Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, November 30, 2020

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

All over the house :)


A few friends encouraged me to

start decorating.



It was hard and I did a lot of crying,

but I believe that it is a part of the 

healing process.


It's a time when many people hide inside

and keep to themselves.

Many hide in, over eating, drinking or

whatever their form of self-comfort may be.

  It's a trap!


I choose to step out with

Jesus as my guide and comforter.


If you are having a hard time with

the holidays, I encourage you to 

do the same.

Just find a minute of quiteness in your

day and say, "help me Jesus"

Even if the walk is a hard one

He is always there. 

I was driving home the other night 

and I passed two houses that were

decorated with Christmas lights.

It warmed my heart.



With all the quarantines

and distancing orders . . .

we can still drive through

neighborhoods and enjoy the bright

and happy cheer of Christmas.


Tomorrow I have three sweet ladies

coming over to help me put up 

my lights and outside nativity. 

It's my gift to all that

drive by :)



Merry Christmas 

Sweet Blogging Sisters


to the couple of gentlemen

that follow my blog.



"God Bless You All


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)   




  1. Hi Connie, I loved seeing your pictures and I went back to some of your previous posts. I seem to be missing posts here and there. I only have the tiny tree by the door. I am in not spirits to get all the decorations out. I will do some things on the mantle, on the porch ...and that's going to be it. I seem to be in a slump. I am going to do what you advised to see if it will help me want to do more. I know you miss your sweet Steve. Sending you some hugs to help. Blessings dear friend, xoxo,love, Susie

  2. In this rather gloomy time of year we can do with all the coloured lights and decorations possible. How nice of your three friends that they will be coming over to help you set up your nativity and put up lights. Your place will be a joy to those who drive past.

  3. Your decorations are lovely! I just love the elf sitting with your rolling pins. I applaud your outlook and determination to move forward. I think the tears mean you have wonderful memories. ((hugs))

  4. Connie, I always love coming over here and seeing all your RED! And that skinny little elf is darling. Your Christmas lights will make you feel better, and it's nice that friends will come over and help you put them up. I love that old typewriter, and especially the verse sitting on it, it's one of my favorite verses. Your fireplace looks so cozy, and your home looks very nice for the Christmas season. Take care, Connie, and God bless you too. : )


  5. The first Christmas alone is a rough one. Hugs sent your way.
    Everything looks so festive. I haven't started decorating yet.

  6. Isn't it a great comfort to know that God cares for us and will always be there for us.
    Nice to see your Christmas decorations. I put up a few things but not the tree. That is still out back and we have to cut it down yet. Just a small Charlie Brown type of tree.

  7. God bless you, Connie. You're a real inspiration to us. Your decorations are lovely!

  8. Oh, Connie. God bless you. I decided to go all out with decorating this year. It gives me something to do while John is not doing well...and he does love the lights and decorations.
    I know it must have been hard for you to pull the trigger and decorate but I think it is good for the soul to find bits of brightness and celebrate the birth of Jesus. You got this, girlie!!!! Love to you- Diana

  9. Aww Connie - this post just warmed my heart. I love that you have pushed on, even though it's hard, and that you're seeing some joy in what you have done. Your typewriter vignette is the best!

  10. Oh I love seeing your pretty decorations! That little pixie is adorable and I know you'll have lots of cheery quilts out and pretty pillows to be comfy. I so admire you for doing this. I am struggling with these annoying headaches but I got some Christmas things out today too...just a few....and it made me feel happy! Sweet hugs my friend, Diane

  11. God Bless you this Christmas season.

  12. I love all your decorations and that cheeky elf. You're so artistic and that is a wonderful gift! Yes, Christmas is a challenging time for many of us, especially this year when we can't get together with family.
    I've just ordered a book that sounds really good. It's called: "Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity and Change" by author Maggie Smith. Here's a quotation that I read from it: “Trust that the present moment- -however difficult, however different from what you imagined- -has something to teach you.
    All thoughts to you at this time, Connie.

