Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, July 15, 2019

Sauerkraut, Garden Veggies & Pies

Welcome to our garden.

The cabbage is looking good.

So, Saturday we made sauerkraut.

Picked and washed.



Then we put it in a food safe bucket.
You can buy these in the bakery department 
at Walmart or just about any grocery store.

Our recipe is 3 Tablespoons of salt
to 5 pounds of cabbage.
That's it nothing else :)
You put it in layer at a time.
Each layer adding a little salt and 
mixing with your hands.

After all the cabbage and salt are in 
the bucket, to start pressing it down
and the salt causes the cabbage
to release juice.
Once it has about a inch of juice covering
 the cabbage, we put a thin piece of plastic
cut from a flexible cutting board sheet
 on top of the cabbage.
Then we put two quart jars of canned goods
 on top of that to press it down. 
Next cover the bucket
(not tight, just to keep dust out)
and move it to a corner of the kitchen.
If you cover it with a tight lid the
 fermentation will build up and blow the top off, LOL 
You need to check it once a week and in 
about 6 weeks it has fermented 
and turned into kraut.  
Yum . . . very healthy too :) 

There are a lot of You Tube videos 
on making kraut :)

More fresh picks from our backyard.

 I'm using my last year's frozen berries 

to bake pies,

 because these are going to be
ready soon and I need room in
the freezer :)

That and the fact that,
we love pie :)

Life is starting to get busy
here on our little country acre. 

Steve starts another chemo session
today . . . please keep him in your prayers.

Thank you so very much.

You have no idea how much each of you
have enriched our lives.

Connie :) 


  1. It's wonderful how you are preserving all the good garden produce! There isn't much garden at our place this year; there was too much rain to get anything planted. But I do have corn and peas which I'm hoping will have time to mature. I'm missing fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes. :( God be with you both during this round.

  2. Connie, what a prolific and green garden you have. Mine is very dry at the moment and things are suffering. I discovered to day that birds have been pinching my blackberries which is very annoying as they were looking nice and ripe.
    Praying for you both.

  3. You and Steve are already in my daily prayers Connie. I do hope this round of chemo helps. It was a joy to visit your blog today and see your amazing garden and the produce, mother natures reward for all your hard work. Take care.

  4. Doesn't it feel good to use the label for your post....healthy living! What wonderful produce from your garden! And the pies are amazing! I'm keeping you both in my prayers. Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

  5. Hello Connie, how nice to know about your routine, your garden, and your life. I'm still praying for your husband, he'll be fine.

  6. Oh, how I love REAL sauerkraut! And yes, that fermentation (not to mention the cabbage itself) is so good for your gut! The pies look absolutely amazing - there's nothing better for dessert than a homemade pie. Your gardens always amaze me. I am keeping both you and Steve in my prayers.

  7. Your berry pies look so delicious, although I'm not really a fan of sauerkraut. Thinking of of you both as you go through the next lot of chemo

  8. Your garden always looks fabulous Connie and what a bumper crop of fresh produce you have. The pies look delicious - nothing like a home baked pie! Hope Steve's chemo session went well today. xx

  9. Your garden is a thing of beauty! I never knew that Saurkraut was so simple, lots of cutting, but not much in it! Prayers continue!

  10. Hi Connie wow what an amazing garden you have ,full of lovely things to eat,i have never made or tasted sauerkraut.
    Praying for your Steve Connie and wishing him all the best and sending you both a hug xx

  11. Wow Connie, that is a beautiful garden and the produce is awesome. You are a great gardener. Praying for you and Steve my friend. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  12. Your garden looks wonderful and plentiful! We planted nothing because of the rainy, cold spring that we had. Your pies look delicious!

  13. Your garden is amazing! So bountiful and delicious looking! I imagine the sauerkraut is yummy. Have not gotten brave enough or enough energy or time to try it yet. Do you keep it in the refrigerator when done? How long will that amount last you? All your good homegrown organic and fermented food will be good for Steve. You too of course. I will pray this chemo won't make him very sick or tired. Nancy

  14. Your garden is absolutely beautiful and you've made all of us very hungry!

  15. Your garden is doing fantastic and your pies make me want a sample. Guess I'll have to make my own ( DH will be very pleased if I do).

