Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, June 3, 2019

Hello June

Saturday I got a phone call from my neighbor,
 "meet me at the gate"
We have a backyard gate 
that her sweet husband put in, 
so that we wouldn't have to go to the road
when we visited each other :)

Her daughter was given these gorgeous roses
from her students on the last day of school.

She was leaving for a couple of days,
so she gave them to her Mom . . .
who then divided them up and gave me
this beautiful bouquet.  

How sweet and thoughtful is that!

Well, yesterday I was in tears all day
and started a post to say that I was 
stopping my blog. 

Life has been just so hard lately.

Then this morning brought with it 
sunshine and hope.

The thing is, I love my blog . . .
and all of the incredible people
that I have met through blogging. 

How could I even think of quitting?

You are all blessings in my life . . .
and if I quit, I think that I would soon 
find myself regretting my rash decision. 

So, I hope you don't mind terribly,
but I think that you are stuck with me.

I'm a mess at times . . .
but I guess we all have those times.

I've been walking you around our 
little country home.
These are the grape vines.

Everything is young but growing well . . .
this is my row of green beans. 

I have two rows of tomatoes.

Bok Choy 


Nappa (Chinese cabbage)

 Green Onions
and this is only a third of the garden :)

Today was a perfect day for washing sheets.

Have you heard the saying . . .
Everything comes out in the wash?
That's what this morning was like . . .
everything forgotten and the slate wiped clean. 
We had a bad weekend 
filled with sickness and fears,
but with the sunshine and 
the fresh breezes, came a new day
and with it came renewed health.

Hallelujah, God's mercy are new everyday.

Just living life one day at a time,

Keep smiling!

Connie :) 


  1. Your garden is looking beautiful and there's nothing like washing drying out in the open and coming in smelling so fresh and lovely! I love that your next door neighbour's husband made a gate to allow you all to visit each other! Such lovely roses shared with you too. I'm glad you didn't close your blog. Our blogs are like our journals and they tell us, and others, what is going on in our lives. I think you would miss this blog if you closed it! Yes, one day at a time!

  2. I want to holler and say "Oh pleeeeeease don't stop blogging just as I've found you!" but I know from experience that you just need to put it on "pause" at times... there's nothing to prevent you from telling everyone "hey, I may be gone for a couple days/weeks/etc" – people should be considerate enough to reply "that's okay! you do what you need to do for yourself and your husband and come back when you can!" I've ended two blogs in the past that covered nearly ten years each.... think of all those posts I could still have around where people I didn't even know helped me through tough times with their love and prayers. We want to do that for you, Connie! Keep the blog, but take whatever breaks you need for YOU! Many prayers going up for you and your husband! Blessings from Kansas! ♥

  3. I'm so sorry that your going through such a very hard time. May God give you courage and peace to face each new day.
    I'm so glad you didn't carry through with the idea of quitting your blog. I find virtual friends ca be just as much support and encouragement as the ones we have in our day-to-day lives.

  4. Dear Connie, hoping you both are doing better as this week breaks. Chemo takes a real toll, but it does get better as the chemo routes out the cancer cells and overtakes them. It's a battle, but it is so worth winning. There are so many wonderful stories of overcoming the disease! I especially gain hope when other bloggers share their success. NanaDiana's dear husband went from very little time left to remission for a few years now! I look forward to the day when the new medicines they're using having a 100% success rate. In the meantime, we're all here to talk with you through the discouragement and on into victory.

  5. You took us on a wonderful stroll of garden. So glad things are a little brighter for your today, you are both in our prayers.

  6. Just come and go as you feel it is right for you, Connie. There is nothing worse than trying to write when you feel if you have bad days just leave the blog on its own. It would be a shame to lose your contact with so many people who are praying for you, but you must do what is best for you.
    What a lovely gift of flowers, that must have raised your spirits to have something so beautiful.

  7. So glad you are having a better day today. It's a hard row to how when battling illness. I have LOVED seeing your little home flourish under your warm and nurturing hands. I am so glad you are going to keep blogging. I once had over 400 blog pals, but lost them and it hasn't been the same, so I closed my blog. Facebook isn't the same as people are in such a hurry and have no time to read posts.They just like pictures.

  8. I'm so sorry you had such a rough weekend. I'm glad you decided not to quit your blog. I've seen people on the spur of the moment just decide that they would delete their blog and quit. It's better to take a break from it when you need to but keep it there to come back to when you feel up to it. Your blog friends are here for you and will love and support you in any decision you make.

  9. Your home and garden look so pretty. I am glad you are keeping up your blog. Take one day at a time and when you feel like posting than do and if you don't than don't. We will be here for you. Reaching out and giving you a great big hug.

  10. Hi Connie- so glad you've decided to keep up with your Blogging. Lovely photos. Best Wishes to you and Steve. Regards. KEV.

