Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Organization In The Kitchen


The other day I was moving the sprinklers

and I head a chirp come from

here . . . 


See the little head peeping out :) 



The farmer across the road

is getting his third cutting 

of hay this year. 



I was at Walmart the other

day and spied some 

red and white check

contact paper (Pioneer Woman) 



So I pulled out this big drawer

that I keep all my 

kitchen tools in. 




Then I went out to Steve's

wood pile in the shop

and cut dividers.



This drawer has been 

a confusing mess for

way to long.



Not any more :) 

I'm loving it! 



Everything put away . . .

Happy Kitchen! 


It's always nice to do

a little job 

that helps with organization.


Have a lovely day


God Bless You All


Your blogging sister

Connie :)



  1. What a great idea for organizing those necessary kitchen utensils. You did such a good job of making the dividers and covering them ever so neatly with the red checked contact paper. I'm afraid that my efforts at applying contact paper have not been quite so neatly done. But isn't it fun to organize one's "stuff"?

  2. What a great idea, Connie. You kitchen tool drawer looks fabulous now. xx

  3. Way to go! That red checked drawer is perfect.

  4. You must get such pleasure every time you open the drawer! A brilliant transformation.

  5. Nicely done on your improved Kitchen Drawer Connie- best wishes. KEV.

  6. Looks great! Nice to have things tidy and makes things easy to find :)
    Have a nice day.

  7. The drawer looks great and so much easier to find things. I keep hearing Pioneer Woman on so many blogs! makes me want to SHOP!!!

  8. I love it!!!! I was just thinking about organizing and purging parts of my kitchen before fall. Have a cozy day!

  9. I love what you did with the drawer! Not only pretty, but functional. Great job!

  10. Oh I love what you did with the drawer. Looks so pretty and organized too.

  11. Aren't you clever! The project turned out very well, now nice and tidy. My kitchen drawer(s) could certainly do with a good tidy up!

  12. That little bird is so sweet in your bird house! Another amazing DIY job you've done. I would have no idea how to make something like that. I've never even used a saw in my entire life, lol. You now have a beautiful custom drawer! I have store-bought drawer dividers in my utensil drawer.

  13. You crafty girl ! I love the drawer make over. I also like the spice rack . I miss seeing the farm activities . But did spot a helicopter crop duster on my way to sop with my daughter. Stay safe my friend. Blessings and love, xoxo,Susie

  14. That looks so nice! You are amazing at fixing up and changing things...always for the better. You make me want to clean out. :)

  15. I love what you did with that drawer, Connie! You are so clever! xo

  16. Love the sweet little bird beak peaking out, what a great idea with the drawers dividers.

  17. What a great makeover on the drawer. I like the red and white check and the dividers were a really good idea.

  18. That drawer looks great and the red check is cute!

  19. Hi Connie! Somehow I missed this post and the next one too I think! I love your little barn with the birdie peeking out! How cute! The farmers here in Madras are getting at least their 3rd cutting now too (of hay). So hot here but some irrigate. Oh.. and your checkered contact paper and that drawer.. great idea and how fun! I put little baskets in my bigger drawers to keep things separated.. but love your idea of dividers. Each one a perfect fit! I agree... a small job well done is always so satisfying and just makes a person feel good! Hugs.. Marilyn