Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hammocks and Beds


My melons are growing 

up a trellis this year . . .


so I'm creating little hammocks

to cradle them as they grow :)




The other day I found this 

red and white polka dot fabric

on sale for $3.99 a yard.

 And decided to make bed skirts

for my twin beds.




Then I remembered that I couldn't

make them until I raised the bed height,

something that I have wanted to do 

for two years. 

So out to Steve's shop 

to look for wood.   


 It's amazing how one little job,

leads us into more than we 

expected, but I couldn't do all

that sewing and still not be 

satisfied with the height of

the beds. 

Four inches made a huge difference.




I'm happy to have both jobs

done and behind me . . .


And I'm delighted with the new 

height, the bedroom looks so

grown up now.




And ready for guest.


Two decorations that are in

this room that I love

are these vintage pillow cases

on this old antique hanger,

given to me by a dear friend.


And these two pieces of art

done by our granddaughters

back in 2011 when they were

4 and 5 years old.



Thanks for visiting . . . 

and for being such 

lovely blogging friends. 


God bless you all!


Connie :)


  1. One things leads to another, doesn't it! But it really does look nice and I always love to see your bed covers and quilts. It just looks so cozy and ready for Fall!

  2. It turned out so cute! Any guest would be happy to stay in this cheerful room!

  3. Your guest room is SO sweet. I agree that raising the bed makes a big difference. I love the idea of displaying vintage pillow cases and hanging them on the closet door. Thanks for the idea. I may even have a couple of pillow cases that my Mom embroidered. I'm off to look for them. Granny Marigold

  4. Your guest bedroom certainly does look pretty. Congratulations on both your sewing and woodworking skills.

  5. Connie, You are a go getter. When you said one job leads to others...I smiled. My Teddy used to say, "There's no 5 minute jobs." I sure miss him and his wonderful shop. Ted loved working in it . He could make about anything too. I bet your Steve was the same. We were blessed with those beautiful souls. I loved the way it all turned out. The room is very pretty and inviting. Blessings, xoxo, Love, Susie

    1. We certainly were blessed, having a good husband, a man that loves you and protects you and is always there for you. Many women never have this, we were the fortunate ones. God bless you dear friend.

  6. Your guest room looks so lovely and inviting. Cozy and fun for a Pampered Guest.
    I had to chuckle... The melon in its sling reminds me of my poor mother when I brought mumps home to her. While your melon is amusing, mother dear was in great pain and tied up with a sling just like your melon. sigh That was more than 70 years ago.
    I hope you are having a lovely and fun summer --so quickly the time passes.

  7. I love your bedroom ! Every single bit of it! Great job on the bed skirts.
    We have bee keeping friends who garden in such a special way. They have their cantaloupes sitting on little shelves on a trellis. Your hammocks are perfect!!

  8. What lovely things you have in your home, Connie. Your bedroom looks very enticing, I wish i was near enough to visit!

  9. What a beautiful guest room! I love every bit of it. The red and white bedskirts and other touches of color just make it so pretty and inviting. I love the artwork by your sweet grands...perfect! And that night stand with the birdhouses/bluebirds on it...where did you find that? So beautiful!!! I love the vintage pillowcases/etc. too. This is my kind of space. Thank you for sharing it with us. Oh, that melon in the "hammock"...that's funny! What a nice idea, however! This was a delightful post today.

    1. Thank you so much, you're so kind with your comments.

  10. You are an incredible creator. Your room is so inviting

  11. I love that you're blogging frequently lately - your posts are so delightful!
    How clever are those melon hammocks?! I have never tried to grow melons. I wish we had a larger gardening space, especially with sun. Most of our yard is shaded.
    Love the entire bedding ensemble in your guest room! The red and white is just beautiful. I wish your talent, handiness and enthusiasm for getting things done would rub off on me, ha ha. ;-)

  12. the bed skirts look just wonderful, and so nice you had the stuff to raise your beds. I have never saw hammocks for melons before, very clever. The form we had to hold up our cherry tomatoes couldn't take the weight and fell over but the tomatoes are still growing so thankful for that :)

  13. The bedroom is lovely, and I love the little white cabinet with the birds on it!

    1. Thank you I made that cabinet and did a post on it many years ago.

  14. Your melon hammocks are brilliant Connie. I would have never thought of that on my own. You do such a beautiful job making your home warm and cozy and on a budget at that. I would love to have you decorate my home with me.
    I so wish we would have had one more week in Spokane so we could have driven to see you. There were several people we ran out of time to see. Next time my dear friend.
    Blessings and love,

    1. Time flies when you're having fun and you're such a sweetheart that I know you have huge amounts of friends. It would be lovely to meet someday, if we don't meet on this Earth I feel confident that we'll meet one day with the Lord, see you there!

  15. Thank you, I do have to say that it wasn't my idea to display them that way. My neighbor gave me the antique hanger and she has one in her bedroom that she's displaying the same way.

  16. Hi Connie.. I caught this blog post by coming and checking to see if you'd posted! Still no notice in my email inbox. I wonder if others are getting a notice? Anyway... .great post and love your little melon hammocks! I've seen that done on various youtube channels and what a great idea! How sweet they look! Oh and your guestroom looks fit for a queen (or princess!!) to come and lay down her weary head. I hope maybe one of these I can grace one of those beds! The room is just darling, and love all the red and blue.. and that little nightstand is just adorable. Your granddaughters' artwork looks so pretty above each bed. It's wonderful that you werre able to raise up the beds to your liking. Steve's workshop is ever there, just waiting for you it seems, to work your magic on your projects! I'm sure Steve is applauding! Sending hugs.... Marilyn

    1. Marilyn, anytime you want to visit that room will be waiting for you :)

  17. Connie, the guest room is absolutely beautiful. Love the bed skirt material and the heart pillows on the beds. Love your granddaughters artwork too. What a charming and welcoming room.

  18. Such a pretty room! I love the red and white!

  19. What a charming guest room, Connie. I love it! Have a great week! Hugs.