Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Eating From The Garden


Cabbage from my garden . . .


And first canning of the year,



Old Fashion Kraut.



Cucumber and onion 

from the garden.


That evening I made

a casserole dish of 

stuffed cabbage rolls.


and then processed to

eat them for three nights



Later I picked my first zuccinni

along with onion and jalapeno 

from the garden.



Fried them up and filled

an omelet, yum! 



It hasn't been all

fun and food . . .

I had to have the well

pump, screen and pipes 

all replaced.



And I'm still working

on chest congestion from

Covid . . . oh, did I mention, 

I'm now a Covid survivor.


Well, that's my post . . .

Onward and upward . . .

Keeping my mind and heart

centered on Jesus.


God is good!

All the time!!



God bless you all.

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)



  1. Ahh it is so good to visit with you again, Connie!
    I miss gardening so much...but my hands are full with my little munchkin, so maybe next year....your garden is producing so well!

  2. Connie, so sorry that you have had Covid, do rest plenty for a while. Your garden is certainly producing good things for you to eat. It's very satisfying to pick your own food!

  3. All the very best to you Connie- your garden produce is terrific and you are eating very well indeed- Omelets are great! Stay safe and well. Cheers. KEV.

  4. Fresh from the garden is the best! And personally, I like left overs too.
    Aagh on the well. We have one too, and it's all good till something needs repairing.
    Sorry to hear you had covid, praying that congestion is soon gone!

  5. Your garden goodies look delicious! Isn't it rewarding and fun to eat from your own garden? I had no idea you have had covid. It seems everyone is fighting this current strain. Our son and his family in Montana have it now. We're supposed to be in Montana on Sunday to visit them. I have to admit, it's a bit worrying to think of traveling right now. I'm glad you're feeling better and I'll be praying for that congestion to go completely away.

  6. Oh how nice you got all the food out of your garden. I've quit trying to have a garden. Living in the woods just doesn't give us enough sun for one.
    Sorry to hear you got Covid. Ken and I both had it in May after keeping it away for so long!! I think it is only a matter of time before everyone will finally get it.

  7. Hello Connie! First off, sorry about the Covid! I am glad to hear you are on the mend. And the Vicks is wonderful! Your garden treasures look delicious! We cannot have gardens here because the deer eat everything! But I do find some delicious produce at a stand in town. I love zucchini baked with tomato sauce! Have a cozy afternoon!

  8. I'm surprised to see what your garden has already produced. I guess that's the difference a few hundred miles north makes. We're way behind you. I wish I liked omelets...they look so tasty!!
    I'm sorry you had Covid and are still mending from it. It's a nasty business. Take good care of yourself.

    1. Silly Blogger is showing my comments as anonymous. Just so you know that the above comment was me, Granny Marigold

  9. Oh, how I would love to have a big garden and grow all that wonderful produce! We have a tiny back yard and it doesn't get enough sun. We're surrounded by trees. We have two pots of cherry tomatoes and a pot of peppers, and we placed them in the one little spot that gets enough sun. I love cabbage...I could eat your cabbage rolls three days in a row, too! And your omelette looks yummy, too. I am so sorry to hear you had Covid. I hope you didn't have a severe case and are on the mend.

  10. Connie.. your garden is so plentiful and feeding you well! How did you manage it all while having Covid? I hope you get totlaly over it soon, though mine took MONTHS to get gone.. I had lasting effects for a good 8 months and had to get rx for an inhaler (which I've never ever had to use before) to keep my breathing clear.. and was on oxygen for 4 months.. at night only the last couple of months. That virus sure does knock us down. I hope you have some help with your garden.. maybe from a neighbor? I'm sure your doggies are worried. How NEAT to get cabbage from your garden! I've only grown it once, years ago. Canning it is a great idea. I'm sorry abouty our well too.. that's the trouble with wells... something usually needs fixing or replacing at one time or another. My neighbors are already giving me zuchinni so that is so great. I've had it now with 3 dinners.. and have a big one so may shred it and freeze it for zuchinni bread. I planted one yellow zuchinni plant and it is doing well, though I planted late so probably won't see any for another month or so. My lemon cucumbers are doing great and have lots of yellow flowers. I love those! I sure hope you feel better soon.. as I said,,, it does take long to totally recover. I still don't have all my taste back (or smell) which I hate.. and for awhile there, was losing my hair by gobs.. that that has slowed down now! Geesh. Thinking of you always!!! Marilyn

  11. So thankful you are a survivor!! Praise God for that! And your food all looks SO good. I would love to have a real garden like that. We just never have done it and it is so hot here in Florida right now I can't imagine anything surviving the heat, especially me! But your kraut and stuffed cabbage and cucumbers, etc. all look so tempting! Please take care of yourself and don't overdo it. Covid seems to take a real toll on people...

  12. Yum! Saurcraut and kielbasa oh my, stuffed cabbage ...delicious! Being part of polish decent these two foods were a staple. Your garden bounty is surely blessed. Hope you feel better soon, also a covid survivor, still have some dents and creeks going on. I know your probably going to have a bunch of cucumbers, I have a polish refrigerator pickle recipe that's super easy and so delicious if you'd like the recipe just let me know. I always have a big ole jar in my fridge. Bless you Connie and be well

  13. That's me Connie forgot to sign my name, the comment above

  14. No! I don't think you mentioned having Covid. You just keep going and do so much! Hope you keep feeling better and better. You know just what to do with what you get from the garden. I have a bag of banana peppers that I can't use and can't giv away. Seems I'm the only one out our way who likes them. I did make a jar of refrigerator pickled peppers. I love kraut. Your looks so good!

  15. I am sorry you had covid. Feel better soon. Your food looks yummy but sorry about your well......Nancy

  16. Wow, Connie, this was a jam packed post, mostly good. Your garden and veggies look delicious as well as your stuffed cabbages and omelets! Take care with Covid and feel better soon. I like Vicks Vaporub for nasal congestion. Thanks for sharing♥

  17. Eating from the garden is such a delight, and what delicious food you've shown us. Homegrown produce is just the best! So sorry you had Covid, but glad to hear that you are on the mend. Take care.

  18. So sorry that you have COVID, but glad you are on the mend. We are starting to have daily harvests from our garden now too. I am anxiously awaiting the first ripe tomatoes!

  19. Oh my! Not covid. Please take your time getting over it. Don't rush it. I know gardens take a lot of time and effort, but your health is more precious. We are "dragging" with the high temps out here. Our beautiful gardens are frying. Normal for late July/Aug. So, as Hub sez, we roll with the punches and everything is good. Country air dried sheets are the best; dried amongst the flowers, they are bound to bring sweet dreams. :-)