  13. Hi Connie, Your decorations look very nice and I am sure will warm your heart along with the Lord Jesus. What would we do with him! May the Christmas lights and decorations continue to brighten your days. Hugs. Nancy

  14. Connie, your decorations are just lovely. The nativity with the angel surrounding Joseph, Mary and Jesus is my favorite. It's just like what the Lord does with us. He surrounds us with His love and protection, especially when things are difficult for us. Like this first Christmas without your Steve is for you. I truly believe that there are no tears in Heaven and that Steve is there waiting for you. But, you are still living with the traditions that both of you made together. I won't pretend and say that I know how you feel. I lost a brother and Dennis his sister this year, and the holidays aren't the same, even though they lived far away. But it's still not the same as losing a much loved spouse. You are showing all of us how you can still celebrate the birth of the Christ child and that life does go on.
    I'm glad you have friends that will help you put up your outside Nativity. How special and beautiful that you want to share that with everyone.
    Blessings and love,

  15. Lovely decorations Connie- and yes it is great to look around the neighborhood and see what people are doing for Christmas as well. Love your Mantle Piece - always thinking of you Connie- All the very best- my heart goes out to you. Regards. KEV. (Sydney-Australia).

  16. Even when life carries on as normal, I don't think the tears ever stop. But they are healing. Sending you big hugz, Connie. Mxx

  17. My dear blogging sister, this is the nicest post ever! Positive words that can influence all of your readers. Your home looks festive warm and inviting. Love that little elf guy! Enjoy the season Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  18. Your posts always warm my heart. Merry Christmas.

  19. I am yet to get anything Christmassy up yet. Mind you, we have been on a caravan trip the last couple of weeks, that's my excuse. How nice that friends are coming to help you with putting up your lights. Take care, dear Connie.

  20. I love all your decorations shown but especially the long-legged elf! How right you are to urge being close to Jesus. I myself fly to Him and to Mary in times of trouble and in joy. I hope you will post the Nativity lighted up; I love seeing them and they are a wonderful gift to all who pass by!

  21. I can't imagine how hard it has been but I am glad they talked you into decorating, it does warm the heart and make you think of Jesus more and the reason we are celebrating this season. I am glad you have friends to stop by and help with getting it all around. Big hugs!

  22. It is so good to read your post again, Connie. Your decorating is so sweet and fun --and full of the real Christmas. The outdoor lights/dec will be a positive influence for all who see them during this difficult year, and yes, the sharing of it must surely be a positive thing for you. Thank you for sharing. I feel encouraged after reading your post! Keep your eyes focused on Jesus. He will walk you thru this new path. Blessed Christmas and cyber hugs from the west coast.

  23. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Connie. You are brave and strong, and I know that's because of your closeness to the Lord. How lovely your house is looking. I'm glad you have friends coming to help you with the outside decor.

  24. Your Christmas decor looks so beautiful in your home. You are very strong and brave for pushing through and decorating. I hope keeping busy and then looking at the cheerful decor and lights boosts your spirits a bit. And how wonderful to have friends come over to help you with the outdoor decor.


  25. Connie, your home is really starting to look so pretty and cheerful! I know what you mean.. driving by other decorated houses kind of gets a person in the spirit. That has happened to me, just seeing some other bloggers who have decorated or other YouTubers.. makes me want to! I love your little elf on the shelf.. and LOVE the red enamelware... I want to try to find some as I love enamelware and I never seem to see red very often. Your fireplace is so cozy and cheery and whenever I see it, it makes me think of your Steve.. and all the work he did on it. Sending tender hugs your way... so glad some friends are going to help your string lights! that will be fun and I'll be anxious to see it! Hugs.. Marilyn

  26. And my love and Christmas hopes to you, my sister in Christ ! Just when I was praying for your comfort this first 'new' Christmas, you start speaking encouraging words for the rest of us ! How great is our God, who sends us comfort so that we can comfort others ? ! ?

  27. And God bless you dear Connie. Despite walking a very difficult path you still think of others, encouraging them. You inspire me. Thank you x

  28. I'm so thankful you have a support system of dear ladies to come and help spread the Christmas cheer in your heart and in your world Connie! Life will never be the same without your dear Steve, and those precious memories will always be dear in your heart, but there is still room for new memories to be made. I love your darling Christmas signs. I still treasure the pillow I won in one of your giveaways, it is gracing my living room this year, I just love its JOY :) Many blessings to you dear friend!!

  29. My heart goes out to you Connie xxx Your decorations are lovely. :)

  30. Your decorations are very fun! I haven't started decorating yet but hopefully soon. Thank you for sharing your sweet encouragement amidst your own troubles. I am so thankful that we have a God who is with us in the hard times.