Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, October 14, 2019

One Job, Two Jobs, Three & Four . . . Start with one and end with more :)

Have you ever noticed that one job
always leads you on a path 
to more jobs?

My old cafe' curtains in the bedroom
were faded and looking a bit sad.

So I decided it was time to make new ones.

That lead to washing the windows 
inside and out.

And to wash the windows outside,
I had to prune back the roses.

They are thorny and will
attack you if you're not careful.

 That means removing the screens 
and washing them, too.

This is the new curtains,
with the sun shining through them.

 Also, the old $10 desk after painting it white.

I found it at a yard sale this summer.

It was $10 because the center drawer
is missing.

This chair was another yard sale find
from years ago.
I painted it in a chippy shabby chic
and used French transfers made on my 
computer to create the fabric
for the seat.

This old hanger holding vintage
The hanger was a gift 
from my dear friend and neighbor, Shirley :)

 Notice the cameo . . .
it is one of my treasured possessions.
Steve bought it for me for our first anniversary.
He only had $3 to spend . . . that was 1977:)
I love it and will treasure it always.

 Back to my new curtains.
The cafes' are the ones I just made.
The long drapes I made when we bought 
our home 5 years ago.
They are made from 
Home Depot painter's canvas.
I trimmed them with yard sale buttons 
on the upper taps
and cotton lace and handkerchiefs on the hem.

Well that's my post.

If you are still here,
thanks for hanging in there and reading it all.
Sometimes I can get a little long in the mouth, LOL.


Here's wishing you all a lovely day.
God bless you . . .
and keep smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. All so pretty and I can only imagine the fun you had with these projects.

  2. I always enjoy your posts... long and short! I know what you mean about one job leading to another and another. That happened with our living room project... and it's still not quite done! I love your new curtains, that's a pretty fabric.

  3. Hi Connie, No, you are never too long at the mouth! Your new cafe curtains are so pretty and also the other ones you had made before. So creative you are. Love the way you can hang your pretty pillowcases and vintage embroidery to show off on the hanger. Your desk turned out nice and just the spot to put your sewing machine on. Hugs, Nancy

  4. Oh my gosh yes I’m still here, right by your side with every photo, lol, I swear to goodness I could have written this post, well not the bit about the beautiful cameo but I do the same thing, ripple effect,, one thing leads to another , your results are beautiful . Everything looks beautiful!

  5. I love your new curtains, Connie! That pattern is so pretty and charming. My windows and screens are dirty but I am too lazy to clean them. I admire all your energy and hard work!

  6. It all looks great! The curtains, desk and chair are charming.
    You're right about one thing leading to another too.
    You were married in 76, we were married in 81 so not too many years between us.

  7. Hi Connie wow your room looks amazing and so pretty ,i had to laugh that happens to me all the time,lol,one job leading into another,well done my friend,your room looks awesome xx

  8. And, at day's end you must have felt pretty darn happy with the way everything turned out! You do have quite a knack for turning some unexpected thing into something of beauty!

  9. I love your new cafe curtains. They look so cheery! And the desk that you painted looks great too. You are one talented lady.

  10. Such sweet looking curtains. I enjoyed the story behind them, and yes - it sounds familiar. I was recently putting up some shades and decided the windows needed cleaning, which ended up meaning ALL the windows. Whew! Glad it's done because they're really pretty to look through now. ;^) I love the vintage hanger. And the cameo - and all the pins. What a fun way to store and display them.

  11. Hi Connie- Splendid Post about your items in your Cottage- always enjoy your photos and about what you describe. Yes, one thing leads to another- years ago I painted the whole interior of our house- it all started with the replacing of an old curtain rail in my Bedroom...who would have thought. Love and Best wishes to You and Steve. Regards. KEV.

