Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, July 30, 2018

Picking Flowers

When I was a little girl I loved picking flowers.
I also loved playing in the 
meadows and woods. 
Back then it was safe to let your
children play all over the neighborhood
and if you got hurt, there was always 
a friendly neighbor with a bandage.

It's sweet to remember those times
and I wish it were more like that now.
Anyway, getting back to my story . . .
One of my favorite things to do was
pick Momma a wildflower bouquet.

Well, I'm all grown up
but my heart still holds a place for
that little girl that loved picking flowers.

Now I'm an old girl, 
and I still love picking flowers :)

 This little bouquet is from a mix
of everything that is blooming in our yard.

 I kept turning the vase to see
which angle made the best photo. 

Then I aimed my camera down 
on the top of the bouquet. 
I'm not going to ask you which angle 
you liked best.

Because I've already decided.
The answer is:
That when you are looking at the beauty
of something so amazing as a flower.
How can you not be in awe of our 
All Mighty Sweet Lord?

There is no angle in which a flower
is not magnificent. 

Wishing you all a very beautiful day.

Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :) 


  1. Connie, You are a little cutie pie. Love the pictures. You know yourself most moms got bouquet of dandelions and loved then as roses. LOL. I love your beautiful bouquet. Taking the picture from the top lets us see each flower. Blessings to you, hope you are enjoying your summer. xoxo, Susie

  2. You haven't changed! You look just like that very first photo as a little girl. And I love your pretty sweater. How wonderful to look back and see how much some things have meant to you....and to me! This is a precious post my friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. Lovely flowers from your yard! I really enjoyed the memory you shared of picking wildflowers for your mother.


  4. Exactly! They are beautiful, and I have always loved picking flowers too. You were a cutie!

  5. I was going to say, "I like them all." What a cute little girl you were! Really, you haven't changed all that much!

  6. I just love fresh cut flowers. They brighten up any room.

  7. Precisely! Flowers are all amazing creations. I often say I have a favourite, but they are all my favourites. I loved and still love creating flower bouquets.

  8. Never a truer word said, truly beautiful.

  9. I too, am happiest when picking posies of flowers. How pretty your garden must look and smell at the present. I love the sweet photo of you when you were a wee girl. Love that jumper are, love, love the decorations.

  10. Nothing lkike flowers to gladden the heart is there?

  11. How adorable you were. Some things we never outgrow and flower picking is one of them. Those are really pretty

  12. Oh, Bonnie! CUTE photos of young Bonnie!
    You have a lot of the same blooms that I do. It's time to refill my jars with freshly picked flowers.
    Don't you LOVE zinnias?

  13. Our neighbourhood is save for children to roam freely :-)
    My boys are not much into picking wildflowers though, they prefer kicking a ball. You were a sweet little girl and big girl, such lovely photos of your younger self.

  14. You were an adorable little girl and love that first picture with that hat and the sepia tone. Wouldn't that picture make a cute greeting card with a catchy little verse under it? I have seen little vintage cards like that. So sweet.
    Love those vases of fresh flowers, Such beauty God gives us. Just gotta take the time to notice. I am doing more of that these days. Wonderful post! - Betsy

  15. Even a few gathered blooms are enough to raise the spirits.

  16. A friend and I were just talking about that same thing just a few days ago. We would disappear on our bicycles and be gone all day and no one worried about us. Plus, if you did something wrong, your parents knew about it before you got home. There was no blaming someone else. You could be spanked by the neighbor that caught you doing it and then you would go home and be spanked again!
    Your flowers are just lovely. And again, you are so right. There is no wrong angle. God made them perfect from every direction.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  17. It seems you were meant to be in the garden. Sweet memories Connie. I love that picture of you as a young one. It is amazing that God created everything and left it all for us to enjoy. We can find his love even picking flowers.
    xx Beca

  18. Oh the first picture of you is so cute. You were adorable. The thought that came to my mind is that you look like you could have been one the little rascals. : )

  19. Oh Connie, I love those pictures of you. You still have that same sweet kind face. You look like a girl who would love flowers and picking them for your mother. The flowers in the vase are beautiful! Connie, I enjoyed your comment about the lady and the life-like baby doll left in the back seat. Can you imagine someone calling the police!! That is so funny.

  20. Hi Connie, Beautiful flowers! I am so thankful for all the beauty that God created when he created the heaves and earth! Enjoy each day! Nancy

  21. Lovely bouquet, I so agree you can't see all the beauty and not see God's handy work in it all! I was just telling hubby after working out in the garden that God gave us the love of gardening so that we could still play in the dirt as adults :)

  22. Awwww... you were adorable then and still adorable now. And I love that inside you are still that little girl who loves to pick flowers. I think your photos are amazing and I agree that God gives us so many beautiful things to enjoy. I always love coming here to visit and see what you're up to. Happy Thursday my sweet friend!

  23. I remembered those childhood days as well, what a cutie you were and still are. I love picking flowers, I have a vase of sunflower on my table that I cut from my backyard a few days ago. I said to my mom today while holding a white Rose of Sharon bloom,"Look how much detail the Lord put in each of his flowers" Sadly, our busy lives keeps us from seeing it. Have a cozy evening.

  24. What a sweet little picture Connie! Just darling! When I was little, and lived in town in Portland, I remember going around to neighbors' yards and picking their flowers! so I could take them home to mom! Oh my.. did I really do that??? Yes I did. I had no idea that's something I shouldn't have done! I still have an urge to pick (I mean uh... photograph) the beautiful flowers in neighborhoods where I"m walking! Especially when I go to the beach, everything is so lush there, I just want to photograph everything! I guess photos will have to do me this year, as my flowers in the yard are very sad and not many that I can pick. Your bouquet is stunning and I love every flower in it! Hugs.. Marilyn