Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

November Days

Among you are enjoying the change in the season?

Just A Warning!
This is a very long post, 
you might want a "cuppa" to get through it :)

I was walking around the yard
noticing all the changes that our
Autumn season brings.

Everything is going to seed and 
getting ready for a long winter's sleep.

These were beautiful green leafy vines
last summer . . .
but there is a beauty in each season,
don't you think so?

I was truly surprised when I spied this
lonely little dandelion blooming next to the house.

I love the strength and determination of 
the dandelion.  
They are not noted among the loveliness of flowers
and yet if you look very close,
they are amazing.
You just have to take the time to look
closely into the depths of their bloom.

Do you remember my huge pumpkin?

I did not plant it, but was gifted it
by either the birds or the compost pile.

Jack Frost turned it soft,
so I dug into it and scraped out the seeds.


I'm hoping to dry them well and 
have seed to plant next Spring.
 Watch my blog ...
I'll have more than I can use.
If you have garden space and would like 
some, I'll have some packs to give a way
next Spring :)

Do you remember my Daisy Chain Quilt?

I'm working in the house now, not the Art Barn . . .
to be closer to my sweet Steve.

So, to create more working space I
moved our little dining table into the kitchen.

And because when Steve built our kitchen island,
he put it on wheels, 
it was easy to roll it into 
the dinning end of the living room.

It made a very good place for sandwiching
the back, batting and quilt top.

After getting it all basted together . . .

I was ready to start quilting :)

So that is where I'm at with it . . .
sitting here watching 
"You Tube" cooking programs
and quilting my heart out.

If you stayed with me this long 
thank you.
I know it was a long post.
The longest I have ever made.

God bless you all.
Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. That pumpkin looks so good! I like to bake them.

  2. Connie, Praying for Steve and you. I like that you want to be near him. I spend about all my time with Ted. We try to do a little chore here and there together when he is up to it. I love the way your house is laid out. It will be nice to grow your own pumpkins from those seeds. I thought you had lots of color still. Stay safe, blessings to you and Steve. Love, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. Ted had his dr appt today and it was good. Maybe getting maintenance chemo next week.

  3. The seasons are changing even though I'm not ready for We have snow here now. Butchy looks so little sitting next to your huge pumpkins.
    That quilt is looking great and the island sure comes in handy to work on that.

  4. Oh, it's a lovely post. What fun it was to spend some time in the garden with you, and then to go inside to work on your oh-so-lovely new quilt. As always, your pictures are just wonderful!

  5. I'm not liking the change of seasons here - it has suddenly turned to winter. So cold and lots of snow!
    I love the quilt and it's great that you are able to work close to your Steve.

  6. Your posts are always adorable,it is a pleasure stopping by!Blessings!

  7. Your home is looks so comfortable and inviting. Thanks so much for sharing it in these wonderful photos. I love the tall shelves holding the canned foods in the kitchen. And I am so glad to see you hand quilting that lovely quilt. It seems like a forgotten art down here as most use machine quilting.

  8. Your latest quilt is another lovely one. You have a lot of work ahead doing the hand quilting. I think it will keep you busy for many weeks!!
    I enjoyed the peek into your home. It's very cozy and inviting.

  9. Connie, I enjoyed the glimpse of your home. It looks so cozy and happy. :-) . Our island also has wheels on it so we can move it around when we have potlucks or people over for meals.
    Your quilt is beautiful. I really iike the colors and the crisp white together.
    That pumpkin is huge! It's very generous of you to offer to share the seeds.
    Dennis and I pray for you and Steve daily. May you feel the comforting hand of the Lord on both of you.

  10. Hi Connie- Wonderful Autumn photos - you manage to capture the details too...something tells us there is going to be Pumpkins everywhere next season. Love the pictures of your lovely home - just delightfully furnished and decorated- well done to you both. Yes, it is good to be nearer to your Chris helped me yesterday with our Old Garden- Chris asked me for my wooden Mallet and Chris went ahead and straightened some very crooked Pavers- I wouldn't have thought to do it...later this afternoon Chris took some photos of me Playing with my BRUDER Toys...yes it is good to be with your Soul Mate and share precious times together. Chris and I have been together 43 doesn't time fly and it does not seem to stand still either. I like your longer Postings- I could read and look at them all day long- Splendid. Love and Best Wishes to You and Steve.

