Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh What A Happy Day!

Hello everyone, it’s a fine day 
and I’m celebrating, 
because today I got my 50th follower! 
(photo taken at a family 4th of July party, 2010, 
before weight watchers and loosing 50 pounds )
I appreciate each and every one that 
has chosen to follow my blog.   
You have no idea how excited I get each time 
I check in and see a new follower.  
 It makes me feel like the things that 
I create are valued, not just by me, 
but by other creative souls.  
 There is a reward in knowing that others 
like what you do.   
I have met so many lovely women 
through my blogging, and I’ve just begun.  
 I love the fact that we can all come together and share our talents and the simple things 
in life that make up our daily joy.  
 I want to just give every one that follows and every one that visits, too, 
a great big hug.   
Thank you, you make my days a little brighter.  
Before I close this post I want to introduce you all to my 50th follower.  
 She is a remarkable lady who lives 
on a farm in Australia.   
That’s what I love; meeting creative folks from all over this 
beautiful planet we all call home.   
Jane calls herself “Earth Apple Jane” 
and she makes jewelry from potatoes.  
That’s what I said, dig in the ground, 
mash with butter and cream, 
served with bacon bits and chives, 
Check out her delightful blog at 

And no they are not shriveled up 
pieces of compost  . . . 
they are stunning, extraordinary, 
mind-blowing works of art.  
 So, I invite you to visit Jane, 
you’ll be glad you did.


  1. Well, now I am number 51, cause I love your dancing style :)

    1. LOL I do like to have fun at our family gatherings. This was a relay race that I planned for the 4th of July picnic. First each player had to knock a ball through four crochet hoops, next they had to put on the hat and hula skirt and dance around in a circle and finally put on an apron and chefs hat and frost and decorate a cupcake. After that the next person on the team would do the same. We had two teams of about twenty players (all ages). It made for some fun family photos.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much . . . I really thought it would probably take me a year to reach this point, so I'm on cloud nine.

  3. Connie, thank you so much!! I am so honoured to be your 50th follower! I appreciate so much your enthusiasm for my potato jewellery :) I look forward to any of your friends dropping by to take a look, but also I love what you are doing. Your journals are brilliant, and you know what, I am so happy to have met you! This is the plus side to that daunting world of technology.
    Looking forward to the next 50 ! Cheers from your 50th friend, Jane, from down underxx

    1. Jane I must say ditto to you. I'm so happy to have found you. The friend that I told you about passed away in a car accident the very same year that her daughter made this necklace for her. She (the daughter) found me on face-book a couple months ago and friend-ed me. I'm going to give her your blog address. I think it will bring back a great mother daughter memory for her. Have a bright and wonderful day! Connie

  4. Connie Connie Connie, :) Congrats! I also want to thank you for the amazing comment you posted on my blog today. Big (((HUGS)))! I'll be using it in tomorrow's post. ;)

  5. Congratulations! I love your enthusiasm! And thanks again for the oatmeal advice : )

  6. So good to hear from you. I hope the oatmeal works for you. Thank you so much for following.

  7. congratulations! looking forward to following your blog.

    1. I'm so glad that you choose to follow, thank you so much, Connie

  8. Hey girl,
    I just wanted to thank you for following my blog...I think we may have a few things in common...I am taking guitar lessons..have you been playing long??? Just today I had a thought to have my daughter do a photo session with my guitar. I have an old cowboy hat of hubby''s i could use. I have a denim shirt. I'm gonna do that tomorrow if I can.
    Anyways, I'm glad to see you on my blog.

    1. I started teaching myself to play about three and half years ago. Now I sing and play with two different groups. We play and sing at the county fair,different festivals, our farmer's market and at many nursing homes. I having so much fun. I've kind of had this secret dream (ever since I was a little girl) to be a cowgirl. So, when I'm out at thirft stores I'm always on the lookout for cowgirl shirts to wear with jeans when I play. Those shirts are pretty spendy in the western wear stores, but I find slightly wore ones for around $2 each at our local Goodwill. It's fun to play dress-up cowgirl style. Have Fun, and lots of luck with the guitar.

  9. Hi Connie! Thanks for the visit on my little blog-a-roony & the kind comment on my card makes! Thank you :) I have just had a real good read & look at your Blog, how cool are your journals,very colourful, very creative! Love your lust for life approach. And I love the pictures you took in Florida too. The gators look very scary indeed, yikes! Have good week!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments. It's so good to know that other women are enjoying what I do. Like I said before your greeting cards are wonderful. Have a great day!

  10. Nice to "meet" you Connie! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such kind comments. Congrats on losing 50!

    1. Thank you, loosing the weight was not fast like on TV it took a whole year, but in that time it taught me a lot about cooking light and paying attention to the little things we stick in our mouths without even thinking. A taste here and a taste there and the scale in not your friend any more.

  11. Wow, I'm number 64, Congratulations !

    1. ...and thank you very much, little Miss 64. Welcome, and I hope that I can keep my blog interesting enough for you to keep visiting. My door in always open. Connie

  12. Good Morning Connie Sweetie...
    Oh I am so happy that you popped over and introduced yourself.
    I love meeting new friends as well. I am now your 65th follwer.
    Yippeee, girl you are moving right on up.

    You have a beautiful blog home and so many wonderful things to share. I love the photo of you playing the guitar. Congrats on losing that BIG 50,
    what a milestone. I am clapping out loud for you.

    Hope you have a glorious Sunday sweetie. Many country hugs and much love, Sherry

    1. thanks for the sweet visit. I too am a lover of Arizona. When I was a teenage we lived in Tucson. What I remember best is the captivating sunsets . . . absolutely gorgeous. Wishing you a great Sunday also . . .and don't forget to spring your clocks ahead one hour.

  13. I just found your blog and I think you are so joyful! It made my day. I just signed up to be your newest follower :)


    1. Thanks so much for following. I have met so many talented people through this cyber media. It's just be a joy to be able to look into the creative minds of other women with similar interests.

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