  11. I'm so sorry you had a bad weekend! And I'm glad you told us about it. Please don't stop blogging...just take it a day at a time and don't stress over it. We'll be here if you when you want to share something and we'll be praying for you when you don't. Take care. Sweet hugs to you both, Diane

  12. Adorable roses and amazing garden!God bless you.

  13. Connie, I've been there...I was going to stop blogging this year actually for personal reasons, life was too hard for me too, though I don't really talk about it. I decided it meant too much to me, and you're right, the people I've met (including you!) through blogging is priceless to me. I'm so glad you decided to give it more thought! I remember the first blog post I read of was last summer I think, and you were pretending to be a scare crow, I thought that was the funniest and sweet thing I'd ever seen! And of course, I got hooked! ;) Those roses are so lovely! What a nice gift!!!I so enjoyed your garden tour, those green onions, holy smokes! And turnips! I planted a few this year and I saw some little growth this morning, yay! :) Wishing you and your Hubby all the best. xxx

  14. Your garden is wonderful and so many veg. Best to day each day one at a time. The sun does make a difference to ones spirits. I think a Blog can be there for you when you want to post. Just let it sit there for you. Take care.

  15. Good Morning Connie. I'm sorry that life has been so hard lately. It's easy to say that we know there will be bad days along with the good ones in life, but that doesn't make the hard ones any easier to bear. My prayers and love are with you both. I'm glad that you have a sweet neighbor who loves you that you can visit with over the backyard gate. Your home is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it and your garden with us. I feel a calmness in my soul after visiting your blog. I'm so glad you've decided to continue it.
    Love and Blessings to you and Steve my friend.

  16. I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful pink verigated roses before! How sweet of your neighbor to think of you! Good neighbors are priceless. PLEASE don't quit your blog.. I think it means to much to you (and us!).... and don't ever feel like you HAVE to do a post. We will be here for you, whether or not we see a blog post. Let it sit awhile if you need to, or write when you only feel like it. I understand oh so well that a person can't always be "up" all the time. I hope your week is a little better for you and Steve... you are in my thoughts and prayers so much! Hugs to you both! Marilyn

  17. Dear beautiful Connie, I am so thankful that you are going to continue to bless us all with your lovely blog. Your sweet place puts a smile in my day each time I visit it. Yes, we are all a mess sometimes and I do believe cancer is one of life's biggest messes. It is an impossible road to walk down, but know this, sweet Connie, there are so many, many people all around the world who are wrapping hugs and prayers around you and your beloved Steve. In my mind's eye I have a beautiful picture of you and your sweet neighbour meeting at the back gate enjoying friendship and flowers. What a beautiful gift of roses, your neighbour gifted you. It is moments such as these that puts a smile in one's hearts, even in the worst of times, in those times when all one can do it cry. I must say I love the photos of your veggie patch and the washing on the line blowing in the breeze. Those overalls with the lace kissing the hem have warmed my day. Take care beautiful Connie. Xx

  18. Oh my what beautiful roses and what a thoughtful neighbor.
    Glad to hear things seem a little better today.
    I've tried to quit blogging a couple of times but only lasted a few days. Blogging has become part of my life after all these years. Glad you have decided to keep blogging.
    God Bless You!!

  19. Your corner of the world is just full of loveliness, so, of course, you really must share it with the world! June is such a happy month, I think. Hopefully, there will be better days ahead. Take care, and keep blogging! We love you!

  20. Beautiful roses! Wonderful friend! You have a beautiful garden growing too. So glad you decided to keep on blogging. Hope this is a better and wonderful week for you and Steve. Nancy

  21. Oh Connie, please don't stop blogging! You are the reason I love kayaking! I stopped blogging back in March and I've regretted it many times over and have been thinking about starting up again. I am praying for your sweet hubby and of course, for you. Brighter days will come just when we need them.

    Grace & Peace,

  22. I'm so glad you did not end your blog. I would really miss you; would miss your blog, but would miss You. I cannot begin to imagine what you both are going thru. But God does. Why? It's in his plan. Some things are not meant for us to know at this time. So glad we can safely trust. And so, I continue to trust and to pray for you both. Sending hugs.

  23. Connie, my heart goes out to you and Steve. I wished I could take this from you both, but God knows what He doing. Keep on blogging sweet friend. We are all here for you and Steve....Your blog gives hope and happiness to all your readers.
    We understand if you need to take a break during the hard times... ((((((HUGS))))) and many prayers.

  24. Lovely post. Best wishes to you.

  25. Hope this is a better week for both of you. I am so glad you decided to continue blogging. I don't comment that often, but I do read your blog. Your garden looks wonderful. Enjoy the beautiful roses and I hope today is a bright, sunny and healthy day.

    Hugs, Janie

  26. I'm so sorry for the tough times you and Steve are going through Connie! Cancer is so horrible. I do understand how it feels hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done, including blogging, but remember that your readers love you, and all that you share, when you can. I've learned so much, and been blessed by your posts! Will continue to keep this situation in my prayers!!!!

  27. Oh Connie I am glad you didn't give up on the blog, I love seeing your beautiful pictures of your lovely yard, and hearing about what is going on in your life. I am glad the sunshine brought with it a new outlook on things and it was a good day, I have been praying that God gives more good days than bad, it helps get through the bad ones. You hang in there ok, like you said not every day is going to be great but we are here to listen and pray, hugs to you!