  12. Well of course I' here. I love, love, love each and every thing about this post. I know what you mean about one thing leading to another but your outcome was so perfect. Your room looks so cozy and happy. The curtains are wonderful. I wish I had your eye for such things. Never would I have thought about using painters canvas and buttons, but the outcome is just what I would have loved. Thank you for sharing my friend.
    Blessings and love,

  13. You are so creative, Connie. The fabric you have used for the cafe curtains is very pretty.

  14. Your new cafe curtains are pretty and I just love the drapes are fantastic. One of a kind designer window.

  15. How lovely to linger outside your gorgeous room and peek through that shiny, clean window. The curtains are so pretty and as for the chair....'tis perfect. Love what you did to the old desk; who needs all the drawers anyway. for the beautiful cameo Steve gifted you, it is precious. the way....thank you so much for pruning the roses; it saved me from those nasty thorns. =)

  16. Hi Connie, I love your new curtains. I know what you mean about getting into more jobs. I need to wash our windows outside. They haven't been washed since Ted's been ill. But with farmers harvesting it would be a waste of time right now. Yes, the cameo will always be special to you. You and Steve are in my prayers Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

  17. A wonderful post!I enjoyed it so much,how inspiring and creative! Blessings!

  18. You certainly have a talent for DIY! It all looks so nice together. Thanks for sharing your clever ideas!

  19. Hello Connie. Nice job on the curtain. Oh yes, I can truly understand the one job turns into two, three, and four. Happens to me all the time. The desk turned out nice! I also love the brooches out in the open. I have so many pretty ones but they are tucked away in a drawer. Think I'll try to find something to stick them on so they can be seen. Good idea! Praying for you and Steve daily. Hope all is calm and well. May your week be especially blessed. Susan

  20. That is so true about one job leading to another. That's why a woman's work is never done. :) Your new curtains are so pretty. I especially like the picture with the sun shining through them. You did such a good job on the desk and chair too. You make such pretty things!

  21. How creative and it all looks so nice. You have inspired me to get moving and be creative.


  22. Yes, that happens to me all the time and quite often I never get that first job done!! : )
    You are so talented!! Everything you do is beautiful!!

  23. It happens here in my home as well, one job leads to another. The curtains are so adorable and I love the desk. Take care!

  24. I know what you mean about one job leading to another, and another, and another! That almost always happens to me! Or I'll go outside to do one thing, and end up doing many more than one thing.. one thing just leads to another... same with things in the house and projects, etc. I started making Christmas cards awhile ago, and have ended up getting off track totally and making tons of paper poinsettias (way more than I'll ever need!) and little paper bows (again, way too many!)... but I get on a roll and can't stop.... so the cards get left behind in the dust! You did such a pretty job on your curtains. They are so pretty and cheery and what a great idea to use painter's drop cloths for the drapes.. and love the buttons on the top. The broach from Steve is so pretty and I bet you do treasure it so so much. I love the darling dress form with all your jewelry on it too. Your white desk is darling.. I had a dressing table that was my moms that I was going to paint white. I ended up selling it in a yard sell and regret it to this day! It had a glass top and a curved top with arms that come out that you hang a curtain from to hid the drawers, etc. You are one busy lady! Hugs... Marilyn

  25. I know what you mean about one job leading to another! But its all come together so beautifully for you, so now you can sit back and feel so pleased with your efforts.

  26. So many pretty things...the cafe curtains and the drapes are so sweet,as well as the desk. The linens displayed on the hanger are lovely.
    Yes, one thing leading to another...Depending on what actually gets accomplished, I call it "piddling"! :)

  27. I do agree how one job can lead to another, in fact I have gotten so bad that I forgot what I was doing in the first place :(
    I love the old curtains but love the print on the new ones too, and with your painters canvas anything goes with them, I like your collection of buttons on the top and the pretty lace on the bottom. your little holder for all your pins is sweet, and I am sure many memories are held there. Love all your repurposing!

  28. Your sewing area is so inviting Connie! I love the new curtains and job always leads to another lol...that made me laugh because it's so true! The Cameo is beautiful!

  29. I love those kind of projects because the results are just the right change of scenery! Take care, Bonnie!

  30. That is so pretty! So many fun projects that you got done. That reminds me how much I need to clean our windows and screens!

  31. So fun to stop in today and catch up with you; to see everything you've been doing. Love the new curtains, the newly painted desk, and get a closer look at the outer curtains. Love it all! Steve is consistently in my prayers. Usually in the middle of the night when I wake up and the Lord says, "Pray!". Hugs and love to both of you, Nancy

  32. Thanks for peeking in at my blog today! I enjoyed my visit here!! You are SO creative!! I will get lots of ideas from you, I'm sure!

  33. yes- yes- yes- one job always leads to many more! LOL I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new curtains. That fabric is just gorgeous. Because we are renting, I don't have curtains up but those ugly blinds-minis on the windows and a vertical one on the sliding glass door. Can't wait to have my own home again! Soon- I hope. xo Diana