Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, September 2, 2019

September, Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it is September already?

The flowers are going to seed.

So am I;
 I just had another birthday, LOL.

I took some of the smaller sunflowers
and put their seed pods in the 
bird feeder.

I made a few more jars of pickles. 

It's my tomatoes that have me mystified,
I don't think that I'll have any 
to can this year.
They just won't get ripe . . .
we are eating a few, but not enough
for canning.

The blackberries are coming to a close . . .
they did do very well this year :)

Look at this . . .
It's the best little nut cracker around.
It was made by a kind and creative neighbor.

I've been cracking nuts to make
zucchini bread for the freezer.

After Steve's great week,
 his health started going downhill.
This week has been bad,
but life always gives us hills and valleys
and we are not alone in any of them.

The Lord is our Shepherd 
He is taking care of us. 

God bless you all.

Please continue to pray.
I think he caught a bug; chemo makes your 
immune system very weak.
Today seems better.

Connie :)



  1. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I hate to see that September is already here. I do like what you did with your sunflowers.
    Chemo does wreak havoc with your immune system. I pray for you two every night, and will pray specifically that Steve starts to feel better.

  2. Happy Birthday!God bless you and Steve!Beautiful pictures and yes,we are not alone!Hugs!

  3. Hi Connie, So sorry to hear that Steve had some bad days. I pray he feels better each day. I will be going to seed in November too! LOL Think I went to seed a long time ago! Can't believe it is Sept. already. Suppose to be 86 degrees here tomorrow. Hugs, Nancy

  4. I had been wondering what to do with all the dried sunflowers! The goldfinches have been all over them for a couple of weeks now. I thought I might just allow them to stand, but they do look quite unsightly.

    The best pickles are always homemade. Yours look yummy...and so do the blackberries!

    I hope each day will see your sweet guy feeling better.

  5. I simply love this time of the year when the heat is diminishing and the beautiful September lighting is there for us to enjoy. How lovely to have all your own produce! The blackberries look gorgeous and what a wonderful homemade nutcracker! Zucchini bread with walnuts sounds delicious! Will you be sharing your lovely recipe with us?!
    I hope that Steve will soon be over his bug and be on the way up again. All thoughts coming your way.

  6. Don't you love the colors of fall...I am so glad that Sept is here cause I know that the fall season is coming up on us. Great pics

  7. Your photo of the flowers is so pretty. What a good idea to put them into the bird feeder. Tomatoes haven't done well here this year either but your blackberries are absolutely yummy looking.
    I'm sorry Steve isn't feeling well this week. I am still praying for him and you too.
    Many blessings,

  8. Belated birthday wishes to you. While your garden is winding down, we are waiting for the heat to go away so we can start planting. Really hard to believe it's already the 3rd of September. Time is flying. Sending healing energy Steve's way.

  9. Hi Connie- Yes, September already! We're into our third day of Spring- with sunny warm days too- it has been lovely. I like your Sunflower Bird Feeder- just a great idea! Prayers and Best Wishes to Steve - hope he can re-cover this week. Regards. KEV.

  10. This year sur is flying by. What a great idea with sunflowers. Those blueberries look delicious. That sure is a heavy duty looking nut cracker.
    Prayers for Steve.

  11. Your sunflowers look great in the bird feeder. I love home-made canned pickles! I try and eat berries as often as possible. That nut cracker is a great help in cracking all those walnuts! I hope you were able to enjoy your Birthday and Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you! I'm sorry for your husband not feeling well. Will pray that that changes over to him feeling well again...soon.

  12. I am bringing my tomatoes in as soon as they have a slight colour on them They ripen much better on the kitchen windowsill.
    Continuing to uphold you both.

  13. Happy Birthday Connie, wishing you all the best in the coming year!
    It is always sad to see the end of the garden isn't it. At least you get to enjoy it all winter long with all the work you put into your canning.
    So sorry to hear about Steve, will pray that he can fight whatever this is off and quickly!