  28. I go through periods of thinking I will just totally quit my blog, too. Sometimes it is just hard to do. But like you, what would I do without my blog friends. When I broke my leg last year, I did not know if I would ever pick up and start blogging regularly again or not. I feel for you with the rough times, cause Roger still has them. I know in a totally different way than your guy. But they are rough anyway. When he is that way, I can barely function. Thankfully, he seldom has them now. I keep telling myself that God is in control....he has this. But it is still hard and scary to go through.

  29. Hang in there, precious lady. Your posts are sweet and we enjoy finding them, WHENEVER you feel like sharing.
    I remember the days when hanging laundry was the only thing that made me feel like a productive human being. Sometimes, now, like today, I am reminded of that when I see the clothes blowing in the wind. I think that God knows that He can get our attention during that quiet, simple time.
    Cherish every easier moment, and they will get you through the harder one.


  30. Dear Sweet Connie,
    I'm sorry for your recent hard days and tears. They do come in life. I'm glad you felt better the next day and decided against closing your blog. I always enjoy your homey photos and your creative way of life. Praying for you and Steve through this difficult journey.

  31. My dear Connie - I will be praying for you. I so understand those dark days. There is not a life that is lived that doesn't have them from time to time. I think that is when we truly learn to trust in God's love and goodness. He is near. May the sun shine on your face today. So glad you are not giving up on your blog...been there as well but like you I would so miss it. Hugs!

  32. I'm glad to hear the sun is shining for you again. You have a lovely home.

  33. Connie- I remember having days like that when John was at his worst. When cancer seems bigger than life and we were living in its shadows. A day would pass and there would be a good day and we could allay the fears for a while and put away thoughts of tomorrow and what it might bring. Sometimes it is hard to live in the present but that is what we have to do. I know that you know that. AND DON'T YOU DARE QUIT BLOGGING!!!! Love to you- xo Diana

  34. Oh sweet Connie, you've made me cry. I am so sorry for the bad days for you and Steve. Thank you for not giving up your blog. Your posts are always so sweet and uplifting. You have a way of cheering up others. I know your blog posts have lifted my spirits many times. Why seeing those sheets blowing in the breeze is enough to make me feel happy all day. Your garden plants are so big and pretty. I love your yard! Will be thinking about you both. Love, Henny

  35. I was reading all these wonderful comments, there is so much love expressed, we couldn't give you up. Your garden and country home tour was fun. That clematis was awesome.

  36. I'm catching up after being away. So glad you're continuing to blog.
    PS - I love the laundry on the line!

  37. Connie, I know you are having a tough time. I know you feel lost at times...even when we know that God is there beside us , it's easy to try to take the load on our own shoulders. I am glad you are staying right here. I love walking about your yard and seeing all the wonderful things you are doing there. Prayers for you and your Steve. Blessings always, xoxo, Susie

  38. You have such a kind and thoughtful neighbor. I'm sorry you are going through a bad spell, but I'm delighted that you have decided to continue your blog. I do so enjoy your posts. Hope a nice relaxing weekend will rejuvenate you both. Take a break if you need to, we will understand!

  39. Dearest Connie ~ this was such a beautiful post. Life can be very tough and even very cruel and unfair. And it is perfectly OK to have bad days and to cry and be in despair. That is how our lives go. But then there will be moments where we experience the kindness of a neighbor, or a visit from a friend or family member, or notes of encouragement, or someone letting us know they're praying for us. And for that moment - or if we're lucky - even for the entire day, we will feel uplifted and perhaps see a glimmer of hope. And one thing is for sure: there is always love. There is the love between you and Steve, the love of God, the love from your family, the love of your friends and neighbors. Please don't give up on blogging. If you need to take a break, we would understand. I took a break for a little bit after my son, Phil passed away. I then just started a new blog under a different name. I had considered giving up blogging, too as of course, my heart just wasn't in it. But I think we find healing through our writing and the connections and friendships we make online. It really does help. Much love, hugs and prayers. xoxo Melanie

  40. I haven't been blogging for a good year now. Not saying I miss the time spent keeping up with things, but I honestly do miss the friendship. It's in this little sphere that I have met the most welcoming, the most friendly, the most supportive and like-minded "sisters". I keep thinking of coming back, but I'm out of practice now, and not sure what to do. I do hope you can keep blogging. In times of need, the friendship there is unquestionable and unwavering. Through the really tough years I had after my mom died of cancer and my dad suffered through his dementia, I could always count on receiving lots of virtual hugs and prayers and well wishes from my peeps in blogland. As we age, we go through all sorts of changes that we never foresaw, or at least hoped never befell our happy lives. But unfortunately, we are met with challenges of the heart and we have no choice but to work through it all day by day. And that's really how I came through all those unhappy years ... day by day. Don't look too hard at the future, but focus on one day at a time. Saying a prayer for you and for your loving Steve. Whichever way you come through this, you are in His hands. hugs, Wendy xox