Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, March 28, 2022

Knicking Myself In The Butt


Not long ago I posted a verse

about the Lord not promising us

an easy life . . . but that He does

promise to always be there

for us whenever we call

(Shout out His name or pray).


But please know that . . .

He will never forsake us.




I have to admit that my life has 

been very hard lately.

So many anniversaries, birthdays

and special memories that have brought

deep emotional feelings to the surface.



Life can be hard and there are days

when if I did not pray before allowing my feet

to touch the floor in the morning,

 I would never make it through the day. 



I have to remind myself of how incredibly

blessed my life has been.

That is not hard to do . . . I have food 

in my cupboard, I have hot and cold 

running water in our home,

and a toilet inside the house.



Our home is warm and protected from

the elements . . . no rain, snow or wind 

coming through the walls.



For my age I am incredibly healthy,

able to walk without a cane, 

able to breath without a device,

hands that can sew, 

eyes that can see and read,

and a brain that sill remembers 

my family and friends.


We all know person that can not

say that  . . .

and there are times that we just

don't stop to think about it.



(after chemo and facial hair growing back)

When we do; we can shout out

praise to the One for

whom our blessing fall. 

 Thank you Jesus!



 Well, that's my post for today,

I hope that it was an encouragement

to you . . .

it was to me, I needed to be reminded

and to wake up and be grateful

for what I have and

not crying over my loneliness.



I am the last person on this earth

to minimize the process of Grief,

but I've also learned in the last 

two years that it is easy to let it start 

controls our lives.

That is not good and our loved ones

would absolutely hate seeing

us allowing that to happen. 


This was a self inflicted kick in the butt.

I needed it!  


God bless you all.

If I offended anyone . . .

I apologize.

I could have started this post

with: Dear Connie,

It was more for me than you.


We all have so many blessings

to be grateful for :)



On my anniversary this week

I am going to celebrate the 44 years

that I was privileged to be 

this sweet man's wife. 


Thank you for visiting.

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. Well said. And so true. Bless you, Connie. 💕

  2. Hi dear friend. I know you are so good about counting your blessings. I try my best to be that way. I have finally been able to see someone about my grief. Yes, I am thankful for that too. I know you miss your sweet husband. I miss my Ted so very much. As he took his last breath he had a smile cross his face and I knew he was seeing something more wonderful than this earth. I have to remind myself of that smile. Blessings to you, xoxo,love, Susie

  3. I think this was just beautiful! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your sweet Steve. Your ongoing grief is a testimony to a great love, and your message on being thankful is a testimony to the love of our Lord.

  4. O my dear friend, My heart aches for you going through hard days and trying your best to keep positive. Surely the Lord hears your prayers and is always close to you. Celebrate those 44 years you had your wonderful sweet Steve. It's so sad that you and he didn't have more years together but the years you had ,I think, were precious. So...Happy Anniversary to you ,and to Steve in heaven. (((gentle hugs)))

  5. One day at a time, I know many people are suffering. Prayer works:)

  6. Awww...Connie. I think you have done an admirable job of moving forward with your life. There are no rules for grief. It comes and goes and sometimes seems overwhelming. Other days, happy memories pave the path we walk on. Thank you for sharing your words and photos. Your guy was certainly a handsome man...and beautiful inside from everything you have said about him. I am sure you miss him every day of life....but you are right- he would not want you to wallow in grief. Much love to you- Diana

  7. Dear Connie,
    You are a strong woman. Grief is never easy, and everyone experiences it differently. Being grateful for what we do have is a good step. May you be comforted and blessed.

  8. Aah Sweet Connie. What an incredible post. The love you had was wonderful, enduring and is still alive. You will see him again in Heaven. Of that I am sure. I truly enjoyed seeing the photos you shared of your life together. What an inspiration for those newly married. And an even bigger encouragement to those in the throws of grief. I still pray for you every day. Your name is in my prayer book and I lift you before the Lord. I ask Him to send His angels to help you and comfort you and give you gentle reminders of your life with the love of your life.
    Blessings and huge hugs,

  9. Connie, what an inspiration you truly are. You always see the hopeful through the hard bits. What delightful photos of you both. you will have so many lovely memories to lean on.

  10. This was perfectly said and I can relate to it completely. I have to give myself a kick in the butt every now and then too. Celebrating your anniversary sounds like a great idea. Also a wonderful time to reflect on the many sweet memories you have.

  11. Hi CONNIE- You have done a beautifully written and expressed post- love to see the photos of Steve. My Partner and I have been together 45 years, so we share something in common Connie. Stay well and safe there- Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney-AUSTRALIA).

  12. Sending you big hugs, and wishes for a blessed anniversary.
    This is a lovely post and a great reminder for us to focus on the blessings that we have, and not the trials that we have. Father in heaven loves us and he wants us to find joy and feel of His love for us.
    It surely is easy to get bogged down in misery, if we allow it, but then we won't be receptive to the joy and blessings in our lives.


  13. Big Hugs to you, I know we have all gone through challenges in our lives and we can so easily let them control us or we can take control. When I am feeling discourage, down on myself I do try to remember the blessings in my life, if you let them be the forefront of your thoughts and not the bad it makes getting through the day much easier and leaning on God to get you through!

  14. Connie, grief never goes away, a raging fire of emotion becomes a banked ember that flares up when the wind of memory blows. The ember fades but never really goes out but the flare can take us by surprise sometimes. Isn't it amazing that we can take for granted so many blessings that so many people in the world do not enjoy? I also find it helpful to list these small but significant things. Every night I find myself in the shower thank God for running hot water! Silly I know but it is a daily miracle none the less.

