Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A New Trick 4 An Old Dog.

The other day I showed Steve
a market stand made from pallet wood,
that I saw on Pinterest.

Then a couple days later
He says, let's get in the truck
and find you some pallets.

Here it is all built and painted.
Every board in it was either pallet
or scraps from Steve's wood pile.

The garden's just getting started
so it will be a while,
but there will be plenty
to give away this summer.

I do this every year
but this year I'll have 
a cute stand to use:)

I'm also creating this post
on my new phone.
I'm an old dog
trying to learn a new trick.

And I'm not too sure
of myself.
This smartphone stuff has
  a true learning curve
from my old flip phone.

I'm already getting frustrated.
I think I will double check
this on my computer before sending.
I don't want any surprises.

Keep smiling!
Your blogging sister,


  1. What a brilliant idea, Connie. I often have too much in the garden, and have to trot round to neighbours offering them produce. I'm sure you will have lots of grateful takers.

  2. What a wonderful thing for you to do! Sharing the blessings of our heavenly Father with others is so great!

  3. Hello Connie ... I have been reading your posts but have been remiss in leaving comments sorry. I am so, so pleased to read of your husbands progress & you have both been in my prayers. Your pallet wood stand is wonderful ... I love things constructed from wood pallets. We have a large stand in our small town just at the edge of a popular park & you can take any spare produce & books & leave them there ... its called the sharing shed stand. I take fruit & veggies all year round to the stand - I love sharing my excess produce with others. Have a wonderful day my friend xxx

  4. How very kind of you to share your garden's produce with those passing by. Steve did a wonderful job with those pallets. Isn't it wonderful he feels like tinkering with some wood and nails. You will get the hang of your smart phone; before too long you will wonder why it has taken so long for your to have one. Sweet puppy by the way♥

  5. I think your post turned out perfectly. generous are you and in a cute way to boot. I love your new produce stand. It looks wonderful. I wish I lived close enough to take part in your bounty. :-)

  6. What a lovely idea! The painted pallets are great and offering some of your produce is a generous and neighbourly gesture!

  7. What a great looking produce stand that is. How sweet of Steve to take you out to find wood to build it.
    I have tried do a blog post from my phone. I don't like it one bit. The buttons are too small and it was such a pain.

  8. Your stand looks great! I love that you are so sweet to share and I especially love that Steve felt good enough to make it.

  9. Hi Connie, What a cute stand! Great idea! I liked my old flip phone too but I can text on this one easier. Nancy

  10. Wow, look at you doing all that smart stuff on your smart phone! I love your sweet doggie pics! If I lived close enough, I would cruse by your house regularly just to admire that dandy new plant stand! :~)

  11. Hi Connie. Wow- giving away your surplus produce is a real neighborly thing to do and will give you and Steve much pleasure. Giving is good and often it is returned in like blessings... ten-fold. Best Wishes. KEV.

  12. Connie you have one talented husband making you that amazing market stand. It will be perfect for your extra produce, so generous of you.

  13. Oh your stand is lovely!!! How generous and wonderful! I love that idea! I love and hate my smart phone, I get too reliant on the camera and my poor old Canon is gathering dust...I must fix that problem!! :)

  14. What a great market stand- you are both so clever.

  15. I think you stand is wonderful Connie. As for learning about a smart phone - you are way ahead of me. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  16. Oh Connie... such a sweet and wonderful idea! Beats going around to neighbors, etc. asking if they want any! So nice of you to share your bounties with others.. and the stand is darling! So glad Steve could enjoy putting it together. I've given many free things away that we don't need, rather than trying to sell them, etc. I just put them out in the front of our house with a FREE sign on it, and they're usually gone in a couple of days. Makes me feel good. Won't it be fun to put produce out there and then see it disappear? I like the idea one other lady had, of a shed stand in town where everyone could go and put free things, whether books or produce.. I would like something like that for magazines as I love them but then don't know what to do with the excess when I'm done with them. Can't bear to throw any magazine away! Take care and sending you big hugs! Marilyn

  17. Wonderful thing for you to do! And your phone post looks perfect.

  18. I missed this post! I love your little stand. We are so fortunate to have husbands that can ( and are willing
    to ) build things for us.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. You did great on your phone post! And wow! I love that cute produce stand! Blessings to you! ♥

  20. Oh my , love the garden stand, ive crated a couple of great items from pallets and I am always amazed to see what people come up with such as your stand and the best part is they are free! Nice to see Steve building. I also am fairly new to the phone but once you get the hang of it youll love it. Will continue to keep Steve in my prayers so happy to see you and Steve taking on projects and summer, Enjoy!

  21. your stand looks terrific! Wow I give you a lot of credit for doing that from your phone, I would not be able to do that at all.