Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Goodwill Shopping & Jungle Chopping

Goodwill Shopping & Jungle Chopping 

Look at this very cool wooden clock
that someone made . . . not me,
but that I purchased at Goodwill for $3.99
but with my 20% senior discount $3.20

I took the clockworks out
Attached it to an old milk can 
that I've had for years . . .
instant front porch table.

I also found four lovely farmhouse 
salad plates. 
Two Hens . . .

 And Two Roosters for $2.99 for all four.
With my senior discount $2.40

I am thrilled with both purchases
and I had a good time shopping
the store . . . it was a treat 
to find the time to go there :) 

Before I show you my jungle chopping . . .
look at the size of my turnips.
To bad that they got attacked by bugs.

If any of you have an organic idea for 
bug control on root vegetables,
I am all ears and would love to hear your advice. 

This is the space between our blackberry
vines and our garden squash.
There was no way to walk in there 
to start picking the berries.
So, I had to start chopping away at the vines
trying to not hurt my wonderful squash crop.

I felt like those people you see going
through the jungle with their big machetes. 

I discovered these two beauties . . .
see my shoe!

These are huge and not finished growing:)

After I was done . . .
I decided that I deserved a well earned break.
Watermelon & a good book while sitting
under the apricot trees in the backyard.

I love the treats of summer . . .

Book reading is great in the winter
with a warm quilt and a cup of tea . . .
but give me the great outdoors . . .
it's the best!

Thanks for stopping by . . .
Here's wishing you all a very sweet day.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. WOW, those are big turnips. Looks like some great finds and love what you did with the clock.

  2. Hi Connie wow what awesome buys ,love the idea using the clock and can great table it looks fantastic.
    Oh boy what an amazing veggie garden you have ,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  3. Hi Connie- Pleased you found some bargains at the shop - those poultry plates look excellent...great to see your crop of vegetables growing there in the garden- certainly very healthy looking. Yes, Summer is best...I'll be glad to see the end of our Winter in about a months time- can be none too soon! Regards. KEV.

  4. You seem to be growing some kind of giant squash!! That specimen alone will supply you with squash for quite a few meals. The turnips are a fair size as well. Too bad the insects got at them. Would you believe I've never tasted turnip in all my years?

  5. I love the bird design on that big clock you found! Sometimes, we can find some really good and useful things at goodwill stores. I'm guessing it's like a charity shop where people take things they don't need anymore and which are then sold for very reasonable prices.
    Your vegetables look marvellous. I agree, that there's nothing like reading outside when you get the chance.

  6. You sure did find some great things at the Goodwill. What day is senior day and is it all Goodwill stores or just your local one? Your garden is amazing. Those squash and turnips are HUGE! I'm sorry about the bugs in the turnips though. I didn't even plant a garden this year because I was so discouraged the past two years with the birds eating all of my green beans.
    Keeping you in my prayers my friends.

  7. Nice finds at Goodwill. That clock face made for a good tabletop.
    I have no ideas for pest control, organic or otherwise. I'm not a gardener although I wish I were.

  8. I love what you did with the clock, the table looks amazing. I was also impressed with the 4 plates, so very pretty. What a garden you have those turnips are enormous. Glad you enjoyed a break with your book. You remain in our prayers, take care.

  9. Connie, I love your thrift store finds. Very cute to make the clock face a table top! And I'm super impressed with your harvest and how big everything is. Well done.

    The other day I posted a recipe for an organic bug spray. I don't know if it takes care of all bugs, but it certainly does take care of cabbage moths, which may be what's attacking your turnips. Tomorrow I'm going to post an update to show how well it works. The link to the bug spray post is And be sure to check my blog tomorrow to see how well it works.

  10. Fabulous treasures from the goodwill shop....gosh they were cheap! Love what you did with that pretty clock face. Oh my, your veggie garden is ripe for the picking isn't it. How fabulous to walk out your back door and pick healthy and fresh produce for your meals. I too love to find a sunny spot and read a good book in the summertime, though it is a book with fresh crisp pages between the front and back covers for me. =)

  11. I love your garden pictures, please have more since I cannot visit in person. The table/clock idea is perfect too and like you I think it is a real treat to visit thrifts and resales. I just visited a blog that showed how she is STAKING her zuchinni. I am going to try it this morning. So nice to hear from you!!! (will let you know how the zuchinni staking goes.)

  12. I really love your charming dishes and that creative and pretty table with the wooden clock and the red milk can,great!Beautiful garden pictures too. It is always a pleasure stopping by!Blessings!Maristella.

  13. Love how you made the clock work as a table top. Your plants are amazing. I do not know how to keep bugs away, sorry. The watermelon sounds so good on a hot summer's day. Connie, praying for you and Steve. I know the chance to just go to the goodwill was nice for you. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  14. Enjoy my visits with you, our trip to goodwill and jungle. I like to go to GW also once in a while and always find a goodie or two. You've got a beautiful punkin, I love punkins, punkin patches,pie you name it. Queen Annes Lace is so lovely, it didn't dry the way I expected it to, I guess those flowers need to be pressed. They curled up like they would do in nature. They are still lovely anyway, and will be a nice touvh in a bouget during the cold months.

