Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Welcoming In The Autumn Season

Welcoming in Autumn 2019

These flowers are all from my garden.

This particular rose has a lovely scent.

I just don't remember it's name 😕

That windmill in the background 
was our mutual 40th anniversary
gift to one another.
(a few years ago)
I love it!

Sorry to say that I've done nothing 
with the grapes,
other than put some on the 
produce stand.

I was going to try my hand at making
some grape/blackberry juice,
but I just can't get my canning 
mo-jo going this year. 
I've done very little.

We had a fine squash crop this year :)


Do you have a trader Joe's?
We do not, but this amazing package 
arrived in the post from
Melanie, of "Comfy House" 
It was filled with cookies, 
candy, handmade soap,and spices.
Melanie you are an angel.
Thank you so much!
Visit her charming post at:

If you go to Trader Joe's, try this spice.

Here it is on spaghetti squash,with
 "Everything But The Bagel"
the only other ingredient is butter . . .
soooooooooooooo good.

As I said I have not done much canning
 this year, but we have enjoyed 
putting things out on the stand.

 This pumpkin was so big
I had to have a girlfriend
help me lift it to the porch, LOL

It was a free gift from either 
the birds or the compost pile.
I'm planning on saving seeds from
it for next year. 
Butchy weights 17 pounds,
so that will give you an ideal 
of how big the pumpkin is.

Thank you all for your prayers.


Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. What a giant pumpkin! Will you use it to make soup?
    Like you, with an ailing husband, it is hard to find time or energy for preparing and processing garden produce. I have put apple slices in the freezer recently though.
    Your roses are so lovely, I do like to see the last roses of Summer.

  2. Sadly there are no Trader Joe stores in Canada.
    We had a lot of grapes given to us that I was too busy to deal with. DH washed them and de-stemmed them then put them in large ziplock bags and froze them for winter juice-making.
    Your huge pumpkin looks amazing ( especially with Butchy beside). At the grocery store this morning I saw a bin of large pumpkins, many of which were the warty ones that some people actually prefer. Not me. I like a traditional one.

  3. That's the biggest pumpkin I've ever seen...except maybe at the fair! heehee! Love your free produce. I know you are blessed for giving to others. I'm keeping you both in my prayers. Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Connie, I didn't know you had A LITTLE DOG. So cute. Wow girl, you are one heck of a gardener. Beautiful produce.So kind of you to share with other. Connie you have a good heart. Praying for you and Steve. Blessings for a great weekend. xoxo, Susie

  5. What an amazing pumpkin, Connie! Your garden always looks the most incredible place, thanks for sharing the photos. How lovely for your neighbours that you share you produce. xx

  6. Everything from your garden looks wonderful. Love the looks of those grapes!!
    No, no Trader Joe's around where I live.

  7. That is a giant pumpkin! I love the way you share your produce. It looks wonderful. So does your yard and flowers! And I think I want a windmill now. :)

  8. Just look at the size of that's beyond huge! Oh, I do love a garden that gifts pretty flowers. How lovely to still be enjoying such pretty flowers in Autumn. Love your Blessing stand. What a treasure you are to share your beauty and free produce to all those who amble up to your pretty display. God Bless you, lovely lady♥

  9. Hi Connie lovely post,lots of wonderful veggies and fruit,love that pumpkin,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  10. Butchy looks so cute guarding the Giant Pumpkin. I think your "for free" garden stand is such a nice thing to do.

  11. We do have a Trader Joes and I use "Everything but the Bagel" on everything! It's very good on eggs especially. I've been looking for a garlic grinder but didn't think to look at Trader Joes. I know where I'll be going after we return home.
    That pumpkin is huge! What a great gift from the birds or whoever provided it for you. You are a blessing to all who you share your bountiful garden with. I'm sorry you haven't been ablet to can this year. I know you've been preoccupied iwth other things. You are both in our prayers daily my friend.

  12. What a massive pumpkin! I love that you share your produce with those who stop by your stand. That's a huge grape harvest. You bless others!

  13. Beautiful pictures. So generous of you to share your bounty. Everything looks so yummy! And that pumpkin is awesome! Take care.

  14. I think that rose is called "Double Delight".Your garden is a reflection of you- bountiful.

  15. Beautiful flowers. The pumpkin was enormous, I don't think I have seen one as big before. What a delight to see your stand of produce, such a lovely and very generous idea.

