Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, October 21, 2019

From Garden To Bedroom

Beautiful fabric that is just a 
reflection of the beauty . . .

That our Dear Lord shows 
each year in the garden.

So I take it and piece my blocks.

Creating a quilt top that will
hopefully bring some of that beauty 
into the bedroom.

This block is called a "Daisy Chain".
There is a free tutorial on the 
Missouri Star Quilt Company
app that I loaded onto my phone.

For those of you that quilt
I used two white charm packs
and a printed jelly roll 
and a white jelly roll to make the center 
of this quilt.

Then for a boarder I cut matching fabric into
ten inch rectangular blocks and 
added them to the sides and bottom of my quilt.

I found the app for the Missouri Star Quilt Company
tutorials at 
Google Play Store.
It's a wonderful addition for your phone.

After spreading it out on the bed
for the photo above.
I folded it in half and rolled it up
on a cardboard spool.

Now it's ready to sandwich to this backing
with batting in the middle.
Then the long process of basting the whole
sandwich together starts.

My sweet little hen pin cushion 
is ready and waiting for the basting to begin :)

Thank you for stopping by to visit.
And for those of you that are praying for my Steve
I send another grateful "thank you" your way.
We love and appreciate you all.

Thank you for being our friends.

God Bless You
Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. A lot of love and hard work goes into making a quilt. Very nice fabrics you've chosen.

  2. What beautiful flowery material to make your quilt. I think I recognize the flowers on the first picture as being dogwood. The quilt is looking beautiful. What a wonderful gift to be able to create and make them! Beautiful blooms in your second photo.
    I hope that Steve is holding his own.

  3. What a pretty quilt. Bringing the beauty of the garden indoors is a wonderful way to enjoy flowers and plants throughout the year. Enjoy your quilting, and I continue to pray for you and Steve. So nice to hear from you.

  4. Hi Connie, You put me to shame as you accomplish things so fast. Your quilt is beautiful. Hugs Nancy

  5. Connie the fabric you've chosen for this quilt is beautiful. I do love the flowers in the material but you're right, nothing compares to God's handiwork. Dennis and I are continuing in prayer for Steve and for you.
    Much love and blessings my dear friend,

  6. Your choice of fabric is lovely, Connie, and I do applaud your creativity. It's going to look beautiful. Sadly, I get half way through a lap quilt and then stop for a while....too long!

  7. That is the perfect app for you to have. I like this pattern and your quilt is wonderful.

  8. Hi Connie- You are so clever with your Quilt Making - and the results are so appealing and very Cottage like- just beautiful. All the very best to you Connie and Steve. Regards. KEV.

  9. Oh, how these pretty fabrics make my heart smile. They do reflect the beauty of God's flowery garden, don't they. This is such a sweet pattern; a most beautiful quilt top, Connie. I always love watching the videos of Jenny Doan of The Missouri Star Company. How wonderful to see you stitching a pretty quilt. Take care, lovely Connie♥

  10. What a beautiful quilt! It will keep you nice and warm and cozy during the cold months.

  11. Oh that quilt is so lovely! The colours really are bright, and you took a beautiful photo of your flowers!

  12. Connie, these are the most beautiful prints! They're so soft and pleasing to look at. And I think it's wonderful that you plan to use the quilt. I tend to put my new quilts inside the cupboard and continue to use the old ones. But this winter I'm going to use some of the new ones. I also have a little hen. She's white and I had no idea she was meant to be a pincushion! Gonna take her to the sewing room now.

  13. Beautiful material and the quilt is gorgeous. Love all the bright colors. Looks beautiful on the bed.

  14. Your flowers are so pretty and I love the quilt. It's so cozy and charming!

  15. You'll be in a garden of flowers all winter long!

  16. What a beautiful, cheery quilt! I love the fabric patterns.

  17. Hi Connie wow what a beautiful quilt the colours are so pretty,wishing Steve and you all the best xx

  18. Beautiful flowers, beautiful fabric, beautiful quilt!

  19. Thats going to be such apretty quilt, full of spring flowers.

  20. I love the fabric and the quilt. It will make a pretty cheerful statement in your bedroom.
    I admire your cheerful outlook and your gratitude for all the blessings you see around you. Right now I am praying for you and

  21. I like the idea of bringing the garden into the bedroom Connie! What a delightful thought! Your quilt is gorgeous, and thank you for sharing the app info for the quilt pattern, I will have to check that out! The quilt looks amazing! You are so very talented in every project you do! Always inspired by your creativity! We continue to pray for you and Steve, much love to you sweet friend!

  22. So many beautiful floral fabrics. And your hen pincushion is adorable holding all those pretty pins! :)

  23. Such a pretty quilt. I thank you for the inspiration. Prayers.

  24. Connie, I LOVE those first fabrics that you show! They are just so bright and cheery... yes they indeed do bring the flowers and garden into the bedroom and house. You are so amazing and I admire your faith and positivity with everything around you. What a blessing you are for Steve! Your quilt is just beautiful and made with love I can tell. I'm also amazed at how fast you put a quilt together! You inspire me. I need to make a baby quilt for a new (step) granddaughter coming in December! Oh what to do what to do? I have so much fabric, it's hard to decide what to use! Hugs to you and Steve... Marilyn

  25. Such lovely patterns in the fabric, such a cute pattern to use with them too, will bring a fresh and happy feel to your room on those dark winter months. I love the piecing of the quilt but putting it all together can sometimes be a little hard, I don't have much room for it. Continued prayers for you both!

  26. Well, as others have also said the flowers are beautiful, the fabric is beautiful and so is the quilt!
    Continued prayers.

    All the best Jan

  27. Such beautiful flowers, and you brought them indoors perfectly.

  28. PS...Your blurb at the top of your page speaks to me! Nothing says “home” as well as repurposed, colorful, and made beautiful again objects!

  29. Hi, Connie, this is going to be a beautiful quilt, and looks like a snap to put together. Thanks for sharing your process. Love your lil' chicken too.

  30. Connie your quilt is so lovely. Many many years ago I would help my dear grandma quilt. I enjoyed sewing along side of her. Special memories. I will continue to pray for your beloved. Take care friend. P.S. read your previous post and it made me smile...seems like one project can mean a bunch of extra chores :)! Hugs

  31. That is just beautiful, Connie. What pretty, pretty fabrics. Something to brighten the room on a cold, dreary day. I love florals to begin with and these are especially pretty.
    Praying for Steve AND YOU! Being a caretaker is no easy chore as we well know. xo Diana

  32. Connie, this is so pretty...your post, the flowers, the quilt you've pieced. You do amazing work and make the most beautiful quilts.