Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Trees, Dish Towels & Another Quilt.

We got a head start on Spring by having 
the trees in the front yard groomed.

Two removed.

They should provide some great wood
for the fire-pit and for camping :) 

The four closer to the house we
had topped out.
We're looking at less shade this summer,
but at least there are no dead limbs 
hanging over our heads :) 

While they were working on the trees,
I had them replace my swing rope
with a new one. 

I bought this last week . . .

and started some dish towels.
they're nice and portable to work on . . .
I like that.

I've also started another quilt.
I'm using these 5 inch charm pack squares
from Moda . . .

along with these fabrics from my stash. 

Well, that's what's going on in our neck of the woods,
except for doctor visits and tests.
We've been to the clinic  
three days this week and are going back today.

Still waiting for their final descision
and finding out what's going on with my Steve.

If your a christian I would like to ask
you to pray for my Steve.
He's my sweetheart and it kills me
to see him in pain.
This April we will celebrate 
our 43 anniversary :)

Thank you . . .

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. I will definitely be in prayer for Steve. It’s so hard when they’re not well isn’t it? Dennis sneezes and I panic. I can have all kinds of things wrong with me and it’s no big deal. Funny how that works. That was a good idea having them replace the rope while they were already up in the trees. I was just thinking about embroidery the other day too. I may get some towels and start working on that myself after I finish my Crosstitch project. Many blessings always, Betsy

    1. Hi Betsy, I feel awful that you're are coming up as anonymous on my comments, but happy that you add your name so that I know it is you. It makes it impossible to click on your name and go to your blog and I truly miss that. So, if you come back and read this, please email me a new link to your blog. I miss visiting:)

  2. I will definitely keep Steve in my prayers... and you also. It's not easy to watched your beloved suffer, so I'll pray for strength for you. I can't wait to see your quilt, the colors you have chosen are gorgeous. We removed three large pine trees several years ago and it made me so sad to see them go.

    1. Hi Debi, thank you for your prayers, I greatly appreciate them. There is so much power in prayer.
      Cutting the trees is always sad, but they will come back stronger and healthier, there was just too much old and dead in the tops and when the wind blew we never knew what might fall.
      I'm happy you like the fabric and colors of my newest quilt project. They are much richer than I usually use, it's a nice change :)

  3. Those dish towels look so cute already with their new design! Another lovely quilt underway too! Isn't it lovely to have a new project to do! Sending special thoughts for a positive outcome to all those medical appointments for Steve.
    Good to get the garden in order and the trees pruned. Keep smiling, Connie. I know you're good at that.

    1. Hi Sandra, I'm trying to keep smiling . . . I found that sometimes if you just make yourself smile . . . soon your attitude changes and your mood gets happier. Music and singing help boost my mood and cheer me up too. Thank you for your emails, I've truly enjoyed getting to know you better, sweet friend.

  4. I love having light embroidery projects I can take on long car rides.

    The "DAY" embroidery projects will be so cute.

    1. They're nice with all of our doctor appoints, too . . . so portable :)

  5. I'm praying for Steve and for you, Connie. Uncertainty is hard. Your tea towels will be so pretty and embroidery is a great portable project. The quilting fabrics you've chosen will make a lovely quilt. Hugs,

  6. You have been busy. I feel like we have been in hibernation. I do hope they can help. I wish you both all the best. Warm hugs. Christine.

  7. So sorry to hear about your dear husband Steve, he will of course be in my prayers. I like to have a grab and go projects (portable) for taking to Doctors/Hospital appointments.

  8. I'll say a prayer for Steve. I hope everything goes well for him!

  9. The dishtowels are so adorable. Reminds me of childhood and that is always a good feeling. Prayers for your Steve and for you, too.