  16. Hi Connie. Your really cooking up a storm in your Kitchen -with all the fresh produce from your garden - you guys will be very healthy indeed for it- feeling very nungry just reading your post. Sour Krout has to be one of my all time favorites- I like going to the German Restaurant near Narrelan- nearby to us here in Bradbury...I usually have German sausages- mash and sour kraut..Yum! Best wishes to You and Steve. KEV.

  17. I just had sauerkraut yesterday but mine was the stuff from the can. I miss having homemade stuff. My ex used to make it. I should grab one of those buckets from work and give it a try myself.
    Sending thoughts and prayers for Steve

  18. Thanks for the visuals and explanation of the way you make sauerkraut. Your garden and it's produce are fantastic.

    Prayers for you and Steve ~ FlowerLady

  19. Oh Connie...this is magazine worthy! How absolutely gorgeous! You made my day with this beautiful post....

  20. Good Morning Connie. Would you believe I had no idea how sauerkraut was made? Thank you for the step by step guide. I remember my Grandma making it and cottage cheese too, but I was too little to retain anything. Your garden is fabulous. You and Steve will be eating well all year from it. You could definitely get those pie photos published in a cooking magazine. They are so pretty and I can almost smell them. Dennis and I pray for you and Steve every day. I hope this session of chemo is eactly what is needed to make him completely well again.

  21. Interesting way to do you then leave it in the bucket or can it? I have made sauerkraut many, many moons ago but I don't recall how. I need to talk to my sister-in-law and see if she still makes it...cause I think we would make it the same way.

    I always include you both in my prayers.

  22. Connie, I've never had homemade kraut. I'm sure it is way better than the grocery store stuff. Those pies! Oh my goodness, you made me drool! LoL Beautiful pies, veggies, and pictures! Thanks for sharing! You Steve is in my prayers!

    Grace & Peace,

  23. Wow your garden is looking fabulous, those pies look so delicious, yes it looks like you will have a lot to freeze soon. You both are in my prayers each day.

  24. Love, love, love all these fabulous photos; and those pies are just out of this world. As always, Connie, thank you for your wonderful blog, and we're sending many prayers and positive energy to both you and Steve. Blessings and hugs, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  25. Wow! Your garden, produce and pies look amazing! Sending positive vibes to Steve! Take care xxx

  26. Good luck to Steve...and to you Connie. I know how difficult this has been for the both of you. xx
    Your pies look drool-worthy! And that cabbage, wow! Awesome!!

  27. What a marvelous garden you have - those cabbages are gorgeous! And the grapes on the vine over the arbor - WOW! Continuing to pray for you and Steve as you walk this hard road.

  28. I did enjoy seeing all of your photographs, sauerkraut is so healthy.
    Both you and Steve are in my prayers.

    All the best Jan

  29. You have a beautiful garden. I wished ours was that big. We had one at the last house, but this house has the worse dirt. We add things to it, but only some things grow well. That sauerkraut looks good. You can't buy that at a grocery store or one that taste great.

  30. Hi Connie, You are just amazing. Love the whole story on making kraut. And the pies ... oh my, looks delicious! This post has just whetted my appetite! :-) Quick answer to your question about the Stellar's Jay ... not sure why they are not on the east side of the mountains. This was the first one I've seen over here, so maybe just out of his/her normal range? Anyway, good question. Hope you and Steve have a fine weekend! John

  31. Hey Connie. Just noticed your new post but first had to comment on this one. Every time I look at your blog, I sit here shaking my head. Is there anything that you CAN'T do? :) You have the most beautiful garden, and grow the most beautiful vegetables. and those pies!! Oh my gosh. If I could just visit and have a little taste of these foods you can and bake and cook. You are amazing.

  32. I'm sorry I missed posting on this one. That kraut looks wonderful! I've never made it before and I know it's very healthy to eat fermented foods. Your pies look scrumptious and those berries on the vine are so inviting! I have not seen a blackberry or marionberry for years and years and I"m so sad and I miss them. None grow around here where I live. My prayers are with Steve and you during his chemo sessions. I pray for his healing. Hugs.. Marilyn

  33. The blackberry pies look so delicious. I wish I had a piece to go with my tea right now, Connie. Your garden is providing you with many good foods to eat this Summer.