  15. How fun this was Connie...summer in the country and a very intersting have a true gift!!! Love your red tennies!!

  16. That old clock face made the perfect table. Wish I were good at putting things together like that. I went in the Goodwill store this morning. Found two throw pillows for the porch and a big basket. Your garden is amazing!

  17. Great finds!

    I love seeing your garden a~growing!

    I haven't been thrifting in a long, long time.
    Sure is fun to see what 'treasures' can be found for just a few dollars.

    Have a happy rest of your week.

  18. Great shopping bargains! And it's so nice to see what is growing in your veggie patch.

  19. Some good finds at the thrift store.
    I don't go into them anymore because I don't want to find anything that I 'need'. : )
    Oh that watermelon sure looks tasty.

  20. I love how you turned that wooden clock into a table top - very clever! And the plates that you found are so cute. Do you have them hanging in your kitchen? Your gardens never cease to amaze me...such beautiful turnips and squash! I'm not familiar with how to keep bugs away from turnips, but I find that Google is sometimes my new best friend. ;-)

  21. Love your creative use for the clock. It's perfect. Glad you had a bit of free time to explore before you attacked the jungle. Your garden continues to grow at super sonic speeds.

  22. I love the clock table! And what a bargain!
    Your watermelon looks soo good. :)

  23. Connie, you came up with a great idea for the wooden clock, I never would have thought of that, I do love it. How nice to get your senior discount too, fun farm plates, do you plan to use them or hang them on your wall? Don't you just hate when bugs and critters get into your garden, sorry no help with that. Glad you were able to enjoy a good book and some yummy watermelon, sounds like a great summer day!

  24. Love your "homely" posts.Love that new table, and always such bounty in your garden. Oh a GOOD book is heaven!

  25. Have you tried dusting the plants with diatomaceous earth? It is perfectly safe as long as you don't breath it into your lungs.

  26. What lucky finds Connie those places are amazing as the clock! What a wonderfully productive ego and berry garden you have! Never let that disappear! Hugs from Downunder,

  27. That clock is so cute. I was just given a cool rusty old milk can and originally planned to put a top on it, but for now it has flowers inside.

    I'm sorry about your veggies. I don't grow any so I have no ideas.

  28. Connie, this post, Goodwill Shopping & Jungle Chopping, is an excellent example of how, for me, blogging can add a bit of happiness and joy to my day. I am lucky to have found you and Crafty Home Cottage. What I’m talking about is how you can present some creative ideas and give us some ideas on how to add a little joy to life without spending a lot. Let’s take the wooden clock and old milk can. What a great idea to take the clockworks out and create a table. But suppose I wanted to use the setup as something other than table.Then, if I had the right space outside, I would take the clock dial, drill a small 1/4 inch hole right in the middle, and glue in something like a chopstick. Bingo, sundial! It might not be as useful as a table, but it would look cool out in the garden, wouldn’t it? Connie, thanks for sharing Crafty Home Cottage and also for your exceptionally kind comments on my blog. Hope you and Steve have a great weekend ahead. John

  29. Oh,wow Connie! What a gardener you are! I absolutely adore your clock on the milkcan and your new dishes! Lucky you. I am in hospital with an infection from a crowned tooth that started over the weekend. (Of course!) Now I have a bad infection from an abscess that started spreading. On lots of powerful antibiotics! Hope you and Steve are having some good times together. Glad you were able to go to Goodwill. Sure is lots of fun going there! Hugs, Nancy

  30. I so agree about summer for reading....I love sitting on the porch in the swing. When I was a kid, to the barn I would head....sometimes by myself and sometimes my niece, who was only about 5 yrs younger...each with her own book. When we were in the mood to read.

    Love your clock/table...that is a great idea.

  31. Oh the turnips!!! Mine are ready to come out soon too but they aren't as big. And I HOPE they aren't all chewed up by bugs too! The watermelon is such a treat! Enjoy your summer! xx

  32. Your gardens are amazing! Look at that watermelon!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you had time to sneak away and do a little shopping-Those plates are sweet and what a great idea for a little table. xo Diana

  33. What a clever use for the clock! You are growing giant vegetables! I love a watermelon treat in summer too!

  34. Just popping in to say hi again. Love the clock table and your jungle! I remember when I lived west of the Cascades how much of a jungle our acreage would become, mostly with blackberries and fern and alder trees. Those alders grow like weeds in a wet climate! I was always hacking at the blackberries with a machetee..... you are having such a bountiful garden this year. I too fight bugs, but usually on our leaves of our plants and flowers and haven't found anything yet that really works. The heat is upon us here in Madras, 100 today. Hope it's not as bad there! Hugs.. Marilyn

  35. Hi...I am a Goodwill (GW Boutique) addict! Nice meeting you!! Love what you found and pulled together. Very nice.

  36. Oh my goodness, I love those plates! I have a fondness for those creatures – my kitchen is chicken/rooster decor. Your turnips are huuuuuuge. And you are brilliant! Your clock/milk can is awesome! Hugs and blessings! ♥