Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, June 25, 2018

Kraut Canning

There is a first time for everything
and this is our first year to make kraut.

Our cabbages look so pretty
standing there in a row like 
proud little soldiers.
They look almost too lovely
to pick.

We are beginners and have been
watching "You Tube" to learn 
how to make kraut.

So we are using two methods.
The fresh kraut method where you 
pack your cabbage add sugar, salt and
 vinegar, and then water bath.
Which these are.

Then there is the fermented cabbage.
That is the traditional old fashioned way.
We decided to try both and see
which we like best.
This is our cabbage sitting in a safe
place covered and fermenting 
in a food grade bucket.

I love the look of canning jars
decorating my farmhouse kitchen.

Please don't ask for our recipes . . .
wait and see if we're still alive 
after eating these, LOL. 

Elsewhere in the garden . . .
my hollyhocks are blooming.

I couldn't get these to grow by the
front porch where I first planted them,
so I threw them over by the compost pile
and here they are, loving their new home.
Go figure :)

The blackberries are going gangbusters.

Aren't they beautiful!

The grape vines are climbing
across the gate.

And filling in nicely.

We have several different 
varieties of grapes planted here.
We don't know their names,
they were a sweet gift from a 
former resident of our home.

Well, that's it for today . . .
I've got to get a wiggle on,
and start checking some things off
my "To Do List".

Have a sweet day
and thanks so much for visiting.
I wish we had time to sit out on
the porch and sip tea together.

I am sure we would find lots to 
talk about between our 
laughter and giggles.

It doesn't matter how old a 
little girl gets,
she still enjoys a good case of
the giggles :)

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. Oh your blackberries and grapes look so wonderful! :-) Your yard is just lovely! Looking forward to see how your recipe turned out ;-) Have a great day!


  2. I envy you. I use to love kraut, but the store bought ones don't taste good anymore. Of course nothing taste better than fresh grown and can vegetables from your garden. Can't wait til you tell us how they turned out.

  3. I'm not a canner, but I love the sight of canned preserves lining a pantry shelf!!

  4. Yum. I love sauerkraut. My ex husband made it in a big crock and it was so good. Look forward to hearing which method you like better

  5. Connie, I love seeing your beautiful garden veggies and also the lining up of your canned foods. I think it so pretty and shows how much you have worked. My aunt used to can everything. I always loved seeing jellies and jams and canned peaches and cherries. Blessings to you and your husband, xoxo, Susie

  6. I don't remember ever canning cabbage...but your recipe sure sounds good. Fermentation of cabbage is fun, I do it by the quart and it tastes great. After fermenting I put the jar in the frig, always ready for a pork dinner. YUM!!!

  7. I love sauerkraut! Your cabbages did look so pretty sitting in a row. =)

  8. Your garden is lovely. Keep us up to date with the kraut. Yes all those jars look great on the shelves. Have a great day. Hugs.

  9. I love the look of your jars lined up in the kitchen. It looks so home-y ( if that's even a word).
    Your Hollyhocks look lovely. Mine will be opening soon but as usual the leaves have a problem with Hollyhock Rust.
    Fortunately this doesn't affect the blooms at all.

  10. Look how HEALTHY all those plants are--and full of fruit!!! I do love the sign of cans all lined up with their pretty products showing through. Sorry to say you can have my share of sauerkraut---it doesn't like me! My hubby used to love it back when he could eat anything.

    I would love to sit a spell on the porch with you. There is nothing in the world like shared laughter. xo Diana

  11. Your fresh produce does look so good! I tried to make kraut many years ago but failed at it. So, I prefer the fresh cabbage made into slaw. ;)

  12. Oh how I would love to come up there and go blackberry picking! You must have some sort of "micro climate" there! Everything is growing as if you lived in a greenhouse! Wow. My hollyhocks have hardly grown at all. Everything is stunted. I'm curious how your kraut will come out. I've never canned that. I'm just picturing making blackberry jelly! Oh yum. Everything looks like it's growing like crazy... have a great week! xoxoxo Marilyn

  13. I'll be eager to hear which kraut you like better! I bet they have different tastes, and both are good. We used to teach at a boarding school in Iowa with Korean students, and they LOVE "kimchi," a spicey fermented cabbage dish that's popular throughout Korea. One year the chemistry teacher made kimchi with them in class :)

  14. My goodness that is a lot of cabbages. I too love rows of preserves all lined up in a row. Your garden is looking a treat, Connie. I guess your Hollyhocks had their own idea of where they wanted to bloom. =)

  15. I love seeing preserving jars filled with home grown produce. Interesting 2 different methods.

  16. Not a fan of kraut but my husband sure likes it.

  17. You sure do have a green thumb Connie. I wish you were my neighbor. I could use a little help. :)
    xx Beca

  18. I love sauerkraut! I recently got a book that is all about fermenting. I haven't had a chance to use the book unfortunately. I'll be curious to find out how your two types of kraut taste.

  19. Not a fan of Kraut. Mom used to make sour kraut and winnies and I hated those dinners. haha.
    Your cabbage is perfect! Nice crop.

  20. I'm just smiling thinking about all the craziness we would have together! Love the cabbages in a row and those blackberries! I love to pick blackberries. Let me know when they are ripe and I'll help you! My teeth will be black though! heeheehee! Hugs!

