Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

Today is a special day set aside
  to honor those men and women who
  served to protect our freedom.

I am proud of them each and every one.

These are a few from my family that I want to honor today:

My oldest brother Nelson Hardacker
He went into the service at seventeen 
during WWII and served over twenty five years.

My youngest brother Ralph Hardacker.
He joined up is 1959 or 60 and served over twenty years.
Air Force

 Gregory Hardacker
my nephew, son of Nelson 
I am so proud of these men . . . 
freedom does not come free.
They served to assure that we could keep that freedom.
I praise the Lord that they were 
not among those that died serving our country.

Today we honor them all.
Those brave men and women.
Thank you & God Bless you and your families. 

This is a photo from a few years ago,   
at a family 4th of July party in our backyard.
This family group just won 
our family relay race
and were standing proud for a photo.

We are all very proud Americans.

 Wave your flags proudly,
Happy Veteran's Day!
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  1. Hi Connie,

    You must be so proud of these brave men in your family. In Canada, we call this day Remembrance Day and honour all those men and women who are responsible for our freedom. We shall never forget.

    Have a great week.

    Poppy :)

    1. Hello Poppy, I am sure that they know that we remember them on this day and everyday, but I also am sure, that these special days are the ones that touch their hearts. Thank you for sharing your Canadian Remembrance Day . . . these brave men and women should always to held with honor:)

      Have a wonderful day.
      Connie :)

  2. Hi Connie,

    I agree with Poppy, you have cause to be so proud. In England too we call this Remembrance Day.

    I posted a poem this morning which was written to commemorate the young soldiers who died in the First World War. It is good to honour those who protect our numerous freedoms.

    Take care - Anna

    1. Hello Anna, I am going over to read the poem that you posted.
      I am happy to share this day with others that also share
      the respect of those proud men and women.

      Have a great day,
      Connie :)

  3. I am so proud of all of our veterans!

  4. Hi Connie, What a TRUE ALL-AMERICAN PATRIOTIC Family! I thank GOD for these VETERANS, and you were BLESSED with brothers that served our country well. (and very handsome brothers/nephew indeed) I believe most of the younger generation does not know, or realize what price was paid for this country to be/stay FREE. I don't know if they are not taught in school anymore or don't care. Regardless, this is of UPMOST IMPORTANT that we, who are left, PASS the meaning along...and IT MUST NEVER die...GOD BLESS AMERICA and THANK YOU VETERANS! from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  5. Connie, Thank you SO much for visiting my blog and leaving a note so I could follow you back to your beautiful blog. I love it and look forward to visiting often*! Love your post for Veterans Day*! God Bless Our Military*!!!


    1. Hi Ashley, I am happy that you visited, and I agree full-heartedly, "God Bless Our Military!"

  6. What a fine bunch of men Connie, you have every right to feel proud of them. We so rightly think about those who did not return from conflict but we must also hail those who did. God bless them all.
    Patricia x

  7. Connie, how proud you must be of your family!! And what a fabulous picture, black and white with the flags in color! So glad your family all fought and came home to their families. On another note I have to tell you, that you are the sweetest commenter ever! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and your always encouraging and kind comments!


  8. And thank them all so much for their service! Blessings!

  9. Amazing! We do owe them lots for their sacrifice.

    1. Yes we do . . . and to many times we forget how much we owe.

  10. I salute and honor the brave men in your family. Please thank them for their service!