  15. My heart is with you - what a lovely post. I lost my Lorne just about the same time so I understand a bit of what you are going through. Loneliness is the hardest thing to deal with. Thank you for helping just a bit.

  16. Prayers for you, Connie.

    Grace & Peace,

  17. Dearest Connie...I am ever so sorry you are going through such a tough time...I know others who can relate to similar managed to put together a beautiful and inspiring post for many....I loved seeing the photos and reading this...may God Bless!

  18. Such a sweet post Connie... and thank you for sharing some of the wonderful photos and memories of you and Steve. I can feel your grief, even while you are giving yourself a "kick in the pants"!!! I love the photos of you two having fun together.. I"m sure over 44 years you DID have much fun together, along with heartaches of course, as most people do have in a long marriage. I especially love the pictures of you two in your straw hats.. I printed those out and they will be on the wall by my computer so that each time I see them, I will offer up a prayer for you, that you have the strength to get through this, and that the Lord will provide you some joy also... while here on Earth.. and prayers for Steve that he is indeed in a very happy and beautiful place, waiting for you. You are two beautiful souls.. and you have impacted me tremendously! Love you!!! Marilyn

  19. Thinking of you Connie. You are one amazing and inspirational lady. xx

  20. God bless you, Connie. Have a beautiful celebration. 44 years together is a wonderful thing. I am so sorry your Steve is no longer with you. May his memory always be a blessing. Hugs.

  21. This was a beautiful post, Connie. Of course you are feeling intense grief with it being your anniversary week. Let the tears flow! It is OK and normal to be sad over your husband's loss. Grief never goes away; it is always with us and is like the waves in the ocean that ebb and flow. Much love and a big hug to you as you remember your dear husband and all the anniversaries you shared. xoxo

  22. Oh Connie, you are amazing. You and Steve were such a great couple...meant to be together. I don't know how you have held up so well, stayed positive and cheerful, and made so many of us happy with your blog posts. You are such a encouragement to others.

  23. Beautiful post. An encouragement to me as I struggle with fatigue and heart problems. Thank you and enjoy those 44 years of happy anniversaries this week! Hugs. Nancy

  24. Oh Connie, please do t apologize for feeling down. Grief has no time limit and anniversaries and birthdays will always be hard to bear on your own. Remember all those good times, 44 wonderful years together. You are allowed to be sad too. Thinking of you.

  25. What a lovely post. We all need to be reminded once in a while to be thankful for our blessings and remember from where they came. The photos that you posted show the joy and happiness that you and Steve had together and now you have all those wonderful memories. Sending you a warm hug and prayers as you go through these hard times. ((hugs))

  26. Oh yes, Connie. Points well taken. This post was for everyman/woman. Me especially. Thank you, thank you for sharing it.
    And might I lovingly say yes, celebrate the wonderful 44 years God gave you and Steve, and celebrate also our God of love and grace and peace and joy, who showers us daily with those and other blessings of all kinds, and walks with us daily, moment by moment through pain and joy alike. 44 special years: what a gift! And you, Connie, are a gift to me, personally. I so look forward to each post. (And worry when I don't find one. :-) Hugs and prayers!

  27. Dear Connie, somehow I missed this post of yours and reading it just now has brought tears to my eyes. I know exactly where you are coming from (although I acknowledge grief is always a personal journey and different for each person). It is nearly four years now since my darling left us and I still miss him, but it brings me joy to reflect back on the good times we were privileged to have spent together. Learning to be content with what God has given me and giving Him thanks for ALL things has helped me a lot over the years.
    Big hugz, Mxxx

  28. such a beautiful post, we must all be grateful for our blessings. Sending you a big hug xxx

  29. Dear Connie, I just "met you" when you posted a comment over on my blog, "Close Doors, Open Windows". Thank you for visiting me there, and now I am happy to get better acquainted with you here. Since I did not know you before, I do not know the history here, but I can certainly see that you've been through some great sorrow in your life recently. This was a beautiful post of thankfulness for the blessings you have now and have had in the past with the man you loved for so many wonderful years. Although I have not yet been through such great sorrow as this, I can certainly understand the grief. We lost our son to cancer almost 8 years ago, at the age of 41. Although grief for a child is not the same as grief for a mate, still, grief is grief, and we all go through the different stages of it one way or another. My heart goes out to you and I will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers...and I hope to get to know you better as the days go by. God bless you, my new friend!

  30. Connie, I appreciate your transparency, and feel this post is such a wonderful tribute to the Lord, not to mention a tribute to Steve and your wonderful relationship. Anyone who has lost a spouse knows first hand the grief you are experiencing. And yet, you are showing all of us how to move forward. Even when it hurts and loneliness closes in, you are finding blessings to be thankful for. I Love this post. Hugs, Nancy

  31. You have shared so powerfully and beautifully the journey of grief, Connie, and the most beautiful thing I see is that you are turning to the Lord and looking with a positive perspective on this difficult journey you've been on. Losing a spouse and the loneliness is the worst. I'm sure the lost feeling in your heart overwhelms you at times, and you wonder how you'll get through the days. I enjoyed the pictures of you and Steve, such precious beautiful times together you had, and lots of laughs and love. I pray that the Lord continues to comfort your heart as only He knows how through this difficult season you are in, and that healing through His loving hand comes to your heart in sweet tender ways. Many blessings to you dear friend!

  32. Hi Connie, thankyou so much for refreshing my mindset, every word you said is so true but sometimes we forget, lost mom and my dad in the last few years with no brothers or sisters sometimes it gets lonely even if I'm in a full room of people and I mean full I have 6 children and grandchildren . But I will keep in mind those words. You have such wonderful photos and memories . Ok so what about those biscuits? Yummy Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air