Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, January 16, 2012

Flowers or Bees that is the Question

Welcome to another beautiful day 
on God’s green earth.   
The weather is cold and I’m ready for spring.  Usually this time of year you’ll find me with my nose in a seed catalog or a gardening magazine looking at flowers and getting ideas for this year’s planting.  I am a firm believer in rotating my crops, even flowers.  So, even my favorites that I like to plant every year, take on a new look when planted in a 
different section of the yard. 
Well, this year I am going to do a complete turn around and I'm going to do my very best 
to not plant any flowering annuals.   
I do have a lot of perennials that will come up especially tulips (about 500 blubs, between my front and backyards).  The reason that I am cutting down this year on my flowers is the bees.  Last year I got stung four times and it took a week or longer for the swearing, burning and ticking to stop.  That’s one third of my summer.  Well, I don’t want those pests spoiling my summer this year!  I know how important they are to our eco system, but let them live at any address other than might.   
I deserve a break after last year.  
 If any of you have any ideas to repel the little buggers let me now.

Look there's one . . . and boy 
can those little suckers sting!

This year I'm looking for some foliage only plants, unless there is a plant that repels bees . . .then that's the plant for me.

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  1. Oh that looks so nice and green! Right now, it's just rain, snow and grey where I am! ha. A few more months, though! :)