Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring . . . I'm So Glad To See You

What says Spring more than seeing
the trees in full bloom?  

I just want you to know 
that we are not allowing cancer 
to become a giant that steals our joy.
God is much bigger than cancer!

Life is a gift to be enjoyed
and we intend on enjoying every single minute. 

Walking around our little country home 
and seeing all the beautiful signs of Spring
has been so delightful.

I hope I don't bore you with my photos.

It's just nice finally getting 
some warm days 
and enjoying the sunshine. 

I've even done a little gardening. 

I planted onions, beets and turnips
in the bed behind that little fence.

Look at the chives . . .
I think it's time to bake potatoes :)

Steve had a couple of good days
this week and he worked on my potting shed door.

So, I cleaned it up and took my little 
plants out there to get some sunshine.

 Today even the dandelions made me happy.

These are the trees we had topped.
Steve took his binoculars outside
and tried to find some sign of life in them.
Hopefully it is just too early.

We purchased a couple patio shades,
because those trees are not going to be
giving us much shade this year.
I'm sure the shades will help.

This old rusty cow is a shoe scraper.
I bought her many years ago at a yard sale.
She stands by the backdoor;
poor old girl, she looks like me . . .
a bit worn with age, LOL.

 If you are still here . . .
I want to thank you all again for your prayers.
We do not take prayers lightly and concider
each and every one a true blessing.

Thank you so much!

Connie :)



  1. Hi Connie- great to hear from've been busy which is good- do like your variety of photos. Thinking of you and Steve. Best Wishes. KEV.

  2. Connie, so good to see you herer today. I thinkof you often and you are in my prayers.
    Spring brings such hope, doesn't it? You have some lovely things going on....your seeds will be up soon and flowering.

  3. How wonderful to visit your beautiful place, Connie and enjoy all the gloriousness that Spring brings. Cancer is an insidious disease but as you say we need to grab each day with both hands and joy in what it gives us. Sending you and your beloved Steve many beautiful thoughts and prayers. Enjoy those spring-filled days, lovely lady. God bless you both♥

  4. Thanks for the walk around your yard. It looks like spring has definitely sprung there. I like the patio shades, they look great and will keep you cool when the sun is beating down

  5. What lovely blossom and so lovely to see so much of your garden as things start to grow. You've been planting too! Well done. So great to see you enjoying all these things despite health problems. The planted boots made me smile! I can see you getting out the paintbrush on that cute cow shoe-scraper!

  6. Spring is a time of new beginnings and inner strength I feel. I will continue to say prayers for you both. Take one day at a time and like you said enjoy every minute of it. Some days will be hard and some days will be good. Sending you both a great big hug.

  7. Connie, You and Steve are absolutely in my prayers. We have received many here, for Ted and I. To me when someone send a prayer up for us, it's a gift. I am so glad you had a bit normalcy at your house. I love when we have those days ourselves. Those new shades will indeed be nice. Wishing lots of fun days sitting on the porch. I love seeing all the cuteness at your place. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  8. What a blessing spring is!
    With a feeling of renewal and new life, springtime sure brings me joy and gratitude for each new day.
    So happy that the gloomy days of winter are behind us!

    You both have great attitudes and great faith!
    Sending hugs and wishes for better days ahead.


  9. My goodness! Spring has really sprung at your cottage. We still only have buds on the trees, no leaves yet and the crocus I found a couple of weeks ago are the only ones I've seen . Hopefully yesterday and todays warmer temperatures will convince them all to go ahead and grow! :-) . Your photos are beautiful and make your sweet home look like a place of rest and peace.
    I'm sure keeping both of you in my prayers. Cancer is a nasty, ugly thing but God is bigger than it is. Wishing and praying for a blessed Easter for both of you my friend.

  10. Such a lovely post, Connie. Spring is filled with hope, isn't it? I'm glad Steve has had some good days recently, and I hope he has more of them. Your photos are full of joy! Hugs and prayers, Lorrie

  11. Adorable pictures!God bless you both.

  12. So wonderful to read your post this morning! And I love all your photos; keep them coming. With God's help we take one day at a time don't we. We keep praying.

  13. I'm glad you were able to get outside. I hope the weather is nice for the weekend and you can garden or at least sit on your nice porch! We're keeping you both in our prayers dear friend. Hugs, Diane

  14. Happy Spring! It has spring at your place! Prayers for healing and strength continue for you both:)

  15. You are an amazing woman in so many ways, Connie. You are an inspiration to me with your positive attitude, especially in the face of adversity. I'm so glad that you can still find the beauty and joy of spring around your house and that Steve actually had a couple of good days where he could be outside, working on something. As always, keeping both of you in my prayers. {{hugs}}

  16. I'm thankful that you are not letting cancer steal your joy. I will keep praying for both of you and for more things to happen in your life that bring joy to both of you. Spring makes me happy too!

