mache'.
It's a Goodwill find for $3.99 
(plus my senior discount).
The pretty red scale was a gift from my 
sweet friend Shirley :)

This little polka dot chicken jar
was only $1.99, Goodwill again.

 They just give my kitchen that farmhouse feel.
I think that I've posted the pig before.
He was also a Goodwill find :)

 At a yard sale a week or so ago,
I spotted this old sled.
They were asking $20 for this and $20 for 
a small cabinet that I also purchased.
I only had $29.86 in my purse,
because I was on my way home from 
Joanne Fabrics, LOL.
So they excepted my offer of all that I had,
  for both items :)

I've made more jam this week.
Raspberry from our three bushes,
and blackberry from some berries that were given 
to me by a dear friend.

On to the Art Barn.
We had this electric fireplace/heater
in the living room of our old house.
I've had it stuck in a corner of the house,
but have wanted to bring it out here to the barn.
I just didn't think I had the room for it.

Well after rearranging and shuffling things
around, Viola, I made it fit!
It will be nice & cozy, come winter :)

There is a magic to rearranging furniture.
You always feel like you have a new room,
I love it!

 This is a chandelier that I have been working on,
for the Art Barn.

 It's a combo of an old weather wreath,
some small branches that fell from our trees,
and a set of patio canning jar lights.

Perfect for the barn :)

Last but not least . . .
This gumball machine 
was at the Goodwill for $7.99.
I filled it with old broken watches 
and clock parts.

What do you think?

If you are still here . . .
thanks for sticking it out.
I know it was a long post.

Thanks for your friendship and support.
I appreciate you all :)

Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunday Drive

Saturday it rained all day,
and hard, and today the desert was green.
Look at all the sagebrush . . .
far as the eye can see.
We turned off the main road 
to this primitive road and found . . . 

This :) 
If I were not so afraid of rattle snakes
I would want to come back here and kayak. 

This is the little town of Soap Lake.
They were having mini hydroplane races,
so, we stop and I took a couple photos.

Soap Lake has mineral rich water 
and has been thought to have healing powers.
It is a fact, that Native American Tribes
would call a truce when they came to Soap Lake.  
Here they would relax 
and heal themselves and their animals.
During the 1920 Washington State tourist guides 
referred to Soap Lake as the 
"world's greatest mineral sea".  
People came in flocks to bathe in the healing waters.
Even today there are water fountains in town 
with lake water running through them,
and many people come and fill jugs and
swear that drinking a glass full daily is
of huge benefit to their health.
I tasted it once . . . no thank you :) 

Along the northern end of the lake 
there is a camp ground.
There you can swim in the waters and even
rent a teepee for your stay. 

Moving on down the road and closer
to our destination.

Oh, I just had to try my hand at taking a selfie, LOL

 This is Blue Lake.
It is about a 35 to 40 minute drive from our home.
We were driving up here today to 
check out a couple camp grounds. 

 After seeing the camp grounds
we kind of fell in love 
with the looks of this one. 

It's off the main road 
and had this sweet swimming area.

It also has lots of shade, allows pets
and has fire-pits.
  Camping is no fun without a campfire :)
I also think it would be a great place to kayak.

We are hoping to return, 
for at least one camping trip this summer.
For today we just unpacked our picnic 
and enjoyed the pretty day.   

Well, that's it . . .
I hope you enjoyed tagging along with us.

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :) 

Happy First Day Of Summer

It's Summertime!

These photos were taken last summer . . .
They are just a prelude of what's to come.

Here's wishing you all 
A Wonderful Summer  :) 

Remember today is the longest day of the year . . .
Keep Smiling!


Your Blogging Sister,
Connie :)