Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Saying Goodbye to September.

My first ever "Dump Cake".

Does Autumn weather make you want to bake?

I used canned peaches and lots of cinnamon.  

Eating it warm with ice cream,
oh so Yummy!!! 

Steve was very restless and needed to 
get out of the house.
So, we went for a little drive through the countryside
and down by the lake.

I ate my last watermelon of the season . . .
goodbye summer delights . . .
see you again next year :) 

And I have been clipping the sunflowers heads
for my bird feeder. 

I got the yard half mowed when the rains started . . .

So in I went to bake bread . . . 

I really have to watch it this time of the year . . .
switching from garden vegetables, fruits and salads
to comfort food, can put the pounds on, if your not careful :)

Thanks again to Melanie,
for the Trader Joe spices. 
We are enjoying your gift so much.

Another garden bouquet.

Thank you all again for your prayers.
You have no idea how comforting it is
to know that we have family, and friends . . .
here and all around the world praying for us.

God bless you all :) 

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. You have been busy and it looks amazing, your bread is beautiful! I’ve never made a dump cake, I see them on Pinterest all the time so I’m going to try one.our flowers were all touched by frost and we are suppose to get snow tonight so your bouquet is a treat to see! Thank you for sharing your day

  2. I like baking any time of year. : )
    What beautiful photos and that is one huge sunflower!!!

  3. Connie, I am praying for you and Steve. We all need those heavenly prayers to help us thru the tough times. I know they have helped Ted and I plenty. Steve looks as handsome as ever. My Teddy is doing better today. I am so grateful. Your baking is sure looking tasty. We finally got some rain today. We certainly needed it. The lawn was brown. Blessings to you and your sweetheart Steve, xoxo, love, Susie

  4. I love the photo of your Steve, holding the sunflower head. Such a beautiful view of the lake and sunset. How peaceful to enjoy all that glorious beauty. I must say your baking looks mighty delicious to me. Wish oh wish I could enjoy some of that dump cake with ice cream and then there are those freshly baked loaves of bread....yummo! May you and your Steve enjoy a beautiful autumnal day♥

  5. Hi Connie great post ,oh your cake looks very yummy.
    Omg I haven't seen a sunflower head that big wow.
    We are in Spring here,we have had a very cold Winter so I am looking forward to the warmer weather,it's funny that we are in opposite seasons.
    Hope your hubby is feeling well and that you are both having a wonderful week xx

  6. Oh your dump cake sounds so good. I'm avoiding things like that in hope of shedding some of the weight I've gained. You sure have been busy.

  7. Yes, the cooler weather makes me want to bake too. Beautiful views on your drive. Glad Steve was able to get out and enjoy it.
    The praying man made me smile. We had that print hanging in our dining room when I was young.
    Praying for you both.

  8. I've never in my life seen such a huge sunflower head. You can grow anything! Your cooking always looks delicious. It sure would be hard to stay on a diet at your house. Rainy days and snowy days make me want to cook, and eat! Think of you and Steve every day.

  9. Love seeing the change of seasons through your photos and garden. That's the biggest sunflower I've ever seen!

  10. I love dump cakes! The cooler weather does make me want to bake. Your sunflowers are huge! I don't have much luck with them but I try to grow them every year!

  11. That is one huge sunflower head!! Your cake and the loaves of bread look so good. I like baking any time of the year and I love eating what I make. Good thing my family often comes around to help me out with the eating!

  12. I love your happy post with all of the joys of late summer. The photo of Steve is wonderful. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today. We are in a hotel in the tri-cities tonight. We just couldn't face that last 3 hour drive home tonight. We've been on the road for 11 hours today and 15 1/2 hours yesterday.
    Dennis said he will be happy to hep you with your trailer winterization. Please feel free to email me and he said we can come over right after your company leaves and get it done. My email is
    Much love and many prayers and blessings to you both.

  13. Oh, how I love your pictures of the lake! And, of your husband and the gigantic sunflower! I don't think I have ever seen such beautiful breads as you bake. Wow!

  14. Hi Connie- Boy you sure are clever with the baking- that bread looks so delicious. All the best to you and Steve. Cheers. KEV.

  15. Your being able to see the gifts of life...the beautiful lake, the huge sunflowers, baking delicious treats, enjoying the juicy watermelon...all while going through such a difficult time, is very inspiring to me. Love and prayers to both of you. xoxo

  16. Your bread looks so yummy! I always bake more when it's cooler. Love the huge sunflower that your handsome hubby it holding! Enjoy the week and the nice weather!

  17. Yes! Fall weather always puts me in the mood to bake and sip on yummy hot chocolate or wassil!
    Your bread and your dump cake look delish!

    Glad you and your honey~pie got out for a nice drive.
    Your still in our prayers :)


  18. I could almost smell that bread baking! Yum! I've never had dump cake either... have kind of heard of it but don't know what's in it. I'd better go check! I haven't made bread for a long long time, as I have to eat gluten free. I still so miss the smells of it baking, and the taste of fresh warm bread out of the oven. I've tried baking gluten free loaves, but they don't smell as good or come out very good. And oh my! the gorgeous sunsets on the lake! What beauty and artistry. I still never tire of gazing at such stunning sunsets! Steve is looking so good... prayers to you both! Hugs.. Marilyn

  19. Hi Connie, Fall is approaching here also. We had a coupe of cooler days, bad rainstorm that flattened some of my lettuce and greens a little and now today was in 80's and tomorrow also Spent the morning at the dentist. Cleaning, permanent filling put in the crown and another tooth filled and temporary crown put on Losing my bridge. Last tooth has a fractured root so have to have that pulled Wed. Ugh. It was good to see a picture of Steve. Too bad goodies like bread has calories! Hugs, Nancy

  20. Yes it is so easy to put on weight, I have had my share of caramel apples the last couple weeks, they just jump in my cart :) You sure had a beautiful sunset on your drive. Wow that sunflower head is huge, the birds will enjoy that for awhile. I so love the smell of fresh baked bread, nothing like it..
    Continued prayers for you all

  21. Connie just catching up with your recent posts. Will be praying for your hubby (in fact I am doing it right after I comment). He looks good and will continue to pray he keeps getting better. Your dump cake looks delicious. I have made a gluten free one in my crockpot with cherry pie filling and pineapple. It was good. So enjoyed visiting you. Take care - Hugs!

  22. Oh, you are so right: the pounds can pick up when the garden winds down. And a garden makes cooking so easy; I seldom give a thought to what's for dinner. But now that it is gone, I'm feeling slighted; I have to start planning ahead again. :-) Your bread looks so good and your flowers are so pretty. Prayers for you and Steve.

  23. Fall definitely makes me want to bake! I love the look of your dump cake, I never made one yet, but I see photos and recipes all the time on Pinterest! Lovely photos of the lake! Summer is gone, fall is here, I love comfort food. And I always say I'm putting on my "winter weight" just like the bears do lol! ;)

  24. Hello Connie, I refound you. I found you through Susie she junks, but I used to follow you way back before my life feel apart! Love your blog so much.


  25. Hi Connie! I know it has been a while. I haven't made a dump cake in ages. Yes, they are so easy and delicious but we definitely need to share it with someone so we aren't tempted to eat too much of it! Praying that God is continue to bless you and Steve day by day. Blessings!

  26. I wish I could make bread like that! Phil

  27. What a delightful post!I am hungry now!Gorgeous landscapes too!Hugs!