  16. Your flowers are so pretty. The grapes look delicious. It's understandable that you've lost your canning mojo. Too many other things on your mind. We don't have a Trader Joe's around here but I wish we did. That pumpkin is huge. It makes Butchy look smaller than he is.

  17. Hi Connie- Lovely Produce from your Garden...your Neighbors would be benefiting too. I had a Vegetable Garden here - some forty years ago- home grown Tomatoes are so tasty and Beans as well..the only vegetable I didn't have success with was Potatoes. Regards. KEV.

  18. All the fruits of your labor are nothing short of amazing! Of course you don't have the energy for canning right now, with taking care of Steve (and hopefully, yourself). You are blessing others by offering what you have from your garden. I am glad you like that Everything's also good on butter-roasted potatoes. ;-)

    Love and hugs!

  19. Butchy is so cute! I love those flowers and wowwwwwzie! What a squash harvest!!! Lovely! Oh my...if I had the climate to grow grapes Connie, I'd be making wine!

  20. I LOVE your huge pumpkin. I didn't realize how big it was until you posted the pupster's weight! lol
    Your produce is beautiful and some times in life it is okay to just 'be'and not have the mojo to do some things that you have always done. Much love to you,Connie. xo Diana

  21. How lovely to bring in all your flowers to enjoy inside too. It is sad to see summer go with all things growing. I am sure so many were thankful for your sharing, we have been recently blessed by a few friends giving goodies from their gardens. Wow that is a big pumpkin, what a great surprise, glad you had some help with it that is pretty big, Your Autumn touches are looking great!

  22. Hi Connie, I love all your bouquets of flowers and the veggie can to put them in is so clever. We don't have a Trader Joe's near us now but when we use to go to Az for the winter I went to one there. Will you carve your pumpkin? Lucky people to visit your produce stand! Nancy

  23. Ha! I can just imaginer your and your friend scrabbling that heavy pumpkin up the steps. Seems the birds do well with that pumpkin planting thing; my Hub says he has a volunteer giant growing along the fence line this year, too. Your grapes have done wonderfully well. Your whole garden is gorgeous. (Pardon my alliteration.) Friend, it's ok to let your canner rest this summer. They need that sometimes. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  24. Oh my, what amazing flowers,grapes, veggies and that pumpkin! And how nice of you to put your goodies for free. Bless your heart!


  25. What a nice windmill. Your grapes looks so good. You have a nice crop of them. I have green ones, but not ready yet. Last year the birds got them before I could. You sure have a nice selection of vegetables. Happy Fall.

  26. What a wonderful gift you received from Melanie at Comfy House. I went and took a look at her blog and enjoyed reading some of her posts. What a sweet friend! That pumpkin is HUGE! and all of your garden bounty is marvelous. I wish I lived closer.. I'd can up all of those grapes for you and make grape juice to enjoy during the winter! I used to do that when I lived up in Washougal, WA and had huge gardens and grapes galore! I also used to make blackberry juice and can it until winter, and then in the winter months, I'd use it to make blackberry jelly. Nothing better! Your produce stand is wonderful and I bet everyone around there is really enjoying your generosity. I'm thinking of you both today as we head into the Fall weather here in central Oregon. We've sure had our share of rain! Hugs... Marilyn

  27. Oh my, those grapes! You certainly have a green thumb. I love your produce stand. Such a great idea.
    xx Beca

  28. I'm jealous of your flowers and veggies. We have had the worst growing year ever. First it wouldn't stop raining then it was so hot everything else died. I'm loving looking at yours.

  29. I love your first picture! Those grapes hanging in clusters all around the gate are just the prettiest thing ever. I can only imagine how the folks all around the neighborhood love the lady with the produce stand!

  30. Those grapes look delicious and that pumpkin is huge!

    Continued positive thoughts and prayers.

    All the best Jan

  31. Connie, that is the most beautiful Rose I have ever seen anyone grow ! And those grapes !!!!
    But the most overwhelming is your sweet generosity with that free produce stand. I hope your days are peaceful.

  32. A little late as usual, but what a beautiful post. Your flowers and grapes and your little "free" produce make everything extra special. Everything is so pretty. That is a big pumpkin! Butchy just doesn't look real, he is so cute.

  33. Oh my goodness Connie. The produce on that stand looks wonderful. What a lovely kind thing to do, I bet it is greatly appreciated by those who benefit from it. People like you are rare treasures. Bless you. x

  34. Thank you for visiting my blog today, I came over to say hi and to follow your blog. That is a gorgeous bouquet, especially the roses.