Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, January 24, 2022

$65 Bathroom Facelift


I'm trying to look around the house

and find little jobs that I can do 

that won't break the bank, but will update

and keep our home in good repair.

This little bathroom sign is hanging

on the door to the bathroom

it was a gift many years ago from 

Carol of "Art & Sand" 

Carol's blog was one of the first 

blogs that I ever starting following.

She doesn't blog anymore, but you can

visit this link to her blog and

right under her profile there is a 

button to find her on Instagram. 



Today I'm going to share how I spent

$65 and gave my bathroom a facelift :) 


This was our bathroom when we 

bought the house.

Pretty Ugly right . . .



Then Steve did his magic and paneled,

put up a shower wall, new toilet, 

and new sink top and faucet and I painted.

That would have been 8 years ago this April.




 I liked it as it was . . .

but after eight years it needed 


The gray paint was $37 and that was 

only because they didn't have 

the right base paint in a quart,

so I had to buy a gallon.



That little ring towel holder

was the whole reason for this 


We had never put a hand-towel holder 

in this room, so I always just had

one laying on the sink.

It's was $15 at Lowes.


The picture with the farm animals 

was a frame that I had boxed up ready

for a yard sale.  It had rose prints

that I covered over with these farm prints.

 I printed them on my computer, $0.



The little wire basket was also headed for 

a yard sale, I rescued it from a box in the shop.

The little duck container is one I

purchased years ago from Goodwill . . .

I keep my ponytail bands in it :) $0.




That little piece of 2X4 

(I use it to prop the window open)

did have a red & white  check fabric

on it . . . so with a little fabric, 

buttons and hot glue, it is refreshed, too.  



I keep bottles and boxes on

the bottom shelves so I purchased a 

$3 curtain rod and had this gray fabic

in my stash.  

It looks so much better under cover :)


This is a sign that I painted years ago

on an old scrap of plywood. $0.



Last but not least . . .

I found this rug for $10

at Ross For Less. 


It's nice to have a change.



Now if only the snow would

melt away . . .



That would be a welcoming change.

I have to admit that it is pretty. 

Well that's my post . . .


I hope that I can inspire you

by showing you it doesn't have 

to break the back to make a change.

We will all be so busy outside 

after Spring comes . . .

so this is the perfect time of the year 

for inside jobs :)


I'm looking forward to reading 

your comments.


Have a lovely day . . .

and God bless you all.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. You are so clever and creative Connie, great job on those touches to give your bathroom a lift! Take care, and give those precious pooches a cuddle from me.

  2. I really like what you've done freshening up your bathroom. A few changes and the room looks so different.
    I love the picture of the hoarfrost on the lattice. That is so amazing. I hope your snow melts soon. Ours just exists in a few shady spots or where the snowplow piled it up. Now that we're in the last week of January we can tell ourselves that we're getting closer and closer to Spring.

  3. Wow, your bathroom looks fantastic. It looked great before you did your updates but I just love what you did.

  4. What a great job you did on your bathroom. I love it. All the little extra touches make such a big difference. I have one of those towel holders in my bathroom too. :)

  5. Your bathroom update shows how wonderful a space can look when given a little update for not much cash. Keeping a house in good repair is a good investment. I love the colour grey you chose for your vanity cabinets.

  6. You are so creative and talented at doing these things with not much cost. It looks so cute! I love the farm animals.
    God is an amazing artist - the frost on that fence is so cool!

  7. Connie, you $65 so well! Little changes here and there really do add up and I'll bet you smile every time you go into that bathroom! It looks great!

  8. Oh Connie you DO inspire me! I love the gray cabinets with touches of the aqua blue. I want to do my bathroom walls light gray and I have a white (new) vanity... so just the opposite! I need a new plain shower curtain as am tired of all the flowers.. it now seems too busy. I need clean and simple! Your white walls are so pretty and love how you put the fabric on the cupboard to hide things. You are right... THIS is the time to be doing the indoor things.. and I have MANY indoor projects I should be doing! Your plywood sign is just darling and I remember when you made that 2x4 window holder upper... so ingenious! Have a good week... hugs... Marilyn

  9. Hi CONNIE- That is a nice Make-Over of your Bathroom- great work and great fun too. Cheers. KEV.

  10. Brrrr! That fence looks beautiful, but cold. Good time to stay in... and do beautiful things inside. Aren't you glad you still have your yard sale box? I have to laugh at myself because I am forever dipping into my bazaar box. But then, sometimes I run out of shelf space and add back in some other stuff. I guess it all evens out. Anyway, your bathroom refresh is lovely.
    Happy Day!

  11. Oh my goodness Connie, it's an entirely new bathroom. I wish we had been able to do that with ours. Much less expensive! Ours needed all of the fixtures replaced though. You have such a great eye for things and the imagination to think of what to DO. I have to be shown. Thanks for sharing your beautiful bathroom.

  12. I love what you have done to your bathroom, with so little cost. Great ideas :)

  13. What an amazing difference! Well done. Pulling together so many inexpensive things for an expensive looking make over is inspiring!

  14. This is such an inspiring post because it goes to show you that you can make big changes without breaking the bank! I love that dark gray color and it makes your cabinets look brand new. The accent colors you have chosen - the blues and greens - are perfect with the gray. They remind me of the sea.

  15. It all looks fabulous, it is always nice to have a touch of something new to brighten up the place and you did a great job of using what you already had or finding great deals to do it.
    Yes I will have to say I am ready for spring to come :)

  16. Your bathroom is precious!!! Love the not-costly changes you made.

    Ohhhh look at the frost on the fence! Gorgeous photo.

    Winter is still DEEP here. But we are used to it. Like the snow. Don't like the ice or the very, very cold temps.

    But that's life here, and I love the 4 seasons.

    Gentle hugs...

  17. The bathroom looks wonderful! Well done and on a budget too! Have a great week!

  18. What a nice update for a thrifty price, Connie. You did a really great job. I need to do our upstairs bathroom. It is stuck in the 70s. lol. The two downstairs were updated when we moved in.
    Love that sign.
    Carol doesn't blog anymore but she is on Instagram and I 'talk' to her there. She's a great gal.
    Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  19. Wow, Connie! What an improvement over the original bathroom! I love the beadboard, and that heavenly medicine cabinet. Perfect look for your cottage. I like the changes you made. The gray cabinets are a nice contrast to the white beadboard walls. All your sweet decor pieces make it more special. Great job! Hugs.

  20. What a difference in your bathroom! Wow! I love the gray. I can barely believe the strange, spiky snow crystals on your fence. Beautiful but so cold!

  21. Hi Connie! :) I LOVE what you did with your bathroom, it's so beautiful. You definitely have a great designing touch! :)

  22. Nice job, Connie. Maybe you should make a sign to put over your yard sale stuff and call it Connie's Thrift Store. Cheap prices! lol Your bathroom is lovely. Very creative ideas.

  23. Connie, One thing I can say for sure ... You have mastered the art of being crafty! I'll bet you could make a brand new bathroom look even better than new! Your blog is an inspiration too. Thanks for all you share. Best wishes to you from your western neighbor! John

  24. Nicely done!
    This is a great time of year for indoor projects, and it feels good to be productive and getting things accomplished.
    Soon enough, the snows will melt, and we can get to outdoor projects...yay!

    Smiles :)

  25. What a difference it makes with just a few simple 'tweaks'.