Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sunday, June 17, 2018

June Happenings

It's been a very busy, 
but enjoyable month.
First, I want to give you a brief
tour of the gardens.

This is our first year to grow cabbage. 

It's looking good, even the bees like it :) 

Here's the zucchini patch.

I haven't picked any yet, 
but look, can you see that first one?
I'll probably pick it for tomorrow's dinner.

Last week I started seeing quail
in the yard.
Aren't they pretty? 

We have tomatoes on the vine :) 

And the dill reseeded itself,
wasn't that sweet?

For the past two weeks my nephew
from Indiana
has been here visiting.
This is him loading up to leave.
Him and his wife are now on their
way to Alaska.

I saved some vegetable tins
and planted them up with succulents. 

This little crate was a yard sale find
years ago.
I think it gives them a cute
farmhouse look.

While I was taking photos in the yard,
I thought that I would show two of
my favorite garden ornaments.
Our daughter made us this back in 
March of 2008.
It is the footprints of our 
two sweet granddaughters
when they were toddlers. 

And this stepping stone was a gift
to ourselves on our 25th anniversary.

I've started buying quilting supplies 
for winter.  Once the weather gets cold
and the roads are icy, I plan on
staying home and quilting :)


This sells for 17.99 a yard at our 
Joanna Fabrics.
I bought 40 yards for $200 on Amazon.
That's $5 a yard.

And reason to do my happy dance :)

 I also bought more fabric.
I always wash it and iron it before
using it.

So this afternoon 
I ironed and folded these.

I buy my fabric online and I always
buy last year's designs.
You can find them for half price or less.


I have one more item to show you
before I say good-bye. 
Yesterday I had to run to Home Depot
and on my way I saw a Yard Sale sign.
So of course I stopped.

This is what I purchased for $3.
it's on a lazy Susan
and will be very handy next to my 
sewing machine.

That's it . . .
if you're still here
and I haven't bored you to death,
Thanks so much for visiting.
Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)



  1. No! You could never bore anyone! Your gardens are ahead of mine and doing amazingly well! Finally my yard long beans are growing. How about yours? What are the names of the places you order material from? I have never done that but it sounds like a winner. I thought about buying a roll of batting but decided against it. I don't seem to accomplish that many quilts, storage is a problem and if I have a coupon or a sale I just buy the packaged. I am sure you will use yours up quickly as you make so many pretty quilts. you are always finding the best thrift deals! I have a little container like that one you put your succulents in. It is just sitting doing nothing now. That is a cute idea with the jars. Enjoy your week! Nancy

  2. Your garden looks great. Ours is growing like crazy with all the rain and sun we have been having. Great deal on the sewing things. I have gotten the bug for sewing now, so making a few things.

  3. I enjoyed the tour of your garden and am envious of your many little tomatoes. You'll be having quite the crop.
    The Quail is such a pretty bird. So elegant!
    Have a great week!!

  4. Connie, all your delicious produce will keep you going for months. How delightful it is to the eyes. Wow, that batting was a bargain and I must say you have a pretty selection of fabrics there for those cold winter months that will visit you later on in the year. Your Summer garden is truly a visual feast.

  5. HI Connie, Your garden is gorgeous ! Everything is really flourishing and growing so well. And we love your yard sale find - how useful ! Great idea to stock up on fabric and quilting supplies in preparation for the cold weather. Thanks so much for all these great photos ! Love and blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  6. WOW, your garden looks amazing. That cabbage looks great. That is quite a deal on the batting. What a savings. Great find at the yard sale too. That would be very handy

  7. Your garden is beautit! Where do you buy your fabric? The batting is now on sale for $92.!!!!!

  8. Thank you for the lovely visit! You always make my heart smile!

  9. Oh my you saved a lot ordering from Amazon. That's a good idea to stock up now for the winter. You'll have plenty to do during those long months. Good find on that caddy. It looks like it would be handy most anywhere. You're quite the gardener Connie. Your garden looks amazing as always.
    xx Beca

  10. Things looking great in your garden and sounds like you will be busy this winter. : )

  11. I loved this visit to your garden and home. It always looks so peaceful. Using tins to plant in is a great idea. I love the look. Your yard sale find is wonderful. Me thinks it will prove to be very useful to you. A great buy on Amazon too. I'm like you. When the snow is flying, I'm staying home.

  12. Love the lazy Susan yard sale find! That's a great price! Your garden looks wonderful! I have to ask... do you have a trick for keeping squirrels out of it? I'd love to hear it if so :-) Have a wonderful afternoon!


  13. I love your June happenings, I would love to be your neighbor!

  14. Your garden is looking fantastic, that is a great deal on your quilt batting, with that much you will be able to get quite a few quilts done.
    Wow that supply holder at Michaels is quite expensive, you did terrific getting it for $3!!

  15. You've had a lovely June.

  16. It was a nice tour in your post...
    Nice to see your garden with veggies. Cabbage, tomatoes are awesome! Love to have them too!
    Quail looks beautiful! Beautiful sweet memories of your garden ornaments!
    Your fabrics looks beautiful:)

  17. Beautiful vegetable garden, and thrift finds! It is always satisfying to find crafty supplies/tools/material for a bargain.
    Enjoy your bounty!

  18. Wow you have the makings for some fried green tomatoes yum! Have you ever eaten the squash flowers? my gram used to make some type of batter add the flowers and fry them it was something like a pancake but not sweet they were delicious. Your cabbage is coming great and also the dill I grow lots of dill and cucumbers I make lots of polish pickles Keep up that beautiful garden Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  19. Connie, your yard and gardens look like something out of a magazine! Everything is so pretty! I love that stack of pretty fabrics. I do that too; wash, iron, and fold the new pieces. That's about as much fun as making something. :)

  20. Oh, would never be possible for you to bore us! Your gardens are amazing. We have a small yard and not enough sun, so we're limited on how much we can grow and where. All we're growing this year is a few tomatoes plants and a sugar snap pea plant. I love the photo of the quail. I've never seen one up close!

  21. Not bored at all with your post! Your gardens look amazing and so much further ahead of us here in central Oregon. It was such a dry winter here.. just hasn't been much rain and had 2 months of very gray days. Nothing seems to want to grow. Your place looks absolutely LUSH!! So glad you're getting your quilting supplies in for the winter... nothing like planning ahead. I have tons of fabric I got from a neighbor and didn't know whether to wash it or not. Some say they do, some don't. I'm planning on starting a strip quilt for my son's 40th birthday. About time I made him a quilt! It's from scraps and strips I've saved for the last 42 years and have some scraps left from clothes I made him! Should be fun and I'm anxious to start it. I think summer has finally arrived here but now it's too hot! ha ha... I knew that would happen. Take care.. Marilyn