  10. Hi Connie, Your yard sure looks different than ours! The wind chill here has gotten to minus 40 or minus 50 below and snow but I think we are on a little warm up now. I love your tea towels. Want to add them to my long list of to do's! LOL You are much farther along on your beautiful quilt than I am on mine but I did get to work some yesterday and this afternoon. Thankful for that! Time to nap now. Praying for Steve! I hope you can find some answers and relief today! Nancy

  11. Oh, I hope the doctors can find out what is wrong with your Steve. I will most definitely remember him and you, lovely Connie, in my prayers. The tea towel is darling and I love the fabrics in your new quilt. So much glorious colour and pattern happening there. Take care, lovely lady♥

  12. Sending prayers for Steve.
    Love your stitching project. I have a bunch of iron on transfers. I should do something like that

  13. Prayers for Steve. It is hard when our loved ones are not well.

  14. I hope you get some answers. Praying for Steve!

  15. Wow those trees sure did get groomed.
    Really like the dish towels.
    Pretty material.
    Just said a prayer for Steve.

  16. The dishtowels are so cute. I 'cut my teeth' on similar prints at my mother's knee. We used a lot of dishtowels back then, didn't we? No dishwashers to do it for us. I am praying for your sweetheart.

  17. I didn't realize you had such big trees by your house. They are looking very trim now and as you say, no more danger of falling branches. Our neighbour had the last of his big old trees cut down last week and now the roofing crew has finished repairing the hole in his roof.
    Praying for Steve and for some definite answers from the doctor.

  18. Connie, sorry to hear that your hubby has been having some health issues, and we will say prayers for him, and for you as well.

    Like your trees, with their military haircuts; high and tight..~LOL!

    New dish towels are always nice to have, and it's fun to have some to embroider, and the pattern is darling.

    Smiles and {{hugs}}

    p.s. our anniversary is in April too! Spring weddings are wonderful :)

  19. Your projects are always so pretty. Embroidery reminds me of mama. She always had a set of pillowcases or something pretty she was working on and kept the basked by her rocking chair. I will remember Steve in my prayers.

  20. I have a vintage dishtowel obsession, so I love love love those dishtowels. Just adroable! If you ever get too many, send them my way. Haha.

  21. Having trimmed the trees will give peace of mind, especially when storms are rolling in the area.
    How exciting to see that you are working on hand embroidering a kitchen towel! That is a very cute pattern, I have it in my stash pending,
    planning to stitch one of the designs on my lap quilt project! Can’t wait to see your towel done! Those fabrics are lovely, another beautiful
    happy quilt in the making!
    Hoping all is well with your husband’s health! I imagine how nerve wracking it must be not able to have immediate answers.

  22. You and Steve have most definitely been in my prayers since I've heard he's been not feeling well. I pray that you soon find out a solution for his quick recovery! Your new quilt looks like it's going to be yummy. The colors are so pretty! Hugs to you.. Marilyn

  23. Lovely old-style kitchen towel! I like it-will be perfect for Easter!

  24. I am keeping your husband in my prayers. I hope they find out what's wrong and get the right treatment. My husband had terrible pain about a year ago and I know how hard it is when you can't do anything about it. He has medication to help now...thankfully. I love your pretty dishtowels! Enjoy your weekend!

  25. Hi Connie, I'm not a Christian but I will still pray for your
    Your dish towels are wonderful!

  26. Good idea to get the trees trimmed, never want something to fall on you or the house. Looks like you have great fabrics for your new quilt and those embroidery stitchings are too cute! I have already put Steve on my prayer list and prayed just now, may God give wisdom to the Doctors and his healing touch on Steve.

  27. Wow, you really did groom that tree, Connie. It looks great! It was good to do it now before it gets too hot. I love that purple and yellow fabric. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    I will say a prayer for your Steve, Connie. Thinking of you and sending comforting thoughts.

    love, ~Sheri

  28. Connie, what is wrong with Steve? Did I miss something earlier on your blog? I will definitely keep both of you in my prayers!

    I love all the beautiful, bright, cheery colors you use in your work. I have your Valentine's Day banner hanging over my bed right now. I just did a blog post and mentioned you in there. :-)

  29. I hope this comment finds your Steve feeling better, ya know not many woman would be as loving as you after so many years, that is so wonderful and refreshing! You know they say a real love story never has an ending...bless your heart i will pray for Steve and you