  11. Hi Connie :) Your home looks so cozy! Makes me want to get a television in here! Also makes me want to start quilting! It's on the list of things to try! I think there is beauty in all seasons too. :) Great idea about the pumpkin seeds, why didn't I think of that??? :)

  12. Your garden looks great even after a hard frost, it's amazing what can live through some hard frosts. That is neat about the pumpkin and will be great if you can get even more from these seeds.
    Your quilt is coming along beautifully, I love quilting in the winter time, you don't mind having a heavy quilt surrounding you on a cold evening :) That is great how you could figure out how to stay close to Steve but still enjoy your creativity, you need that! Continued prayers for you both

  13. You take such wonderful pictures. The hand quilting is lovely and will make your quilt extra special.

  14. How lovely your quilt looks in your cosy kitchen. =) 'Tis a beautiful quilt. Love the photos of your autumnal little world; there is much beauty to see. Enjoy your days quilting your gorgeous pretty.

  15. Hi Connie...I really enjoyed your longer post so keep them coming! Your photos are GORGEOUS.. what kind of camera do you use? They capture such details.. and I love how the front is in focus, and the background is blurred. So pretty.. and even in the winter, when flowers and plants are done for the year, they still have a beauty of their own. Good idea to harvest your own pumpkin seeds. And great idea! to move that island closer to the living room so you have a crafty surface to work on. So much you can do there! And I love your quilt, and admire you that you are doing hand quilting on it. I'm going to attempt a baby quilt using quilt as you go for the blocks.. and I need to get it started right away as the baby girl is due in mid December! I keep putting it off. Lovely way to spend the days.. with your sweetie, a quilt and YouTube! xoxoxo Marilyn

  16. Your posts are never too long, Connie...your photos are absolutely beautiful and I always love hearing what you're up to and what's going on in your gardens, etc. I love when I find one solitary dandelion when I least expect it. I've always loved dandelions...I don't care if they're considered weeds; I think they're cheerful and beautiful. And the leaves are nutritious, too!

    I don't think I've ever seen views of your home like the ones you posted. What a beautiful, charming home you have! I love the island that Steve made and how clever he was to put it on wheels so that it can be moved around. The table and chairs look really good in your kitchen and now you have more room to do your quilting while you're watching TV, too.

    Love, blessings and prayers for both yourself and Steve.

  17. An island on wheels - how very clever!

  18. Ye, I agree there is so much beauty in every season and I'm so glad I live in a place that I get to enjoy each one.
    I happen to be one of those people who like dandelions and like them in the green grass making a polka dot lawn. : )
    Your quilt is beautiful just like all the one you make!1

  19. It's always nice to hear from you, Connie. There is beauty all around us - we just need the eyes to see. I hope you and Steve are doing well.

  20. Hi Connie, I didn't realize that fall was so beautiful. I really like your sedum. Your daisy quilt is pretty and how great to have that big island to work on. Your little creative space in the house looks so cozy. That is one huge pumpkin! How could you carry it! I hope Steve is doing well. Hugs, Nancy

  21. Well, you know how the best times always go by too your post didn't seem long at all. Connie, your home is so neat and pretty and cozy. It just looks warm inside. Your pictures outside are all so pretty. We had very little fall weather. It turned really cold and for the last two or three days the wind has blown like crazy.

  22. I enjoyed your post and didn't think it was too long at all! Nature does gift us with beauty each and every season. I was outside earlier today cutting back and raking leaves. Love your quilt!! You are amazing that you are hand quilting it. If I did that, it would never get done. :)

  23. Your new quilt is looking beautiful, Connie. I do love the flower designs you're incorporating. You're getting nice and cosy at home as autumn closes in. So lovely to have all the space you need in your home for your sewing projects.

  24. Such lovely little bits of fall around your home! What an amazing pumpkin you grew, and it is very exciting to have seeds for next spring to plant! I love the quilt you are working on, it is gorgeous, and truly a blessing to be able to move your island table around, and work on your quilt where you can be closer to Steve. Must be such a hard time for the both of you for him to be so ill. Praying for you both, as it is as hard for the care-er as it is for the one who is ill! So wonderful that you can now work on your quilting and be close to Steve. I love staying busy as well as being close to my loved ones too! Blessings to you sweet friend!