  14. Happy Birthday to you Connie! another year gone.. and it goes way too fast! I just had another at the end of June. I hope Steve will feel better very soon. Your garden bounty is so nice and so fun to see everything. I hope this week is better for you both. Love and hugs... Marilyn

  15. Connie, I am praying for Steve to get a boost back up on his health. He should maybe wear a mask when out in the gardens and yard doing work. It would keep the pollen down. I pray for you too Connie, I know care giving is not easy. Well at least the berries and pickles look very tasty. Blessings to you both, xoxo,love, Susie

  16. So sorry to hear Steve isn't having a very good week. Prayers continue.
    We are having the same thing with our tomatoes. There is just one that at starting to turn red.
    Sure is hard to believe that it is Sept already!

  17. Forgot to say Happy Birthday!! Wishing you the very best!!!

  18. Your garden is beginning to die down for the cooler seasons and mine down here is beginning to sprout new life everywhere. Yes, Spring is finally on it's way. Thinking of you both. I pray that Steve will be having good days again very soon, and you will be strengthened as you care for him♥

  19. Sending you happy birthday wishes and strength and good wishes for Steve.

  20. Belated happy birthday. Mine was a couple of weeks back. I'm sorry Steve caught some kind of bug. Praying he'll feel better soon.

  21. Happy Birthday Connie. Autumn is definitely approaching. I love pickles, must make some, too.
    I hope Steve can fight his infection and will feel better quickly. x

  22. Hello Connie. Happy late birthday. I hope your new year of life will be peaceful, filled with good health and joy in each moment. I was very sorry to hear Steve had a rough week. I am still praying for both of you here in western Massachusetts. Those blackberries look so YUMMY. Your photos are great. Thinking of you both, Connie. Your blogging sister, Susan

  23. Sending prayers to you and Steve, I hope he shakes that bug. Happy birthday Connie! It's not my birthday but I feel I'm going to seed to these days tomatoes are the same...not ripening one bit yet!

  24. Happy belated birthday, Connie!

    I am not ready for fall yet. Still in summer mode, even though the changes around here are already evident. Our tomatoes didn't do well this year either, but I think it was lack of heat and too much rain.

    I am so sorry to hear that Steve is having a bad week. I pray for peace and comfort for you both.

  25. Oh, I'm sorry that Steve is having a bad week, sending continued thoughts and prayers your way.
    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!

    Super sweet sunflowers for the birds; I know that they will love that!

    ~Smiles :)

  26. I have been wondering how he was doing...I am sorry to hear that it is not a good week. Yes, there seems to always be ups and downs in life...

  27. Oh Connie, a late Happy Birthday!! What day was it?? I'm sorry to hear that Steve is feeling bad. Hope it goes away soon and he feels much better. That's so strange about your tomatoes. You usually grow a bumper crop of beautiful tomatoes, don't you. I remember all the canned tomatoes last year. The bad crop for us this year was peppers. I've always been proud of the big beautiful peppers from our garden, but this year we didn't get even one pretty bell pepper. The plants looked terrible and the little peppers rotted and fell off the plants. Thinking about you both. Love, Henny

  28. Hello Connie, It has been a while> I have been recovering from my own surgery this summer. Praying for you and Steve that his body will be strong and resilient as it fights any infection he may have. It sounds like you have had a productive garden even if your tomatoes aren't cooperating! Blessings to you!

  29. can't wait to see your quilts soon!

  30. We're having trouble with sweet bell peppers . . . they just plain aren't putting on any blooms or fruit. Been that way all summer. *sigh* Oh well. At least everything else is doing good. I'm starting to cut the sunflower seedheads as they bend with weight. And harvesting lots of flower and veggie seeds for next year. I hate when summer ends . . . I live for gardening!

    Jerry and I continue to keep both of you in our prayers. Thank goodness Jesus never leaves us alone in all of this! Hugs and love to you, friend! ♥

  31. Oh my, the photos of the dandelion and sunflower are pretty. The blackberries looks so good. They are expensive at the stores, and I really love them, but don't get them that often. Wow, that nut cracker is something else. Haven't seen one like that before.