  17. Sure enjoyed all of your beautiful photos from around your yard. Glad to hear Steve has a had a few good days. Prayers continue.

  18. Life is a gift. Your photos show your joy in the simple and lovely things around you.

  19. It's so good to see a post from you. It sure is spring there at your place! Everything looks so pretty, as usual. I love your little potting shed. I did get out and plant a few things in the garden today. We are supposed to have bad storms tomorrow and I dread it. Oh Connie, I think about you and Steve every day and still hope and pray that everything will be fine. Love, Henny

  20. Those patio shades are perfect to provide shade from the hot sunshine. Your yard looks very Spring-ish and the potting shed is ready to go full speed ahead.
    I keep you and Steve in my prayers. Blessings, G.M.

  21. So good to see you posting and to hear he had a few good days, it's great the weather is cooperating and you are able to get out and garden, that always lifts my spirits to get out on a nice day and work in the yard. Hopefully your trees will pop back but looks like you have a nice shady spot now.
    Wishing you both many more good days ahead, continued prayers!

  22. Hi Connie, I just love your little homestead and was happy to read that you have been able to get out a little bit to enjoy it. And praise the Lord that Steve could enjoy a couple days also. Sunshine and the beauty of spring is so uplifting. May God continue to give you both strength and healing as you lean on Him and your faith continue to remain strong. I continue to pray each day for you and Steve. Hope you have a nice Easter. Hugs, Nancy

  23. Isn't it wonderful to get outside in the sunshine and take care of a few things, plant a few seeds, smell the fresh air. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. So glad to hear that Steve has some good days that he can share the sunshine with you. Please know that you both are in my thoughts and prayers.

  24. I never get tired of your photos of every little thing in your yard! I always love to see when you've posted! There is so much beauty in nature, that's for sure. Love the new shades on your porch. It's just waiting for you two to enjoy some super sunny days and the fresh smells of mowed grass and hay across the way. Your positive attitude is so wonderful... my best friend fought cancer (and won)!!! and she said her positive attitude she's sure is what got her through. I agree. She was/is just amazing, and you are too. You both are in my prayers every single day.. that God will grace Steve with his healing powers. My sister is fighting the fight now too... us other sisters have her fighting it with probiotics, CBD oil, fresh juicing, and many other natural things to help her through it. My big prayer is that this world will be rid of the big C very soon! By the way, I love your potting shed. I bet it brings much joy to be inside planting babies that will soon pop with color! You are always in my thoughts.. .hugs... Marilyn

  25. I am so glad Steve is having some good days....this month we celebrate my brother's 15th year from having a brain tumor removed. They gave him 6 months to a year to live...the doctor calls him God's miracle.

  26. Love your photos Connie. I like them all

  27. What a beautiful post. I'm happy you folks enjoyed your day together. Spring brings such beauty and joy to our hearts, and the Lord has given you especially beautiful surroundings to enjoy it in.

    God bless you and Steve

    Continuing in prayer


  28. Still keeping you and your husband covered in prayer. You are so right......enjoy every day! Always love your pretty photos!

  29. You take beautiful pictures, Connie, I enjoyed them very much and will keep you and your hubby in my prayers.

  30. Hello Connie, It was good to come to your place and and seeing that you are staying strong and enjoying the beginnings of this beautiful spring. I was outside taking pictures of apple blossoms and dandelions myself today. I continue to keep you both in my prayers. I hope you had a lovely Easter and that God is filling you daily with his grace and peace.

  31. I have just stumbled across your blog.. love your photos... a cheerful start to the day for me! So many people I know are going through hard times at the moment - am so glad that we have prayer! After a few years of illness myself and being supported by the prayers of those around me, it is now my turn to be the one who is supporting others - a challenge and I hope I can be faithful. Will be asking God to look after you in your circumstances, on the other side of the world. Thx for your blog!

  32. I loved the tour of your yard, especially your garden shed. Your positive outlook is inspirational. I will keep praying for you and Steve.

  33. Continued prayers. I love the look of spring around your patch!

  34. Connie -- A visit to your blog is always a blessing. I admire your spirit, your talent, your view of life. May the recent good news continue and add many years to your joi de vivre!