Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Enjoy The Now, While Waiting For Spring :)



I'm staying busy  . . .

still tweaking the house

and waiting for Spring.

I thought you might enjoy seeing

where I put the red and white quilt. 


I made a red and white quilt

a few years ago and it stays

at the foot of one of these beds.

That was my reason for making

another, to complete the look

of these twin beds. 

Many of you have seen this sign before,

I made it to hang in the greenhouse

that Steve built me, but I brought it 

into the house last year.



I purchased this tea pot

many years ago

and then once when my Steve 

was on a work related trip

he stopped in a shop and purchased 

this tea cup to go with it :)

That's my Sweetheart :)




At the moment the other side

of this room is where I'm starting

my seeds for the garden.



It's a little bit early

but I've started sweet basil

and peppers. 



After making the slipcover last 

week, I decide to cover this

little footstool too.

I made the slipcover for this chair 

at least ten years ago and was blessed

to find just enough fabric left

to use for the top of the 

stool cover.

Then I did the bottom in

some of the drop cloth left

from last weeks project.


Most people wouldn't have noticed

but when Beulah was a little pup

she chewed along the bottom of

this little stool.

So; it needed a bit of 

sprucing up.



This cover hides her naughtiness

quite well. 😊



I'm going to end my post with 

this lovely wreath.



I purchased it Tuesday

at Goodwill for $4.

The flowers are made of wood.

I know it's a little early

for Spring decorating,

but I had to put it on the door

to see how it looked.



 I might take it down and

wait until Spring to put it 

back up . . . and then again

I might not :)


Have a wonderful weekend,

remember to put the Lord first


God bless you all.


Thanks for stopping by . . .

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)😊


  1. You've been busy! I think the quilt is perfect there. I love your seed sign and am so impressed that you made it.
    Your Steve was a sweetheart and I'm glad you have these things around you to remind you!

  2. Every thing is just lovely. An early taste of spring. I love the wreath! I never find great things like that at Goodwill.
    But I do find lots of things at estate sales.

  3. I didn't know that it was possible to make flowers using wood. What a lot of work must have gone into your pretty new wreath. The teapot is a beauty and the cup and saucer that Steve chose goes so well with it. I'm amazed that you have tiny peppers and Basil growing already. I must go to the dollar store and buy peat pot so I can be ready to sow too. Keep well and think SPRING.

  4. I would love to see that beautiful guest room in person. I think I would love every single thing about your beautiful home. It's not a house, it's definitely a home. I love that it's filled with memories of your Steve and the thoughtful things he did for you.
    Smart girl starting your seeds. Hopefully there will be an early spring when you can get them in the ground.
    Blessings and big hugs,

  5. You are so good at the decorating. Everything in your house looks so wonderful. I love those red and white quilts and that slipcover for the stool was a great idea. I think the wreath could stay up since it's heart shaped you could claim it's for Valentines day. Then after the 14th you can move into spring decorating and then it becomes a spring wreath :)

  6. Hi CONNIE- lovely work there on you Quilts - they turned out just beautiful- your a very clever lady. It has been hot today here at 33Deg C - though storms and rain tonight has dropped the temperature- it has been a strange Summer. Best Wishes. KEV.

  7. Connie! Your quilt is absolutely stunning! You know how much I love quilts and your talent is just beyond measure! What a lovely and cozy it!

  8. I love, love, LOVE the red and white quilts!

  9. I do enjoy a tour of your home Connie! You are always so busy and do such lovely productive things. Love the red bedroom.

  10. Oh that beautiful guest room! I love every single lovely thing in it! You are so talented! Have a cozy afternoon.

  11. Love the nice touches in your guest room. The quilts look great. Sweet of Steve to buy you that cup. A little piece of him left behind. I can see why you treasure it. Wooden flowers, wow. Very unusual. Such a find!

  12. Your guest room with the red and white quilts is very pretty and welcoming! You always make everything look inviting. I am so much enjoying the brighter and longer days, and look forward to planting seeds soon. Take good care.

  13. Two red quilts! Just perfect in the room. And you are clever and accomplished to make that slipcover, well done. Do leave that pretty wreath on your door, for a bit of early Spring. Unless the damp weather would affect the wool flowers?

  14. I love your style of decorating! The teapot and teacup are so pretty. Nancy

  15. So many lovely things to make your house warm, cozy, and inviting.
    LOVE the red quilts - red is my favorite color.

  16. Your guest room is so pretty! I love the combination of red and white.

    Beautiful slipcover for your ottoman. I wish I could sew!

    The wreath is so pretty...hard to tell the flowers are wood. I would leave it up - it's never too early for spring!

  17. Your quilt looks terrific on the bed, completes the look for sure. I love how you covered the stool, so nice you had just enough fabric for the top. Wow the flowers on the wreath are so pretty, never would know they are wood, I think flowers are good for winter too ;)

  18. The red and white quilts are a real delight along with the sweet memories of Steve. You are blessed with such a beautiful home and it is always a joy to visit and be inspired.

  19. Wow, you've been as busy as a bee! Love all you've done! The guest room is so very lovely, everything is set just perfect and the little heart garland, too cute. Your a pro, that chair beautifully done. Love the way the drop cloth fabric pairs well with patterned fabric you've given me some great ideas. Your always inspiring us in a positive way. The wreath is a beautiful find, I'd leave it up as it may greet spring quicker lol bless your heart. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  20. Your quilt looks fantastic on the bed. I love the way it matches the other bed quilt, but not exactly. That little bit of difference adds so much interest in a room, instead of exact 'perfectness.' One only needs to look at creation to realize that everything is the same but different (i.e., an oak tree is an oak tree, but each tree is different from every other one). I love that aspect of our beautiful world. Have a happy weekend, Connie :)

  21. Oh Connie I love your guest room, with the red quilts at the end of each bed. it's so cozy and welcoming. And the teapot and cup and sauer! so so pretty.. and bless your sweet Steve for getting you the matching cup and saucer. You are so industrious! ...and planting early seeds already. I should but... I haven't done that for years. I just buy what I can put right out in the ground. I get too impatient to wait! and really don't have anywhere to put them in the house as the kitties would find them Im sure and dig them up. Before we know it, spring will be here! Madras just doesn't seem to get many early blooms anywhere.. not that I can see anyway. I drive through the neighborhoods looking, but see nothing!

    Your chair ottoman is so pretty.. great idea for using that dropcloth and it looks so goo with the blue fabrics on the chair. I have SO MUCH'd think I could find something to do with it! Take care and hope you have a good Sunday. The nights are still so cold.. in the low 20's... but days have been warm. I'm dreaming of camping! xoxo Marilyn