Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Second Bedroom Re-Do

Some of you were surprised
that I built my own bed frames.

As you can see in these photos
it really wasn't that hard.
2X4 frames, then I covered the 
top with plywood, before putting
the mattress on.
They are quite strong.

Everything that I used to
decorate the room
came from our camper
and favorite things of ours
that hold precious memories. 
Lots of handmade items :)

Our cowboy hats. 

Here we are with our granddaughters
just after Steve retired.
We were taking them to their
first rodeo :)

A fishing trip worth remembering.

My first cowboy boots.

They used nails back then.

Steve's Dad's old camera.

This little candle holder
is from our camper.

This lampshade is actually
one of my Mom's 
old straw hats. 

I made this quilt for our camper,
as well as the pillows.
The sign and the oars I also
had made before and used here,
and the rocking chair has been
 around for a while.
It was in some things that I have
planned for a yard sale,
until I thought of adding it
to this room.

Steve's Dad's guitar.

Steve built this sweet shelf,
and I bought him the cedar flute
on a trip to Sister's Oregon
many years ago.

He would sit in the cockpit
of our sailboat and play it
in the evening when we were
anchored up for the night.

I have so many sweet memories.

This oil painting was done by
a very dear friend.

This one I swapped one of mine
for at a gallery years ago
after a showing.


This little fellow was a
Christmas ornament I purchased
a few years ago.
We have a tradition of adding
one new ornament each year.

Sock monkeys were a favorite
of Steve's since getting his
first one when he was a little boy.

That's our other bedroom . . .
like camping in a cabin in the woods . . .
instead of a farm cottage,
but I like it.

What do you think,
would you stay here?

Have a sweet day
God bless you all.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Friday, July 3, 2020

Bedroom Re-do

This is my first bedroom redo.
Ready for guests . . .
I used the same grey paint that
I used in the living room.

 I'm keeping it simple.
I had one twin bed
so I built another frame using 
the old frame for 
measurements and a pattern.

Decorating with quilts and 
things that I already
had on hand.

This lamp and table
used to be in the living room.
The table was coffee brown,
so I spray painted it white.

This antique wooden hanger
was a gift from my sweet
friend and neighbor.
I borrowed the idea of 
displaying embroidered
linens on it from her, too.

I made this bo-ho 
dream-catcher a couple years ago.
  It was hanging in the Art Barn.

The other side of the room
gives me a place for a sewing
machine, ironing board
and storage.

Oh, I took Steve's headboard,
(an old door)
cut it in half and painted
it white. 
It went from one 
kingsize headboard 
to two twin headboards :)

When your budget is nearly
nothing . . . you come up
with fresh ideas for
old things.

The only thing that I bought 
for this room was paint
and one twin bed mattress
from Amazon :)

Well, that's my post
except for this . . .

The first tomato from the garden.
We usually don't have them 
until August.

I enjoyed it in a salad
last night along with a 
Winco pizza.

Thanks for stopping by,
I love company 
enjoy reading your comments.

God bless you.
Your blogging sister,

Connie :)

Friday, June 26, 2020

DIY Home Projects

Life sometimes gives you a few lemons.
They say to make lemonade . . .
or pull yourself together
and make the most of what you have left.

That is what I have been trying to do.
I had a few unpleasant family
circumstances lately . . .
but my faith is strong and healthy
and I will survive.

People can disappoint you,
God is Good, Always!

So, onward and upward . . .
nothing I want to share,
but I will share my new living room
re-do with you.  

Our living room was yellow.
Now it is "Hush" grey.
I love reading the names of paint colors :)

I've sold and gave away much of
our furniture.
Now I am having to replace it
with a few new things
(like a TV)
and things from my Art Barn.

I almost sold my table and chairs, twice . . .
I'm so glad that I didn't :)

The next three chairs are from
the Art Barn.
Some of you may remember them.

I have to admit that I would never have
thought of putting them into the
living room, but I like them.
They are comfortable and they do
give the room a more girly look.

Well, that's my post for today.
I have also had to buy new mattresses
and build bed frames.
I'll save those for my next posts.

It will give me something to post about
and maybe get me back to blogging
visiting with my wonderful blogging sisters.

I miss you all.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)