Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Romantic Get Away - Europe and New York on a Budget?

I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe 
and never had the opportunity.  I did have the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas.  Now I am not a gambler, so what do you do in Vegas if you don’t gamble?

Well, you see some great shows and you enjoy the ambiance of Europe strolling through some of their elaborate casinos. 
I love walking and during my visit 
I walked the streets 
of Paris, Venice and 
New York.  I rode on double decker buses and I wandered through Japanese gardens. 

  I sipped coffee at 
a sidewalk café
on the streets of Paris 
and I stood awestruck 
on a street in Venice, 
while gazing at a balcony 
above me, 
while a beautiful woman 
sang opera 
and filled the plaza 
with the pureness of her 
 amazing voice.

Vegas is not just for gamblers; it is a great place for the budgeted wandering spirit.
P.S. I also bought shoes . . .
the shopping is pretty fabulous too!

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  1. Hi Connie! Welcome to the world of blogging and it's so nice to meet you! Yes, I always have a song in my heart too and based my blog title on songs. I end each post with a song.
    Now, I've been to Las Vegas and like you, I'm not a gambler but I can shop, eat and go to shows! :)
    Hope you'll come back for another visit.
    Be a sweetie,

    1. Hi Shelia,
      Thank you for the warm welcome. Check my blog in a few days, I'm working on a project that I'm sure you will like, because I'm using old sheet music. I'll be visiting your post often and hope I can convince you to follow mine too. Have a great day, and keep that song going in your heart. Your blogging friend, Connie

  2. I LOVE VEGAS and I don't gamble one bit either, so I can totally relate to and appreciate this post, Connie! These shots are phenomenal! Makes me want to go to Vegas now he he! :-)

    1. Fiona, Thank you so much for the marvelous compliment on my photos. My husband and I had our own photography studio for eight years and then we quit so I could go back to school. Most of my professional work was weddings and high school seniors. What I really like is taking photos from everyday life and putting a little artsy twist on them. Blogging is a great reason to dust off my camera and start enjoying it again, and not just getting it out for vacations and family events. By the way I love your blog and encourage anyone that might read this to visit. I have put your blog on my front page "BLOG LIST", so you're very easy to find. I hope this brings you more hits and followers, your blog is exceptional. I know anyone who visits will love it as I do. Your blogging friend, Connie

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