  21. I can't wait to hear how your kraut turns out - and which one you like the best! I love sauerkraut and I know it's really good for your gut health. My mom tried making it (the fermenting method) and hers didn't turn out. So if you end up having a tried and true recipe, I hope you will share it! Your gardens are just amazing. I can't believe the blackberries and grapes - wow! And then how wonderful is it that your hollyhocks decided to grow where you dumped them. It's almost like, "We'll show YOU, lady!" ha ha

  22. Oh my look at all the berries you better get some extra canning jars When I was a little girl my grandparents on my dads side came from Poland and my grandpa went to work for the railroad and my grama made homemade sauerkraut, kielbasa and perogies and Polish pickles and sold them in a tiny store that was attached to their house when I seen your cabbage it made me think of them I make Polish pickles so I am growing lots of dill and cucumbers. Your grapes also bring back memories my Italian grandpa used to have arbors and arbors of grapes and he and my gram made homemade wine . I am wondering if these grapes are like his do they have really tough skins but the inside is super sweet? being half polish and half Italian are the best of both food worlds I loved it. Your kraut looks amazing pair it with some kielbasa or beef dogs so delicious! You have a lot to look forward to lucky you!

  23. Everything looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to your opinions on both kraut-making methods!

  24. Hi Connie, saw your sweet face at another blog (via comments) so hopped over to check out what you've been up to! My Mama used to make kraut and can many foods. (I've never canned at all, and used to say that was on my bucket list. Nah, forget that as I've gotten older). You certainly did have some handsome cabbage plants, and the kraut in the jars looks pretty too. Some in my family like kraut. I'm not a fan of 'sour', so I eat little of it, and that little can't be too strong. I'm fairly certain Mama didn't do the fermenting...I think she used the hot water bath. Loved seeing all the great photos you've shared. Would love to see your farm kitchen (or a link if you've already posted here). Don't work too hard, you've got a lot of produce to pick & put up! TFS & Hugs.

  25. Everything looks so lucious in your garden! My hollyhock is starting to bloom but I have been having a battle with those little rust bumps that get on the leaves. I didn't see any on yours. Are you not bothered with that? Your sauerkraut looks good and I hope both ways turn out delicious. After watching that workshop I have decided I am not going to tackle it. So many blackberries on your bushes. Yum! Love seeing home canned goodies on the shelves! Nancy

  26. Well I'm not a kraut fan so no worries about me asking for your recipe!!! LOL! I do love cabbage though. I put it in vegetable soup. There is also a salad I like making with it. I've heard fermented food is supposed to be really good for you. Hey thanks for the bee skep craft on the other lady's blog. I hope to try to make some....sometime. I told my Shug after our July party, I'm getting crafty. We'll see if it really happens. (sigh)


  27. I love Kraut. Mom said that my Great Grandmother used to put in down in wooden barrels on the porch and the kids used to sneak the lids off and eat it. Your cabbages and grapes look so darn pretty. How do you keep beetles off of them? We used to as kids go out with oil in a can and pick them off as that was one of our chores. Mom loved to make wine. A family tradition of sorts, all aunts and uncles made it. Your garden brought me back fond memories. Betsy

  28. My doctor wants me to start fermenting foods. She thinks it will help with my food intolerances. But I've been intimidated by the process. Was it difficult to make?

  29. Let me know how the Kraut turns out. Mom and did some back in the mid 70s. Every dang jar exploded. We never did that again. LOL

  30. I love a good case of the giggles! :) Your cabbage...your grapes....oh my word. Enjoy that wonderful harvest! I've looked into fermentation in the past, but am not quite there yet! I know how good it is for the health though.

  31. Can't wait to hear which kraut you like best! I've never tried making it either. Your cabbages do look fabulous! I have just 6 planted. We always enjoy them. I love fried, and steamed cabbage, plus I have a dutch oven pork chop recipe that is delish. then lastly I make holuska. Basically it's cabbage and potato dumplings. A family recipe from my dads Czechoslovakian heritage. You are going to be busy making grape juice and blackberry jam soon. I love bottling and they really are so pretty to look at!

  32. Talk about a green thumb!! Everything you put in the ground grows like crazy! I have never been able to grow cabbages. That row of yours really is too pretty to use. I love kraut and would love to make some. You have inspired me to try growing cabbage next year, and get them in the ground early spring. You have such a pretty place there!

  33. I hope they turn out for you and you like them, I have never been much for kraut but my hubby loves it. Your cabbage looks great! My favorite has got to be the way the grape vines are hanging over the gate, that is just so cool!! I agree we are never too old to have a good giggle :) Have a great rest of your week!

  34. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. It was a joy to see all your preserves on the shelves all ready for eating. Your garden is looking amazing, you are certainly blessed with a green finger.

  35. Trying to catch up reading your posts! Your cabbage and everything else if just beautiful. Everything looks so healthy. I am not a kraut fan but it sure looks pretty. All your canned goods are pretty. Your Summer Solstice post is full of gorgeous photos as well. Hoe I would love to sit and drink tea with you...I get the giggle pretty easily. We could have such fun! Hugs, Vicky