Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pillows For Gypsy Rose

Hello everyone . . . I do hope that you are having a wonderful day 
and that every moment is a happy one.

Today I thought that I would post these two pillows 
that I made for the cabin of Gypsy Rose.

It was a fun project using art from 
The Graphics Fairy: 

 First I copied the art into Publisher, 
then inverted it and printed it onto transfer paper.

Next I ironed it onto fabric that I used to make my pillows.
I think that they will be perfect.  
 I don’t want to go “overboard” (play on boat terms)
with a gypsy theme, but I did want a little vintage gypsy added to the interior. 

What do you think? 
 I cannot wait to have the interior done and show you 
the finished cabin.

Also this week I received this amazing package in the mail from Meri Wiley 
I was her 400th follower and she blessed me with this

And these . . . they are postcards.  I haven’t quite decided what I am going to do
 with them, but I have a lot of ideas going through my head.  
 I am thinking that they might even make a great signature card,
that I can use to end each post with
see what you think.

Well, I am leaving Steve and Butchy for a few days 
and heading to Oregon to visit our daughter and granddaughters.   
I’ll catch up with you all when I get back . . . 
unless I have some time to blog while I’m there.   
Have a wonderful weekend and see you all soon.

Your blogging sister, 
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  1. Yes, the postcards are great for the end of your post. I am envisioning Gypsy Rose as a floating love nest. The pillows are so romantic. I keep changing my inner picture of what she will look like!

    1. Hi Donna, I envision a gypsy wagon as having lots of pillows and rich colors. Her cabin is small but I think that I can give it a little gypsy flare. Our ideas of romance change a bit after 37 years, but we are very much in love, and a little romance is a good thing:)

  2. I haven't seen you in awhile, and I now think I was off the day of your post below. Your tulips and drawings are wonderful! These pillows are awesome! And I like that each Gypsy has a musical instrument. I love everything about them!! I hope you have a great trip!

  3. I lost my comment, I hope it is because of comment moderation!

    1. you are such a sweetie . . . look I found it :)

  4. Those cushions are just perfect and will certainly brighten Gypsy Rose up. Enjoy your break with your daughter and granddaughters, I am sure they will be thrilled to be able to spend time with you xxx

    1. Hello Fran, I'm looking froward to spending time with them.. I'm planing a picnic for Saturday . . . we'll have a great time and mom can stay home and get some studying done :) I just hope the weather is nice :) If not we'll visit the library or grab our umbrellas and take a nice walk. I hope that your weekend is a nice one, too. I've got dinner in the oven with about 20 more minutes until ready, so I'm off :)
      I love your sweet visits, Connie :)

  5. I love your pillows- I've been thinking of making a couple for our new camper. Be safe traveling- I am jealous- what beautiful country you will be going to.

  6. The pillows are so cute. That was a great gift from a blogging friend.

  7. Lovely cushions Connie, Looking forward to the cabin reveal!

  8. How clever! They are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your idea!

  9. The pillows are just the thing for Gypsy Rose!! Yes, I like the cards for your signature. Have a great time with your daughter and granddaughters!!!! I will look forward to seeing the inside of the boat also. Nancy

  10. The pillows look very nice :). They will fit perfectly in The Gypsy Rose. And congratulations on winning such lovely gifts!

    Have a great day, a pleasant stay with your daughter and family and a safe journey.


  11. Hi Connie, the cushions are really lovely!!! Great post and photos!

  12. Your cushions are beautiful and just the thing to cozy up Gypsy Rose. Transfer paper is the best!
    Happy travels full of love, Connie.

  13. Wow.. what a great idea you had Connie, The pillows look great. There is nothing better than making a cabin cosy and comfy.
    I think it a great idea to use the cards for your signature on your blog..
    Enjoy your time with your daughter and grandchildren.. always special times..
    happy days and sending you big hugs Connie.
    your blogging friend val x x x

  14. Dear Connie. I have not known how to transfer an image onto fabric and was scared to try : ) Seeing your pictures has made me see that it is not too complicated after all. I remember those postcard images from Graphics Fairy - lovely

    Big Hugs

    Lesley x

  15. I forgot to say thank you for your comment on my Careful ways freebie. I think your suggestion to ask 'Will this make me happy' etc was so good and I wanted to put it on the image, but I had problems adding my text to the image and could not face going back and changing it.

  16. Love the cushions Connie they'll look lovely on board your boat. Have a great time with your family and a safe journey. The postcards are excellent and a good idea to finish your posts.
    Patricia x

  17. Hi Connie!
    Love your blog ..I just joined your site !!! I adore Gypsies I am one for Halloween every year !!

    Be well,

  18. pretty pillow. Have fun in Oregon.


  19. Gypsy Rose is going to be one heck of a decorated vessel! These pillows are swanky cool! Love the images! The postcards will be great too...maybe in an album about your crafty self???

  20. Cute pillows, what a lovely package from Meri :) Have a great weekend! xx Holly

  21. Hi Connie! Thank you for stopping by my blog, becoming a follower and leaving that wonderful comment. I like your cushions! I am wanting to make some new ones for my living room and this gives me some ideas for images on them. I have been looking around your blog and I am in awe of your artistic talent. Your art journal pages are absolutely amazing. Thank you for bringing sunshine my way, and for the invitation to come visit you :)

  22. Connie,
    Love the pillows, as I am a bit of a gypsy myself. You did a great job.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  23. Great pillows. I hope the weather in Oregon is nice for you. I woke up to 35 degrees and snow here in WA. I had to run and take down all my hanging baskets. :-(